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Yanyin Canon 4BA + 1 Dynamic Driver Hybrid 2pin 0.78mm HiFi Audiophile In-ear Earphones IEMs with 3 Switches

Ingenuity, completely natural

The medical resin shell with black quicksand texture is made by hand. Big data analysis shows that the earphone shape is compounded with the auricle of the human body, which is meticulously fitted and more comfortable to wear.

Classic structure, 1 dynamic + 4 balanced armature
High-quality balanced armature . The balanced armature has beautiful sound quality, super resolution, excellent extensibility of ultra-high frequency balanced armature, and the frequency response range reaches 22kHz.

Bio-diaphragm dynamic
The sound of the bio-diaphragm dynamic is loose and naturally, the low frequency is strong and flexible.

3 tuning switches, changeable collocation

Independent tuning with 3 switches, electronic crossover technology, no distortion and high playability, adjustable range covers all frequency bands. Responsible for the interval frequency band independently, cooperate with each other, the collocation is changeable, and the style is naturally switched. The painstaking technique has been applied to Canon, making the price-to-price ratio burst once again, allowing various styles of repertoire to be played with ease.

*Switch 1 controls low frequency gain;

*Switch 2 controls the intermediate frequency gain;

*Switch 3 controls ultra-high frequency gain;

*The ON direction is to turn on the gain, and the digital direction is to turn off the gain;

*Each switch can be adjusted independently without interfering with each other.

Wear comfortably, listen to the nature
4 version changes
Smaller cavity
Fits better to the ear canal
More comfortable to wear

Good quality, good music

Tuning features: 3 tuning switch, 8 styles, mature display of 4th generation tuning

Frequency division technology: 5 drivers, 3 frequency divisions, 3 tubes

Sound style: good low-frequency atmosphere, strong impact, solid mid-frequency knots, rich lines, moderate extension of high-frequency details, excellent dental control, close-to-ear vocals, precise mid-to-high frequency connection, multiple switches the fine-tuning of the channel is very suitable for the interpretation of popular music from China, the United States, Japan and South Korea.

Comfortable to wear, excellent sound, excellent quality
Canon, as a kind of polyphonic music, Yanyin use Canon as the model to represent that this earphone is a combination of multiple types of units, allowing each unit to play its own good frequency band, and finally combined together, interpretation Produce accurate and high-definition music.

4 strands of graphite powder anti-interference single crystal copper silver-plated cable
The cable is relatively soft, and the stethoscope effect is not obvious. 3.5mm plug, 2pin 0.78mm connectors are default.

Model: Canon
Driver: 1 dynamic + 4 balanced armature
Material: Hand-made earphone shell of medical resin
Frequency response range: 5Hz-22kHz
Input sensitivity: 108dB
DRC: 10ohm
Cable: 4 strands of graphite powder single crystal copper silver-plated cable
Pin: 0.78mm detachable cable design
Plug: 3.5mm

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Previously known as TheDeafMonk
Yanyin Canon Hard 2 Not Love!
Pros: ▪ Shell is super comfortable, Build quality is top notch.
▪ Excellent Isolation and fir for me.
▪ Holographic Sound stage, Very good Width just on the outside of my ears, Not much depth really a lot of tracks feet right between your ears. Height is also there sometimes your sitting down in a small venue, sometimes your in the nosebleeds.
▪ Micro Dynamics is fair nicely presented the Canon replays with enough emotion to make the Canon fun.
▪ 3 Tuning switches really work and are very noticeable and the various combinations makes the Canon many different IEM's in One.
▪ Bass and Mid Bass in 010 setting goes low and has a very enjoyable note weight and decay and great speed. Great sub extension, Lower bass transitions nicely with a gentle slope into warm and fluid mid bass.
▪ 010 was my favorite position the bass is still has plenty of authority and fun presenting more than the graph would indicate. I LOVE THIS DD for certain genres!
▪ Nice Case & Cable.
Cons: ▪ Not lovers of BA or typical planar bass with the added weight the Bio Driver adds some more musical heft you might feel the bass too thick.
▪ For me I found vocals too present in the mix for my personal tastes so I am not shy with tweaking. Thus I kept the settings on 010 and put a 350 level black cotton filter over the screen on the nozzle I am a bit treble sensitive and this was very pleasing to my aural cavities.
Now let's get into it a bit deeper.

Completely Subjective Audio Review - Yanyin Canon

Hello all: I hope my subjective audio impressions help you determine if this IEM might be for you.

I share my impressions as I hear them with my ears.
As all our ears are different shapes & sizes so what I hear as bright or bass heavy -you might hear as dull and Vise-Versa; just something to be mindful of.

What makes my ears happy as a sound signature is slightly more aggressive U shape. I love my Bass Sub and Mid Bass love it all actually; and in large quantity. With the Bass I prefer a faster decay the faster the better as to not bleed into the mids., I am treble sensitive and prefer a darker warmer replay with good extension and a more relaxed high end with enough sparkly details for fun.

I prefer the fast speedy bass of the Beryllium Coated Driver of my Xenns Mangird UP and KiwiEars Cadenza. Of course there are exceptions in the market - as I also find the bass of the Bio Diaphragm used in the Yanyin Canon special - has some special sauce like a 8" subwoofer that feels like a 12" Has the slam and some serious sub bass! And the super cool Copper Alloy Shell IKKO Obsidian OH10 does some magic to the bass.

My music Library is widely varied from; Metallica, Great White, Cowboy Junkies, Pink Floyd, Adelle, Melisa Ethridge, Hania Rani, Vivaldi, Fleetwood Mac, Five for Fighting, Manskin, Poncho Sanchez, Jimmy Smith, Chopin, The Crystal Method just to name a few.

That dripple being said:
And as such here is my take on the: Yanyin Canon (Bought with my $)

Sources: E1DA SG3 (ES9038), Shanling UP5 (ES912), TEMPOTEC Serenade X (ES9219) Geshelli JNOG J2 with AKM4493 chip. iBasso DX160 (Cirrius Logic CS43198)
DAP/TRASPORT: From Lenovo Laptop with Amazon Unlimited ULTRA HD, iBasso DX160 ,Samsung S22 Ultra with DSD Files.
Amps: LoxjiP20 tube amp and Topping A90D
Tips Used for Best Result for me and completely subjective: Short Wide Bore are my go to and I wanted to bring forth as much vocals as possible with maximizing stage. On the Canon I have the KBEAR 07 Yellow L tips.
Cable after rolling I used is the KBEAR Hazy 6N Graphene I got on sale for $30. I could NOT hear a difference with the other cables I have but did not try a pure silver one as I didn’t want to emphasise the highs.


IKKO Obsidian OH10 I heard before I bought the Canon from another member the Canon was similar to the Obsidian.
So do they sound similar? Nope not at all. On setting 101 they graph very close. But the OH10 looks like it shough have the more energy up top but it does not present itself this way. Kind of like the highs on the Xenns Up don’t look they would be present in the mix either but they certainly are.
Stage on the Obsidian is better for my preference not as wide but vocals are more forward in front of you and less in the middle of your head vs the Canon. I find the OH10 so much smoother in vocals as they are a tad recessed and my personal preference.

Bass is more thumpy with the Canon but after that the OH10 again shines with a special sauce that the Canon does not pull off for me as much as the Obsidian. Sub Bass the Obsidian devastates the Canon in quality and quality.
Overall I would have to say the OH10 bass is cleaner with less bleed. I have said this before the IKKO is on my special list and is one IEM I wont sell.

LETSHOUER EJ07M Resin Custom Tuned w +3db Sub Boost.
Not a quite a fair comparison with the price and driver count.
That being said how does the Canon stack up?
Quite well actually , Vocals are much closer on the Canon to the EJ's than to the OH10 , The EJ's still play a bit warmer in the vocals and not as much sizzle. The stage on the Canon's are not as 3D as the EJ's but do well stacked up against a IEM over double the price.

Bass is again more thumpy and there is more Mid bass coming though in the mix on the Canon, Where the EJ'S have more Sub Bass and a faster cleaner decay.

The Yanyin Canon is not quite all rounder as its has a surprising fat low end in the mix, and that’s also why I like it very much. The Bio DD does some libraries extremely well. Rock, punk, pop and yet when it comes to Female vocals they sound super clean and detailed. I find I don’t miss the Est drivers of some of the other IEM's I have as the treble exertion is more than enough and more for me.
Tom Cochrane , Lars, Melisa Ethridge , Sade , Adelle all sound great.

IT HAS TUNING SWITCHES THAT WORK! That is why the Canon is great Value this IEM can be many things to many different people , great fit , build , accessories and very little cons it does almost everything extremely well as a set in the mid $350 price rage I think it should appeal very much to those still looking for their preferred sound signature and a great all around IEM .

Cheers TheDeafMonk.


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500+ Head-Fier
Yanyin Canon impressions (and comparisons with Tripowin x HBB Olina and LETSHUOER S12)

I had been eyeing an "end-game" set for some time before taking the leap and purchasing the Canon (note: end-game for my budget). I really enjoyed the Aladdin, which is a 1 DD + 3 BA set, but felt it was time to upgrade. A shout-out to @rattlingblanketwoman and HBB who took the plunge before me and shared their impressions with the community. When I received the Canon, I had already sold my Aladdin, which is why I am only including comparisons to the Olina (with some against the S12 as a bonus).

- Yanyin Canon: 1DD (10 mm biocellulose vs 9.2 mm from Aladdin, according to Penon) + 4BA (presumed Knowles; different BA models to Aladdin, according to Penon). SE cable + stock tips.
- Tripowin x HBB Olina: modded with O2 filter + Y4 filter on front vent. SE cable + kbear07 tips.
- LETSHUOER S12: modded with Y4 filter on front vent. SE cable + Final E tips
- Sources: Qudelix & ifi Zen DAC. Using Y-splitter to A/B for comparisons. Spotify (highest resolution offered).
- Bought myself. RRP 349 USD at time of writing

- Ok, no one wants to start reading a review with a QC issue, and I'm being fairly nit-picky about this, but at 349 USD, it's not loose change, so I will critique Yanyin. My Canon shell faceplates have small bubbles (see example in image below, blue arrow). Minor, but also avoidable if they were careful with the resin moulding
- The stock cable is really nice, BUT the 2pin connector is very long and acts as big levers that add strain to the connection (red circle). I swapped to a **** cable with shorter 2pin connectors.

- Otherwise, the Canon fit me like a glove. I had the same with the Aladdin, so their shell shape must really jive with me. Passive isolation is very good.

General impressions
The Canon has 3 tuning switches per channel that actually do something (~2-3 dB increase; check out HBB or other people's graphs that I shared in this post: https://forum.hifiguides.com/t/yanyin-audio-canon/33973/2). This means there are 8 different combinations to choose from, which is a great feature but a nightmare for reviewing. For the sake of my time and simplicity, I have settled on 010 (so mids boosted) for the rest of the impressions and comparisons. Why? I found 000 to be fun but a little too much bass for me - female vocals like Adele and Agnes Noble were slightly recessed when the songs had drums/guitar tracks. It wasn't always an issue, but personally I prefer 010 for general listening, and 110 if I want a more fun bassy sound.

Overall, the Canon sounds amazing. Bass extends very deep, has excellent rumble and impact, and has a great organic sound. It's not fast like planars, but it adds musicality to the bass. Mids are forward with 010 tuning, no issues there. Treble is also well-extended without any sibilance. I wrote down two observations over and over again:
1. Cymbals sound delicious. So clear, so holographic.
2. Bass hits *hard*

The Canon has a decent stage, but the sounds are dense within that volume - good note-weight plus good imaging and layering bring out intimacy (from the vocalist) yet nice reverb/echo and placement of instruments. The Canon sounds like it has Oxygen-like bass (note: I sold my Oxygen prior to getting the Canon, but I do have the Olina and am basing my thoughts on the extensive A/Bing I did with the Olina and the Oxygen), and imaging that is better than the Olina.

I couldn't find any faults with the timbre apart from the upper registers of the violin, which sometimes sounded a bit plastic-y. I don't know how obvious this would be to others, so YMMV.

Detailed impressions with songs & comparisons with the Olina and S12
Canon: good slam, **cymbals are delicious, clear, ringing / reverb**. Good slam on bass. 35 s with drums intro - very good bass extension
Olina: Cymbals less holographic, more deadpan; separation not as good (Canon very clear left for bass, right for piano until 1 min)

Canon vs Olina: Canon better depth in stage but Olina slightly wider. Better echo/reverb; more bass; timbre similar. Canon has more note-weight than the Olina, so the saxophone sounds more full

Canon: nicely holographic intro first 50 sec with female voice; deep bass at 1'10.
Olina: more pillowy bass; imaging of female voice not as good. Stage wide but less height.

Canon: heavier note-weight. As good timbre as Olina. Width about same, possibly narrower. Similar height. Canon bass slams harder.

[Winter 1](https://open.spotify.com/track/1jWQ4n73jdT7y9gR2VHu0g?si=33ab0b65782944b5)
Canon: more holographic; violins' upper register sounds a bit plastic; 1'33 double bass comes in with more slam.
Olina: good timbre (violins, harpsichord), good air

[My same](https://open.spotify.com/track/7pbQxZifd3jTQ2MJuAOoSh?si=d87d2e5ffdef4f96)
Canon: Finger snaps clearer; better layering 1' when drums kick in, it's behind Adele but still audible. Drums slam more. Guitar sounds nice. No sibilance
Olina: Thoughts based on comparisons to Canon 000 to illustrate recessed mids. Voice a bit more forward than Canon 000; guitar not overpowering Adele. 1': drums bit more interfering with Adele than Canon 000. These issues were mitigated with Canon 010.

[The curse](https://open.spotify.com/track/7hiY7fVxa0LEUeUP4F4ReR?si=1dfa323126944a5f)
Olina: Agnes voice wide, holographic. Good timbre on strings
Canon: Holographic voice; Good layering, voice nicely forward

Canon: Imaging is better than Olina. Holographic. Good depth
Olina: wide stage; good height; male vocals sounds lighter, less full-bodied

Brief comparison against the S12
Canon bass not as fast but more note-weight. Deeper extension. Stage taller and deeper. Male vocals more forward. Detail similar.

[The curse](https://open.spotify.com/track/7hiY7fVxa0LEUeUP4F4ReR?si=1dfa323126944a5f)
S12: good width and height. Bow tapping clear. Good cello timbre. Violin sounds a bit thin
Canon: deeper, more echo/reverb. Bow tapping clear. Timbre ok here.

It's difficult to find faults with the Canon because it is better than anything I've listened to until now. Sure, I could try to compare with my Sundara, but that will really be apples to oranges! So based on the IEMs I have and my music tastes, the Canon is excellent. The tuning switches make the Canon a great all-rounder - I can essentially apply a hardware-based EQ to fit my mood. More bass? 110. More mids? 010. More treble and air? 001. Yanyin knows how to tune, so you start with a solid foundation, then you can customise to your tastes - what more can you ask for? (I mean, you could upgrade the individual components and throw in more drivers maybe...but not sure I need to one-up the Canon for a good long time!)

As always, thanks for reading, and happy listening :slight_smile:

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Thanks to @ttorbic for an excellent transaction, support and guidance. Received the canons today. Currently listening on 110 setting. What I was missing in bass from the Aladdins is here and I can add boost to the mids also. These are exquisite so far!!
Please could you share the link for the y4 filter for the s12


Headphoneus Supremus
Yanyin Canon
Pros: 2nd Hybrid from Yanyin has a different tuning. Solid resin build and comes with a very nice customized SPC cable that matches well with the sonics of the Canon. Stunning Redish Purple and grey color scheme. Tuning switches that enhance the 3 parts of the sound tuning individually without affecting other areas of the sound tuning. Highly detailed, energetic sound presentation with an outstanding bio dynamic carried over from their Aladdin earphones.
Full extended trebles, forward upper mids and forward deep bass without bass bleed.
Cons: Comes with one set of silicone tips. Much like their previous Aladdin earphones. These are 10 Ohms so you have to be careful of source matching. Low OI is required for best sound.
Yanyin Canon

The Yanyin Aladdin is a great little intro hybrid from the group that was well made and designed which certainly garnered some well deserved fan fare. Their new Canon is a similar hybrid design but ups the drivers and tuning options via switches on the back side of the shells. You have seen this particular design on Tansio Mirai phones and more recently on Penons own flagship Legends. Based on my experience from their Aladdin's it is clearly evident the Yanyin group can tune these earphones with the best of them. Their follow up the Canon is interesting as it ups the driver count from the Aladdin with an extra BA also integrating 3 tuning switches that enhances the 3 parts of the sound portions individually without affecting the other aspects of the sound balance and you got Yanyins newest hybrids, the Canon.

The Canon was provided for review purposes from Penon Audio. You can purchase a set here. All earphones I review get a minimum of a week's burn in straight and then I use them on a variety of sources to see how consistent the sound is and how they respond to different tunings on different sources. Sources used for evaluations; IBasso DX300Max, Fiio M15, Shanling M6pro,M5s,M3s,IBasso DX160,Sony ZX300 custom firmware, Fiio K3, IFI Black label and IBasso PB3 for amping.

On a personal note.
Since the 5 star system is what we use to evaluate an earphone on headfi. I give a star rating on how a particular phone I am evaluating sounds in comparison to sound performance in the price range vs a rating just dependent on SQ alone. This is a bit different in that at the mid fi level is what I am comparing the sound and performance level of the Canons vs others I have owned and heard in the price range. For example vs the ISN EST50, Dunu SA6, Sony XBA-Z5 and the IBasso IT04 for example. On that price point. You can’t expect a $100 earphone to sound like a $1,000 one for example and I feel this is the best way to give some type of score fairly on an earphone.

The package
Consists of a set of silicones. A switch tool, a nice new brown square case, and a new higher end cable. A new graphite powder infused silver plated copper cable in a thicker 4 cored configuration which matches up well with the sound of the Canon in single ended. The accessories could use some better varieties of tips but for now it is bare minimum for accessories and nothing really stands out from the package here. It is always a good sign when the included cable matches up well with the sonic character of the earphones themselves and the included cable is clearly an upgrade vs the throw in cable that was included with the Aladdin's.
The Canon is the 2nd earphone I had the opportunity to review from the group and as such I am starting to see how proficient these folks are at tuning. I am very certain Yanyin folks are experienced tuners as both the Aladdin and the Canons both have very good tunings for their perspective sounds. Both being hybrids and the question came up that is it warranted for the Canon which just adds one more BAs to cost almost $400 in price point. The answer is not a simple yes or no for this one and here is why.

The Canons are an upgrade from the Aladdin on a technical aspect to its sound but are also tuned differently. While it is using a similar hybrid configuration, the Canons were tuned with a more dynamic energetic angle from the harmonesque neutrally tuned Aladdin's sound tuning and balancing. The base tuning for the Canon is a mild v shaped signature this time meaning there is more emphasis from the treble and the bass end of the Canon. At the same time it does upgrade the technical aspects from the Aladdin to a nice higher degree.


The build
The build of the Canon is your tried and true all resin design but with a vent out back for the dynamic to breathe and 3 switches to modify the sound a bit. Its a slightly smaller medium sized universal design which provides a nice fit for my ears and I appreciate the housing design to be on the smaller size of medium meaning it should be comfortable for most to use. It is about as compact a design as it will get using 5 Drivers in a housing. It has an average isolation for resin designs so it does block out some ambient sound I would guess at around 25-26dbs. As is with most all resin semi custom designs the usability and build is tops on this one and I also like the fact that it is using a 2 pin design instead of mmcx. You shouldnt have any real fitment issues or will they have any issues from a build standpoint. Well built and designed all the way around.


Trebles of the Canon sees an increase in definition and emphasis from the Aladdin treble tuning especially for the lower trebles. The increase of trebles does not mean it will be fatiguing but I do notice trebles play a bigger role in the Canon tuning this time around. The Canon has a clean tonal character overall due to the ample lower treble emphasis and details for trebles is also clean and detailed in nature. Its treble emphasis sees an increase of refinement in the way of better articulation and extension over the Aladdin treble. In general, while the treble is a safe level of emphasis. It is just at the cusp of standing out yet clearly defined and does not quite go over boundaries for trebles. Treble fans will respect the treble performance of the Canon as it clearly has more moderate treble in emphasis vs something it is more neutral in presentation especially with the treble switch on.

The treble switch introduces a bit more sparkle up top of the Canon sound as it seems to give a slight uptick in emphasis toward the upper trebles. The switches by the way works to bring about a very mild increase in the given regions of sound so nothing real drastic to the sound tuning. Most of the review here was done using the switches in the off position. I do like the extra sparkle of the treble switch with the mid switch turned on with warmer sounding sources, Shanling daps for example and depending on the genre the bass switch on as well. The enhancement to the sound tuning is not enough to change up the base sound character of the given regions to be completely different but for folks that want just a bit more here and there. It is certainly good to have that option.

Folks that felt the treble aspect of the Aladdin needed just a bit more in the way of presence and range the Canon is just this. Its treble character is energetic and clean at the same time and does not cross fatigue territory. The detailed sparkly treble end of the Canon is right there with some of the better lower mid fi category of earphones that I have heard and will be satisfactory for folks that have an affinity to get their full trebles on.

Mids of the Canon has a slightly more emphasized upper mid gain vs the Aladdin so this time around it has a touch more in the way of a vocal lift vs the Aladdins mid range, especially with the mid center switch on. Mids tonality is cleaner and more precise vs Aladdin's smoother tonal character and in that regard it gives a more energetic vibe to the sonic presentation. At the same time the better clarity aspects leads to more perceivable refined technical aspects to the Canon tuning. Canon sounds more precise in how it portrays sound. Both the Aladdin and Canon does sound layering amazingly well but Canon this time around adds better precision, imaging and overall is more forward sounding vs the Aladdins mids presentation which has a smoother, a bit more musical and neutral in tone.

Here is where the BAs chosen for the mids show a bit of that BA timbre with more of a rigid chiseled tonal character. On one hand its precision and imaging is outstanding but at the same time shows that it is clearly using BAs for the mids. Aladdin has a smoother tonal quality on how it portrays sound so some might like how the smoother more fluid mids on the Aladdins more so. The Canons most definitely have the upper hand in technicalities in comparison but don’t sound as cohesive at the same time.

It's more energetic cleaner sounding treble and mids performance is more different in presentation while presenting a warmer fuller mid bass performance using the same dynamic driver from the Aladdin. This was much less evident on the Aladdin since its mids were more smoother in tone and had that tight full low sub bass emphasis vs mid bass which clearly stayed away from the Mid of the Aladdin. The Canon has a cleaner more precise mid range but now has some warmer mid bass so that brings about a different contrasting tonal character in the regions.

Imaging, instrument separation, and details are all upgraded from the Aladdin presentation. The stage however seems to be roughly the same vs the Aladdin. Stage is well imaged in a sideways oval aspect to the sound. It has a bit more in the way of sound density for the mid bands and has very similar dimensions to the sound stage as the Aladdin. Showing good height, depth and a moderate wider stage. You can say it is a more energetic, more technical Aladdin sound but with that energy comes more emphasis from the treble, upper mids and bass end of the Canon. So it does enough to separate itself from the Aladdin altogether.

Why change a good thing. The 9.2mm Bio diaphragm makes a return from the Aladdin. I do believe the dynamic being used is the same dynamic. Its ability and tonal character is identical to the Aladdin but this time around gets a slight uplift in mid bass emphasis. I know some folks thought the Aladdin bass end was a bit on the tame or reserved at least the mid bass portion. Not so much for the Canon which sees an increase for the mid bass with just a good sub bass this time around from the Aladdin.

This bass dynamic does a great job reproducing the bass notes. Bio dynamics have always done bass well and the bass here is tight, punchy, well rounded, refined and defined. Subbass is roughly similar to the Aladdin here as well but I can tell the mid bass has greater emphasis this time but not so much to cast a shadow to the lower mids. Bass tonality is superb on these Yanyin earphones and since the Canon is colored a bit more for modern music more so than Aladdin's more even handed smoother balancing. Canon does a great job at being versatile for all sorts of different music requiring the low end to be dynamic and versatile while adding plenty of impact and a deep textured rumble. I am a huge fan of the dynamic drivers being used for Yanyins earphones. Going back to an actual older dynamic design the Bio dynamic was something that was first utilized and designed by Sony of all companies. Last time I checked, Sony folks are bassheads. Ya no other way to describe their earphones as all of them have bass involved so why not use one of the all time best dynamics that do bass. Canons bass is every bit as good as anything I have heard that need the low end for the cost so again. Why change a good thing.
In the end.
The Canon is yet another fine example of tuning mastery by the folks at Yanyin. It is more than just the added driver to help in the technical aspect of the Canon sound. It is the more enhanced tuning of the Canon that clearly shows a leap in dynamics for the Canons. The Canon has a very versatile tuning that will play great with all genres of music and clearly shows that it has the technical chops to be among the best earphones in the price range. These are for enthusiasts that want an exciting sound with a rangy vocal presentation. BA timbre aside the precision, the clearity, the instrument separation is all done amazingly with a sparkly detailed treble and a full punchy bass end on the Canons. You want an exciting full ranged sound. You will get that with the Canons. As always, I appreciate you all reading the review. Happy listening always.
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is this worth getting if you already have the aladdin and love it?
The Sands arrived today. Had a listen for a couple of hours using stock tips, cable and setting. A lot of impact and detail. I thought they would become tiring but not really.
And I ended up getting the Canon as well…


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