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V-Moda Vibe Earbuds - Red Roxx

  • Fashion-conscious style and audio enthusiast sound unite to form the most sophisticated electronics accessory in the world. Vibe’s metal craftsmanship delivers the perfect balance of rich bass, superior audio clarity, and luxurious design. Unlike other uncomfortable and obtrusive in-ear headphones, Vibe presents essential active lifestyle comfort, security, and noise isolation for the discerning music enthusiast. Includes stylish black leather carrying pouch.

Recent Reviews

  1. sulkoudai
    Good for Bass Lovers
    Written by sulkoudai
    Published Feb 16, 2011
    Pros - Bass, Design, Metal (the quality feel)
    Cons - Build Quality, isolation
    I bought this V-MODA Vibe from eBay for 15 bucks from 128Headphone, yes it is real but no warranty.
    This is awesome for bass but the mids and treble isnt the best...
    try to get the 2nd gen, the sound isnt improved but the design is a lot better than the 1st


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