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Yamaha EPH-3-BL Inner Ear Headphone in Black

Yamaha EPH-30BL In Ear Headphone, Each, Black

  • Yamaha EPH-3-BL Inner Ear Headphone in Black

Recent Reviews

  1. Kujo
    Fantastic Budget Earbuds
    Written by Kujo
    Published Nov 18, 2014
    Pros - Cheap, Good tight bass, Detailed mids and highs
    Cons - Does not seal well, thin cable, feels cheap
    These were my first decent earbuds so I cannot compare these to much, but I am surprised how underrated they are. Nobody seems to have reviewed these but they have incredible sound for their value. I think that these are in the same league with the sony mdr 7506, are the only high quality sound I can compare these to.
    Highs- Less emphasis on these, but they sound crisp and are not overshadowed. Treble sensitive people won't have a problem.
    Mids - Detailed and forward. Good amount of clarity and a hint of warmth
    Bass - Tight concise bass. It is very forward without dominating the mids and highs. Not a bass head iem but they hold their own when given any bass heavy song.
    They sound similar in sound signature to what the eph-100s have been described as. Someone should verify if these are baby eph-100s. 
    Comfort: The three silicon eartips are pretty standard in this price range. The earbud is light and I have left them in for 4 hours strait with no complaints. The cable is also worn behind your head to not get in your way.
    Isolation: Not great. You will hear most external sounds, but nobody will be able to hear your music.
    Build: I don't have a lot of confidence in the build quality. The cable is really thin, about the width of a cheap IEM cable. The casings are full plastic and have a light, cheap feel to them. I have had these for about 2 years now with no problems, so it is apparently sturdier than it feels. I think the cable was designed thin for comfort, but I would feel much better about it if it was just a tad thicker.
    For reference, I mainly listen to rock, metal, punk, grunge, and a bit of synthpop. Guitars sound lively and colorful, and the bass isn't prominent enough to get in the way of these genres (Although some people might disagree). Anything electronic sounds fantastic. I would definitely recommend these to anyone on a budget looking for an energetic set of IEMs


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