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Pros: Brillliant but balanced treble illuminates unfound aspects of familiar music; spatial layering and positioning is new and exceptional; comfort, beauty, and construction are top notch.
Cons: Super brightness is balanced by strong bass but still overcomes the bass... a headphone listener would want a bassier set of headphones, e.g. Fostex TH900, to balance the Ultrasone Edition 10 characteristics.
Wow... do I LOVE these headphones!

OK... back up a bit. I have or have had about 70 pairs of headphones, ranging from the top-end but dated HiFiMAN HE1000 (superseded by the HE1000 v.2), the classic Sennheiser HD800 (no, not the more recent HD800s), the Fostex TH900, and every Grado known, from the new PS2000e and GS2000e through the entry-level SR60 and iGrado, and back to the historical classic Joseph Grado HP1000 (HP1).

Based on the most disparaging review here, I HAD to get the Ultrasone Edition 10, as I have found on multiple occasions that my tastes are diametrically opposed to that reviewer's (you see, his good, such as the NAD hp50, and his bad, such as any Grado, are my bad and good respectively).

With the background of headphones ranging from retro to modern, cheap to expensive, bassy to bright, tortuous to luxuriant, and ugly to beautiful), my Ultrasone Edition 10s occupy their own special unique place in my lineup.

Bright? Absolutely! Brightest I have? Yes. Painfully sibilant? Absolutely not.

The Edition 10s give me a new perspective on my music, not found with my any of other headphones. I hear things I have never heard, and I hear familiar music in a new and exciting way. More than any headphone except maybe my HE1000s, I find it difficult to tear myself away from listening with them.

Their brightness illuminates unheard aspects of my music. Their subbass, while not as strong as my Sony MDR-Z7's, simultaneously reminds me of the low bass line that I discovered with the Z7s, and most of all... the layering! That sonic imaging... that positioning. There is a spatial aspect to the music that I first heard (and until these Ultrasone Edition 10s, ONLY heard) with my new Grado PS2000e in balanced configuration.

Oh, and they are beautiful in appearance and comfortable in use. The grills on the earspeakers remind us of the veins on the butterfly wing; the "Y" of wood in the middle is exactly mimicked in shape by the wood stand that is included. The earcups are big enough for your ears and the headphone is surprisingly light to wear. I became a fan of Ultrasone with their closed Edition 8s (Ruthenium); I am confirmed a fan by these (open) Edition 10s.
Pros: Comfort, huge soundstage, beautiful
Cons: Some say they're too bright
By far my favorite headphone. Once you adapt to the s-logic your world will change. Vey difficult to listen to other headphones now. These are all character and style. Be careful though because they are very " in your face"
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@Doberman Perhaps, but there's no denying the absolute beauty of Edition 10. Also, the replacement pads that Ultrasone now offers fixes most of the complaints many users had about the treble.
$2800? No thanks
The only problem with the ed 10s is the price. Don't worry though, they are limited edition so you won't have to "not" buy them much longer
Pros: Bright sound texture, beautiful string sound, nice sound stage, very comfortable.
Cons: Not very impressive vocal, hard to control.
Hi, I am new to the community and this is the first time I write a review

These are definitely not my first pair of headphones, I was struggling at first, but I found a website which sells it at a fairly good price, so I bought it. And by the time I am writing this review, I gave it around 40 hours of run-in time. (Don't really want to listen to fresh new headphones, they give a bad impression
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Source: Mac book air, itunes
DAC: M2tech hiFace series (with clock and interface)
AMP: SPL phonitor (thanks for my friend for lending me this amp
CDs: Esoteric remasters - ESSE90043 & ESSE90047

I tried the Brahms symphony first. The first impression was quite good, it's got a natural surrounding sound stage and a very natural string and woodwinds sound. The line of the strings was depicted very smooth and lyrical. The balance is not bad also. Though I think there can be a little more elasticity on the bass, can be a little more bouncy. It's got a nice tone on brass sound also, very resonating.

I finished the symphony along with the Academic festival overture. The large orchestrated places were very clearly depicted.

It didn't go so well for the Mahler though. The vocal sound is a little bit thrilling and it gave out too much consonant sound, quite irritating for my ears.

In short, these headphones are quite good, I quite like them. Though I think I might buy a new amp or a new DAC to get a better sound. Think I might get Woo Audio to get a softer and warmer sound, might help with the vocal.

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