1. K

    best shielded IEM's? (EMC, EMI, RFI)

    I need insight into the best quality, shielded IEM's. I know most manufacturers do not disclose internally shielded components, but I'm still seeking info.
  2. EPZ TP50

    EPZ TP50

    EPZ TP50 dongle DAC/AMP
  3. Moondrop Dawn Pro

    Moondrop Dawn Pro

    Features:- >High-Performance Dual DAC Chipset. >Dual CS43131 DAC Chips. >Supports High-Res PCM & Native DSD Decoding. >32-Bit/384kHz PCM & Native DSD256 Audio Decoding. >Clean Power With Independent Power Chips. >Ultra-Low Clean Output WIth Low Noise-Floor & Distortion Ratings...
  4. Linum DualBaX

    Linum DualBaX

    Linum® DualBaX™ in Zebra version Everything and a bit more - Pure Sound, Ultimate Comfort, Unique, and Exquisite appearance In sound performance, the DualBaX is very similar to the UltraBaX, though with reduced cross talk. Comfort and low-profile appearance have always been the aim for Linum...
  5. O

    XLR to balanced 4.4

    Would this combination work? I plan to purchase the Dan Clark Audio aeon 2 noire with 4 pins XLR balanced cable. I will plug it into the following adapter: https://www.amazon.nl/Linsoul-DDHIFI-XLR44C-Balanced-Adapter/dp/B0BWNQTSFW I will plug the 4.4mm into the Fiio K7 dac/amp via the...
  6. FiiO K11

    FiiO K11

    Fiio K11 DAC/AMP
  7. ddHiFi TC44Pro

    ddHiFi TC44Pro

  8. Fiio FX15

    Fiio FX15

    Fiio FX15
  9. Campfire Audio Solaris Stellar Horizon

    Campfire Audio Solaris Stellar Horizon

    Solaris ‘Stellar Horizon’ Solaris Stellar Horizon represents a full re-envisioning of this classic Campfire IEM. This top-to-bottom revolution captures the essence of what makes Solaris great while simultaneously elevating to a brand-new horizon. Three Custom Dual-Diaphragm Balanced Armatures...
  10. Brise Audio Yatono Ultimate 8W

    Brise Audio Yatono Ultimate 8W

    Brise Audio YATONO 8wire Ultimate earphone cable YATONO 8wire-Ultimate earphone re-cable was developed as the highest sound quality model pursuing only sound quality. BriseAudio have put all of their current know-how into this cable, and it is the highest sound quality cable in the history of...
  11. FiR Audio Radon 6 (Rn6)

    FiR Audio Radon 6 (Rn6)

    The Radon 6 is a Limited Anniversary model, limited to 300 production units world-wild. Celebrating 5 years in pursuit of the ultimate in-ear monitor listening experience. We’ve applied everything we learned from Frontier Series and mindfully retuned our popular 6-driver model and arrived at a...
  12. EarMen ST-Amp

    EarMen ST-Amp

    EarMen ST-Amp Desktop Fully Balanced DAC / Headphone Amp / Preamp Easy to use Integrated DAC Output power up to 1.85W Fully balanced architecture Ultra low THD and SNR Aluminum chassis Compact design Pre Out Option Fully Balanced The amplifier is fully balanced, so your every sound from the...
  13. Belaraza

    Difference between 2.5,3.5 and 4.4mm outputs?

    Hey there, Is there any real difference that is noticeable between 2.5 and 3.5mm? I mean the balanced output can get louder of course but Im not sure if there is a reason to give up the 3.5mm comfort just for something louder. When I tried a 2.5mm cable and audio matched I did not notice a...


    FEATURES: ■ Supports up to PCM 768 and DSD256. ■ Incorporates two types of audio output jacks, a 3.5mm TRS and a 4.4mm TRRS. ■ CNC anodized metal chassis with seamless leather cover for classy and premium look. ■ Interchangeable cable. ■ Hardware volume keys. ■ Manual switch for gain mode (Low...
  15. Liquid Links Venom

    Liquid Links Venom

  16. povidlo

    Topping NX7 Portable Headphone Amplifier

    This is a dedicated thread for discussion regarding Topping NX7 portable headphone amplifier. Topping blessed the marketplace with NX7, which it out of current trend. Pure analog portable amps are a dying art with roll out of bigger and stronger DAC/amps combos and dongles, but there’s still a...
  17. FIIO & Jade Audio KA2

    FIIO & Jade Audio KA2

  18. O

    Integrating balanced jack 3.5mm

    Dear audiophiles, At first nice to meet you all guys, I'm just new on the forum and hopefully a venerable community member in the future. I have a little question. I want to transform my 'normal' headphone into a headphone that can handle a balanced signal. My headhphone now has only one...
  19. Astell&Kern A&futura SE180

    Astell&Kern A&futura SE180

    Astell & Kern A&Futura SE180 Modular DAP Interchangeable All-in-One Module Next Generation AMP Technology TERATON ALPHA LDAC aptX-HD Full HD Display MQA BT Sink New Navigation Bar 4.4mm and 3.5mm (SEM1 and SEM2)
  20. Hidizs DH80/DH80S

    Hidizs DH80/DH80S

    DH80 Unique Portable DAC & AMP Made for AP80/AP80Pro with perfect unity. DH80S Unique Portable DAC & AMP Not only made for AP80/AP80 Pro, but also for mobile phone, PC, iPad, wired earphones, desktop speaker, etc. How to use the DH80S Portable Balanced DAC & AMP, is up to you. Support MQA...
  21. squadgazzz

    Balanced dac/amp with 4.4mm output and IEMs support

    Hi there! I'd like to switch from IFI iDSD micro BL to anything with a real balanced 4.4mm output. But I also own IEMs. My current headphones are CA Cascade and Vega 2020. Looks like IFI iDSD Signature doesn't offer a real balanced scheme. iDSD Neo is not suitable for IEMs as well as Zen CAN...
  22. wmischke

    Question re: iFi Zen DAC and 4.4 balanced out

    I have a Zen DAC that sits on my desk. I use it as a DAC/amp for wearing headphones, and also as a DAC in between my laptop and a pair of active speakers (Edifier 1700). I run a RCA cable from the outputs on the Zen to the inputs on the speakers. I was just wondering about the 4.4mm balanced...
  23. Topping A90

    Topping A90

    The A90 is an ultra-high-performance headphone amp that can also work as a pre-amp. It comes with three gain settings and has great performance numbers including <0.00006% THD+N, 145dB DNR, <0.2uVrms Noise, < 0.1-ohm output impedance, and 7200mW x 2 max output power. The A90 comes equipped...
  24. Jobbing

    Portable 4.4mm to USB-C Amp/DAC adapter

    Awaiting the release of the xDuoo XD-05 PRO version (said to sport AES/Ebu and 4.4mm out) to pair with my xDuoo X10T mkII I'm wondering if there is any amp/DAC adapter available to serve the need for 4.4mm TRRRS to USB-C listening. If it wasn't for the 2.5mm connection the new iBasso DC-01...
  25. P

    Recommend good quality 4.4mm/2.5mm dual mono balanced cable?

    Hello everybody! I'm new here and I don't understand a lot about cables, but I do know that my headphones have 2.5mm inputs on both cups and I suppose I need TRRS 4.4mm (or 2.5mm + 4.4mm to 2.5mm adapter) to dual 2.5mm TS (mono) balanced cable? I though this is some kind of a standard cable...