Yter Audio Cable

General Information

To intervene at a metallurgic level to obtain order and homogeneity of the conductor's crystalline structure, thus providing greater compliance of the music signal within the signal path.
Pairing Silver(Ag) and Palladium(Pd) using a new three-phase fusion process is the basic element of the alloy.
The crystalline homogeneity of the special alloy is the basis for the metallurgic harmony found in our conductor, almost as if it were a metal "tune".
It's all in the process:Well Tempered Argentum Alloy
The result of this development is a speaker cable (YTER) that ensures metallurgical coherence in the path from the amplifier to the drivers.
All the processes from the melting, to the drawing, and finally the manufacture of the product, are exquisitely handcrafted at Laboratorium.

Yter interconnect

Conductor in Ag-Pd alloy, three phase melting process in electrostatic balance with no sharp edges, Gaussian shape.
Cold extrusion in water bath.
Dielectric with high-density polimer.
RCA Silver connectors of WBT.
Standard length: 1 meter.

Latest reviews

Pros: Great performance
Cons: Expensive
I am no reviewer, I just know that what I hear Is a much more musical and detailed sound than I had with perviouse cable, which I wont mention the name of.
Just looked at this company's website. The ridiculous stuff they say is hilarious.


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