AudioQuest Niagara 1000 Power Strip

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Manufacturer's Description:

Niagara 1000 brings the benefits of highly optimized power management to far more music lovers.

Designed by Garth Powell, the Niagara 1000 embodies the very same design philosophy and incorporates the same patented technology found in its larger sibling, the Niagara 7000, but packs it into a smaller, sleeker enclosure—at a fraction of the price.

Much like the Niagara 7000, the Niagara 1000 uses ultra-low resistance solid-core wiring optimized for low-noise directionality, capacitor forming technologies that vastly improve linearity and minimize distortion, and low impedance AC inlet and outlet contacts with heavy silver plating over high-purity Beryllium Copper for superior noise dissipation. Similarly, Niagara 1000 features our non-sacrificial surge protection, Zero Ground-Contamination Technology, and over-voltage shutdown, ensuring that your customers’ A/V systems are thoroughly protected from AC surges and spikes.

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Latest reviews

Pros: a great value
Cons: none. Rare that I say that about any piece of equipment. You have to spend 4 times this to do as well and you still may not.
I got rid of the Synergetic Research TOL Powercell to get this one. I got to hear Garth's prototype along with the prototype cords a few years ago. I was blown away. The difference between this and the top 7000 is there, but not that large. This is a steal in the world of wanting great electrical for your gear. Try and get a Thunder cord for it also. It will lower the noise floor tremendously and give a much clearer picture into the music. It just gets out of the way and feeds your gear clean power. IT's as good as what's out there and under 5k, you will be hard pressed to do better in most situations. Remember that all rooms have different electrical needs.
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How warm does it get? Thanks
It doesn't get warm at all. Sorry , I just logged on and saw this. It's the best power unit I've ever used.


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