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V-MODA XS On-Ear Supra-aural CliqFold Closed Headphones.

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New Head-Fier
Pros: Small, easy to carry, not bulky, very light, metal frame, flexible headband, sound with lots of detail, and very versatile sound. Beautiful design.
Cons: Reduced space in case, basically no accesories, headband leather may wear off, 1 button cable.
After almost a year with them. I wouldn't change them for any other headphone.
First and most importantly the sound:
When I first used this headphones, they had a annoying lack of bass. I had to push them to hear just a little bass. 
They had loud mids making snares and claps a nightmare to listen to. But after a over time bass became louder and clear and mids more pleasant to hear. Highs Have always been cristal clear.
Although they are small, they have good sound distribution. Every instrument and element of a song sounds in a very clear position in the stereo image. 
Vocals are pleasant to listen with this headphones. An example may be Adele, it feels like if you were the one singing because of how upfront the vocals are with this headphones.
And last but not least even if you don't have good ears, you will definitely hear details you've never hear before, instruments will sound clearer that you'll get surprised.
They do really well with any musical genre. If you want more bass, you can use an EQ and they will give it to you with no problems at all.
The design for me it is one of the most unique and best balanced design-quality.
Lots of friends have told me they look really cool. Even people wearing Beats keep staring at them with good eyes when I'm walking outside.
The fact that this headphones are very unlikely to get broken its a relief. 
The cons of this headphones:
Two months after I bought them the headband leather began to wear off but perhaps is because where I live is really hot, so it might had dried out and cracked.
I have to say their customer service told me they will replace it with almost no questions. Really good customer service.
There is almost no space for anything else but the headphones in the case, if you want save something else should be small.
They have no accesories but a small carabineer. LP series are cheaper and even include and extra pair of shields.
Since this are not the cheapest headphones and are designed for urban use I think a 3 button cable would be so much better.
Overall really good headphones, Amazing detailed sound, good design and quality material and a good customer service in case something happens to your headphones.
I had these before. I don't think the reviewer has a defective pair since I also experienced this. Had to give them away because I could use them.
They sound great (when pressed against my ears using my hands) but I couldn't get a proper seal. I came to the conclusion that my head was just too big for these. This might the case for the reviewer...I think. That explains for the mediocre sound he's hearing.
Getting a good seal is really important. But since the XS is really small and the clamping force is minimum (due to the headbnad being flat against the shape of the head), it only works if your head is smaller than the actual headband.
We went from eye ball shaking to spine rattling **facepalm**
Woah, Thanks for your comments and suggestions guys. 
The sound has become better everyday, more balance and punchier sound.
Jerryzm is right I had a very hard time trying to find a nice spot so they have a better seal. And sometimes i still do, but now even with no good seal they sound with bass and they don't hurt anymore. 
I feel better now, I really wanted so bad this headphones.


New Head-Fier
Pros: great sound and looks, very sturdy, foldable and compact, nice case
Cons: gets a little hot in summer, could hurt after some time when wearing glasses
I am somewhat a tech geek. However, I am fairly new to headphones or speakers in general. These were my first pair of "real" headphones and I spent ages in the process of deciding which pair to buy. There are lots of fancy words to describe the sound of headphones, yet I always found it hard to imagine it. I don't know what sound signature I like, because I never really cared until recently. This review is aimed at people like me - people who are getting started with headphones and never really had a good pair of cans.
First, they look really nice (got them in black) and feel very durable. Fortunately, they ARE very durable.I tend to throw my cans into my bag or on the bed without looking what else is there. This way they naturally get squashed a bit or rub against my keys. I lost two pairs of cheaper headphones this way. Not the XS, they might have a few scratches, but they still work flawlessly. If you are not as lazy as I am, they also come with a carrying case. It's really nice, sturdy as the cans themselves. I use them mainly on the go and I think that's where they really shine. They have a pretty good isolation against outside noise, but I can still hear cars on the street or announcements in the train if I need to. They are also very light. I almost could forget that I am wearing them if it weren't for my glasses. They apply some pressure on the head, but not so much that it hurts. If I put my glasses off I can wear them for hours. However, with glasses on they can hurt after an hour or two. Usually this is the time it takes for me to arrive where I want to go, so I can take them off. But every once in a while I have to put them off because they just hurt. This is a minor flaw, as most otherheadphones I tried hurt after 30 minutes or even earlier. So maybe that's just me.
They are all nice and sturdy, but what really matters if you pay so much for headphones is the sound. I tried some competitors: the Solo 2, the Momentum On-Ear and the Focal Spirit One. They were all ok, but the XS pleased me the most. As I stated in the beginning, I find it hard to describe sound. They just sound right. If you need a more detailed description of the sound just read the other reviews. When I bought them I was mainly listening to Metal and all of it's sub-genres. Since I got them I also started appreciating Jazz and Classical a lot more. Ok, they are not really meant for that. They go best with any kind of modern music. But they convinced me with these more traditional genres as well. Because for the very first time I could stand the sound of acoustic instruments. Never before I had cans that were so clear and so balanced. Of course there are headphones with even more clarity and balance, but the XS were like an epiphany for me. Suddenly, I could feel the music. I could feel the strings of a bass guitar vibrating. It still gives me chills. 
They managed to broaden my musical horizon. If a headphone can do that, it has to be good. And the XS just did.
Glad you like them. Thanks for sharing. Warranty is great with V- Moda. 


New Head-Fier
I am a bit of a fan of the V-Modas. They don’t sound that bad at all as long as you don’t need a lot of bass in your ears. I first came across them in my RSS app on my phone. Poc Network Tech Blog has a review and I killed some time by looking up a few others. The results were pretty good as they seemed to like them and everyone bragged about how tough they are built. I stepped (don’t judge) on my Sonys and busted them so that was something that stood out (haha). They are really bright on the ears making vocal and dialogue very up front. Not the best for action flicks since they aren't like having a pair of Kickers on your head, but they sound good. I am happy with mine.
Haha lol. 


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