Weiliang Audio E600 Headphone amplifier

General Information

Fullly balanced input and balanced output
Truly balanced input and output For lower distortion and dynamics, as well as RCA input and 6.5mm headphone output.

Headphone amp output IC TPA6120 from TI
The output chip uses TPA6120, and the conversion rate is as high as 1300V/us. The IC is current negative feedback type amplifying circuit, Distortion is only 0.000001% THD+N , 120dB dynamic range, 120dB signal to noise ratio.
Strong driving ability with an output current up to 700mA. Can drive high impedance headphones. With a secure protection circuit design, two-way relay left and right channels to monitor two sound channels respectively.

Hifi Audio grade components and features
  • WIMA coupling capacitor
  • AUDIO filter capacitor
  • Japan ALPS potentiometer
  • 15W Bingzi transformer
  • Heavy duty aluminum case
  • Balanced/ RCA analog input switch
  • High & low impedance headphone amplifier switch
Dimension and weight
  • Size: 250*167*54mm.
  • Net weight: 1.9kg.
  • Weight after packing: 2.7kg.
Optional Dual Operational Amplifiers
  • Version 1: JRC 5532DD
  • Version 2: MUSES 8920
  • Version 3: MUSES 02

E600 2.png

Full review with op-amps to follow.



Previously known as FireLion
Still listening a week on and loving it. I had all those opamps as I was unhappy with the sound and It's at the point where I do not need to swap another opamp into this unit.


Previously known as FireLion
Stay away from these amps unless you can get free returns many have been reported as defective which is a pity as it had huge potential. Issues range form out of phase to units with distortion.