Technical Details * Impedance:16 ohm(at 1KHz) * Frequency response: 20-20,000Hz *...

Yuin OK2 Earphones

  • Technical Details

    * Impedance:16 ohm(at 1KHz)
    * Frequency response: 20-20,000Hz
    * Sensitivity:109 dB (at 1KHz)
    * Max Input Power: 500 mv

Recent Reviews

  1. Skoch
    Yuin OK@
    Written by Skoch
    Published Jan 18, 2011
    Pros - Comfortable, Quality Sound, Easy to Drive, Discrete
    Cons - Poor Build Quality, Low Isolation, Low Bass Response
    Overall I have been satisfied with these phones.  I would not recommend paying full price for them like I did. 
  2. Br777
    Yuin OK2... high hopes and dissapointment
    Written by Br777
    Published May 14, 2010
    Pros - comfort, durability
    Cons - sound , usability as IEM
    short and to the point
    I did not like how these buds sounded or performed
    they were unable to produce frequencies below approx 100hz and rolled off substantially above about 2000hz
    from 100-2000 they were quite flat though
    i confirmed this using a sine wave and a parametric eq to test the flatness of their sound
    no amount of eq could fix the bass, since they seemed incapable of producing it
    mids were pretty good, as were highs if you generously bumped them up with an eq
    sound stage, mids and highs were all above average (average being cheap ear buds) if properly eq'd, yet the lack of bass made them sound empty
    amping these did not make a difference
    i tried burning in (only about 10 hours) also no difference.  (i am neither a firm believer, nor disbeliever in burn in, i have simply never put any focus on trying it)
    these buds seem durable, and fit well as buds
    as iem's using various attachments - un-usable.  couldn't get a fit at all (seems to be a unanimous sentiment from all owners of the OK series)
    I would not recommend these to anyone unless you don't care about bass at all and can eq them properly.  they are overpriced for what they deliver. 


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