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Ultimate Ears 400

  • Crisp highs. Warm mids. Powerful bass. When nothing but the music matters, our 400s deliver a balanced frequency response and a highly detailed soundstage. The high-quality diaphragm drivers were designed and tuned for music lovers who want to hear the music just as it was recorded.

Recent Reviews

  1. Slashfury99
    It's actually not as bad as I originally thought, except...
    Written by Slashfury99
    Published Feb 3, 2014
    Pros - Balanced and warm, bass not overwhelming, smooth mids and trebles, isolation
    Cons - Tips are loose and comes off easily, cable a bit obnoxious, buttons hard to click, sibilant
    This is sort of a mini review.
    Overall the sound and build quality are pretty okay. I like the smooth and balanced sound signature these in-ears have. The soundstage isn't too wide or high but it's acceptable. There is sibilance on high notes but with lower volumes it's okay. Bass is not overly powerful but still leaves impact and the mids and trebles are smooth and clear.
    I like the sound they give, but there are a few things that bugs me. The tips are loosely fitted, they would easily come off or slip off when your not careful. I already lost a pair of them due to my carelessness. You just have to be aware when you put them on or off. The cable is slightly obnoxious and the buttons are hard to click. They're all pretty annoying.
  2. craziboy89
    sounds nothing like the disciption
    Written by craziboy89
    Published Oct 28, 2012
    anyone else tired this yet. i tried this at the shop its had decent details but it sounded really dull. not sure if its bec of the run in time. 
    1. headphonatic
      Try a thread, it's free and satisfaction guaranteed
      headphonatic, Oct 28, 2012


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