Tronsmart Studio Bluetooth Speaker


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Tronsmart Studio Bluetooth Speaker Review
Pros: - Loud and clear Sound quality
- Superb aluminium hard enclosure
- Long battery life
- Support Major voice Assistances
-In Apps control
Cons: - More for indoor use due to the weight
Tronsmart STUDIO review

The Tronsmart Studio is their mid/ higher end bluetooth PORTABLE SPEAKER released by Tronsmart with TuneConn Technology and Soundpulse technology.



The Tronsmart Studio comes with:

- Portable speaker with Aluminium housing
- USB Type-C Charging Cable

- Stereo audio cable
- Warranty Card
- User Manual


Model: Tronsmart Studio

Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 5.0
Bluetooth profile: HFP/HSP/AVRCP/A2DP
Audio codec: AAC, SBC
Play time: 15hours

Output: 30W

Charging time: 3.5hours

Dimension: 206.5 x 70 x58mm

Weight: 961gram

Water resistant: IPX4

Design and build quality


The Tronsmart Studio is the portable speaker that offer loseless high Fidelity Audio for indoor. The high quality hardened aluminium housing enclose the speakers gives it a premium look and feel. The Tronsmart Studio is well built and the speaker grill is made of metal mesh with the Brand logo. The Volume increase/ decreases soundpulse technology, voice assistant and play buttons are located on top of the speaker.


Back of the speaker you will have a type C port for charging, Aux input and a Micro SD slot for your own personal music collection.

Sound Quality



The Tronsmart Studio’s 30 RMS watts of power and 3 internal speakers(dual tweeters & 1 woofer) provide a well detailed sound that I am really truly impress by the good sound quality coming from such a small package. The treble and highs comes out clear and loud. The bass is surprisingly tight and goes deep enough. This will pair well with most mainstream music.


Tronsmart Studio is the higher end Bluetooth speaker that I would recommend to those who are looking for a good sounding portable speaker for home usage due to the weight. For the price of $80 this is one of the best sounding Bluetooth speakers in the market.
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Tronsmart Studio Bluetooth Yea or Neh?
Pros: 1. Battery life
2. Stable connection
3. App with preset EQ
Cons: 1. Overly bassy OOTB
2. SBC codec
3. Slightly thin mids
First of all, I would like to give thanks to Tronsmart (@Tronsmart Official ) for giving me a chance to try out and review on this unit. This is my first time trying out and reviewing a tronsmart item. Prior to this, I have heard really great things about the brand, its quality and wonderful sound tuning, and I'm really excited to review this. I have gotten this unit for about 2 weeks now and lets take a look at my finding. I will add in the DSP function and performance on a later date in this post all the way below this coming weekend (20th Nov) as well as a quick comparison to my Creative Roar 2. Images comes in on a later date too.

*Disclaimer* This review is done without using the app for DSP functions

1. Aux cable

Main features of Tronsmart Studio Wireless as advertised :
* Advanced broadcast mode (capable of synchronizing over 100 speakers of the same model)
* 3 drivers with 4 passive radiator
* Patented SoundPulse technology .
* Support Bluetooth 5.0 version (SBC coded)
* Up to 15 hrs playtime
* 30W RMS output
* Power : 30W
* Power Supply : 5V/2A via type c port .
* Frequency range :20 Hz - 20000 Hz
* Playtime : Up to 15 hrs with 50% volume .
* Standby : about 24 months
* Charging time : 3-3.5 hrs

Water resistant rating :IPX4

As expected of a 30W speaker, it can go really loud. On a side note, it is rather surprising that it does not distort the sound until close to max volume. The bass is really strong with the radiators, bass lover would love it but not without a downside to this

Out of the box the bass is just too much, sounds muddy, making male vocals sound extraordinary thin. The bass also masked the microdetails which is typically found beyond the 8K region. SBC codec does not bring the potential of this BT speaker to its best. Playing better mastered pieces significantly improve the SQ, I could only imagine this unit in APTX (HD) or even LDAC.

Sounds :
Heavy sub-bass giving it a very energetic thump to the music. Mid-bass is pretty decent and I really enjoys it. The upper mids also roll off fast enough to not bleed into mids.

Vocals performance is very clean by itself. Unlike some other BT speakers with similarly overemphasized bass, the male vocals is not nasal sounding and I really enjoy it. Similarly for the female vocals, it is decent but not good. The notes does not hit high enough as it was supposed to be making the female sound breathless. Another thing I have realized is male vocals is a fair bit more forward than female vocals during duet performance.

Treble :
Smooth sounding along the decent volume (~70%). Turns a little harsh when it comes into the 70% mark, microdetails are lost, merely sound like screeching. Upon the 95% mark the distortion of whole spectrum is obvious.

Imaging :
Stereo imaging is fairly done. Again pretty much affected by the bass repercussion resulting in difficulties of picking up instruments that are near to instruments of bassy

Details :
Detail retrieval can only be considered decent to average due to the lack of overall clarity and loss in microdetails from bass masking.

This unit I would say is quite a disappointment in my opinion as it is restricted by many factors and did not bring out the fullest it can perform. First would be codec restriction followed by the overly-emphasized bass masking details.


Headphoneus Supremus
Pros: Loud powerful sound , Soundpulse offer a dynamic open ''cinematic'' sound, connectivity is incredibly stable and the signal can achieve long-distance range above 10M, metal construction
Cons: quite heavy at 1KG, average resolution, a bit dry tonality, long charging time, lag occur when you connect to AUX, poor battery life, button are very hard to read

SOUND QUALITY: 8/10 (Tonality: 7.5/10 Resolution: 8/10) POWER OUTPUT: 8.5/10
OVERALL VALUE (at 65$): 8/10


-Loud, power full sound that doesn't distort or go messy
-Stable connectivity with impressive distance range
-Soundpulse deliver an exciting open stereo holographic sound
-overall sound performance isn't bad for the price, clear and dynamic enough
-construction is kinda fancy (and sturdy?) for the price
-lot of features
-lot of different sound preset
-cheap price=great value(?)

-No Ldac, Aptx, hi res bluetooth codec support
-Slow charging time (more than 3H)
-average battery life at high volume (to be noted if used for movies)
-quite heavy and bulky=not the most portable
-hard to see button controls
-strange lagging with AUX connector (problematic for hooking instruments)
-stock sound isn't very dynamic nor as clear as open as EQ sounds preset (Soundpulse mode)
-micro sd card music playing can have issues

Another impulsive review, this time for a budget Bluetooth Speaker. Sorry about the overly loud volume in the video, this BT Speakers is a Wild Beast! I do think the Tronsmart Studio offers tremendous value, even if not perfect... and indeed the Soundpulse tech is impressive. If you search a BT speaker that doesn't sound in Mono, and can fulfill a room with loud music, you can't go wrong with the Studio.

PS: I wanna thanks TRONSMART for the review sample. I contact them myself and i'm 100% independent, No affiliation or money involved.

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Pros: Volume can turn very loud without distorting . Sounds like Stereo feeling . Heavy punchy bass . layering and good texture bass .Vocal more neutral .Provide Type C charging port . 2.1 stereo channel .More customizable of sounds with Tronsmart APP . Bluetooth 5.0 version .
Cons: i think the colour of button can be more pronounced because its back colour hard to see it . Design too simple i think can add some LED light on the faceplate speaker .The speaker feels quite heavy . Don't have USB type A port .It's lower Water resistant rating only IPX4 Level . Audio Decoding code Support is about Average .
Hello , I'm Ah Hui aka Mr Wong. I'm a K-pop fan and audiophile from Malaysia.

First of all, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to @Tronsmart Official for sending me this review unit and giving me the opportunity to review the Tronsmart Studio Wireless Speaker .

This is my first time reviewing a Tronsmart product .I am very excited as I have always wanted to try out different brands that I have yet to try. It has a 3 driver and 4 passive Radiation configuration .It retails for $69.90 on Amazon.

Intro :
Tronsmart is one of the sponsor on headfi .They provide high quality TWS earbud , wireless speaker and etc .They get a high recommendation on headfi .

Tronsmart - accessiories include.jpg


Simple and medIum size box . Inside consists of the wireless speaker .Accessories include an AUX cable , type C cable, operating manual and warranty card. The unboxing experience is quite good

front side on box :
Tronsmart - backside on box.jpg

another side on box :
Tronsmart - front of box.jpg

On backside :
Tronsmart - on back of box.jpg

user manual :
Tronsmart - spec user manual.jpg

on top the box :
Tronsmart - on top of box.jpg

open the box will see :

Tronsmart - Imgur.jpg

Pairing :
It's easy pairing with smartphone just click on the wireless speaker Bluetooth button and find the name call "Tronsmart Studio"

Design :
it has a full metal design .Feels very premium , Substantial design , simple and sweet .

Front side on speaker :
Tronsmart - Imgur (11).jpg

Back side on speaker :
behide the speaker with port.jpg

On top of speaker :
Tronsmart - Imgur (8).jpg

Main features of the Tronsmart Studio Wireless as written on the retail box :
* Advanced broadcast mode to sync sound over 100 speaker .
* Structure with 3 drivers and 4 passive Radiation for stunning audio .
* Patented Sound SoundPulse technology .
* Support Bluetooth 5.0 version
* Up to 15 hrs playtime
* 30W RMS output
And etc ...

Specifications from user manual :
Bluetooth : 5.0
Bluetooth profile : A2DP V1.3 , ACRCP V1.4 ,HFP V1.6
Audio decoding :SBC
Bluetooth transmission : Up to 10m/33ft (open area)
Li-battery Capability : 2000mAh *2
Power : 30W
Power Supply : 5V/2A via type c port .
Frequency range :20 Hz - 20000 Hz
Playtime : Up to 15 hrs with 50% volume .
Standby : about 24 months
Charging time : 3-3.5 hrs

Water resistant rating :IPX4

*disclaimer* :this review is done using DSP patented SoundPulse function ..

Louder sounds ,clear sounds even turn to louder without loosing any clarity . Sounds like Stereo feeling . Heavy punchy bass . layering and good texture bass .Vocal more neutral .Provide Type C charging port . 2.1 stereo channel .More customizable of sounds with Tronsmart APP . Bluetooth 5.0 version .

i think the colour of button can be more pronounced because its back colour hard to see it . Design too simple i think can add some LED light on the faceplate speaker .The speaker feels quite heavy . Don't have USB type A port .It's lower Water resistant rating only IPX4 Level . Audio Decoding code Support is about Average .

Sounds :
Deep and heavy sub bass ,mid-bass feel punchy,Good details of bass it's layering and with good layering and texture. when i listening When I listen to OH MY GIRL - Remember Me , i feel the sub bass good rumble ,good layering ,good details ,the mid bass punchy without muddy background. I am thoroughly enjoying the bass experience here.

Clear , good present on female vocal , vocals are natural sounding. When i listen to 田馥甄 - 妳 , i feel the voice of Hebe Tian - it's sweet ,clear and more natural .How about Male vocals? Male vocal has no mid-bass bleed and it has good body . when i listen to Sabia - Angel , I can hear the full bodied vocals without any signs of bass bleed.

Treble :
It's harsh ,feel sibilance when turning high volume on some track , but with normal volume , it's smooth and well extended .When I listen to IZ*ONE - You & I , I feel the treble is smooth and well extended .

Imaging :
its stereo positioning is good. I can pin-point the instruments easily .

Details :
detail retrieval here is decent to average overall clarity isn't there

My first impression of this speaker is that it has good dynamic range .

Volume can turn very loud without distorting.

However, .It can't fully waterproof because the Water resistant rating only IPX4 .The Bluetooth code only supports SBC .

On the bright side, it has broadcast function can connect more wireless speaker .It provide AUX function can easy connect with any device even my FiiO X1 ii DAP .It's powerful output range 30W .

Overall the experiences that I have with this Tronsmart speaker has been nothing but amazing .

I hope I can try out more Tronsmart products in the future.

for more information :

Interesting to buy ? Link below
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Exceptionally well-built speaker that is ideal for home office
Pros: Build Quality, Great Sound, Broadcast Mode (up to 100 synchronised devices), Long Battery Life, Decent App Support, Virtual Assistant, Great Manual, Mic for hands-free calls
Cons: Buttons difficult to see, Bluetooth Only (no wifi)
How I review: (See Previous Reviews)

Model: Tronsmart Studio
Vendor Website: Tronsmart
Review Reference: RC052

Manufacturer Specifications:
  • Brand: Tronsmart
  • Model: Studio
  • Power: 30w RMS
  • Audio: Dynamic 2.1 channel dual tweeter and single subwoofer
  • Technology: SoundPulse®, Tuneconn Technology
  • Mic: Yes
  • Codecs: AAC, SBC
  • Digital Assistant: Yes
  • Inputs: TF/BT/3.5mm LI
  • Weight: 961g
  • Dimensions: 208mm x 70mm x 59mm
  • Input: 5v 2A
  • Full Charge Time: 3-3.5 hours
  • Single Use Playtime: Up to 15 hours
  • App Support: Yes - Android and IOS
  • Bluetooth Range: 10m advertised
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth® 5.0
  • Bluetooth Protocols: HFP 1.6/ A2DP 1.3/ AVRCP 1.4
  • Water Resistance: IPX4

1 x Speaker
1 x User Manual (ENG, ESP, FR, DE, JP, RU)
1 x USB Type-C Charge Cable
1 x AUX cable
1 x Warranty Card



Welcome to the Regancipher review of the Tronsmart Studio 30w Bluetooth Speaker. This is a first for me - usually I only publish earbud reviews - but I was in the audio industry for a long time and have taken enough brands of speaker to festivals and hotels for weekends on the sesh to know a good (and a bad) one!

Tronsmart are now fully established as a mid range technology vendor at a very competitive price point, with their focus almost solely on audio products - mostly speakers and headphones. Founder Eric Cheng, a self-confessed geek, founded the company with his first paycheck (where was he working?!), building a lab to disassemble audio products with the aim to recreate them in his own vision at a cost-efficient price point. After bringing in ear-chewing trophy-winning footballer Luis Suarez as an ambassador, the company have gone from strength to strength, building a close relationship with Qualcomm, and bringing two of their chips to market first with the Apollo Bold and Apollo Air. For speakers, the range is now almost as extensive as their earbuds, ranging from 7, 10 and 15w mini speakers through to the 60w Force Pro and Mega Pro.

In the middle is the Tronsmart Studio. Unlike the T6, this is a horizontal speaker, so designed to sit landscape across a desk. The key differentiator with the Studio is the ability to daisy-chain up to 100 speakers in leader-follower configuration - no mean feat! Its design is definitely with the home office in mind, and that's how I've been testing it over the past few months.

You can see the full range of Tronsmart speakers here

The Unboxing


Unboxing the Studio is a pleasant enough experience, with the top lid, which details most of the key features, lifted away to reveal a nice grey sleeve with the Studio layout etched out.


Once you get into the box itself, you see a very hefty speaker, a card detailing their SoundPulse technology, a warranty card, USB-C charge cable and a very clear and easy to follow user manual detailing the button configuration, an explanation of what each of the lights mean, and instructions on how to use the product.

The manual is excellent, and uses the same format as the Apollo Air and Onyx Apex, with diagrammatic explanations of the control scheme. This is really useful as it crosses the language barrier, but regardless, there are still text instructions in English, French, German, Spanish, Russian and Japanese.

Build Quality


The build quality of the Studio is superb, especially given the price point. It has a relatively sizeable footprint at 21cm wide, with a depth of 7cm and a height of around 65mm. The unit is extremely robust, built with an aluminum alloy shell and finished in powder-coated black, and the three drivers (two tweeter, one woofer) are backed up with 4 passive radiators. The weight is quite substantial - around 850g.

The back of the unit shows the variety of inputs - 3.5mm jack, TF/SD card (up to 128gb supported) and USB-C for power. Obviously they also support Bluetooth connection too.


The bottom of the unit has a rubberised-finish silicone pad. This is really useful in avoiding scratching or chipping surfaces, which it unquestionably would without it. It also acts as a vibration dissipater, providing more clarity to the sound.

On the top you see the buttons which control the unit. You'll notice I've had to max out the exposure - it is very difficult to see the buttons otherwise, and this is one of the minor quibbles I have with the Studio - I find myself having to tilt the unit from time to time, even shining my phone torch on it to verify.

The volume buttons double up as track cycle buttons (down is previous, up is next) if you hold them down for 2 secs. The other buttons are power cycle, input mode, broadcast mode, SoundPulse mode and answer call/hang up. There is also the option to hail the voice assistant, which worked fine for me with Google and Alexa on my OnePlus Nord.

Amidst the buttons are a number of lights - white lights around the power button denote the battery/charge status, blue signifies Bluetooth pairing status, green denotes AUX/TF, yellow shows broadcast mode, and around the SoundPulse button, a white LED shows whether it is on or off.

Charging takes quite a while - around 3.5 hours (just over) to get 100% from dead, but this gives you around 15 hours playtime at 50% volume. My testing showed around 9.5 hours with a few podcasts, teams calls and several phone calls.

Audio and Features

Tronsmart advertise SoundPulse Technology as a patented headline feature, which facilitates strong bass with minimal distortion. Combined with the build they have clearly tried to enable different sound profiles for different audiences.

SoundPulse is definitely no placebo - bass is very prominent, with a subbass rumble that defies the wattage and will unquestionably appeal to those who like a thumping bassline. Whilst it gives a full, warmer sound, when the low frequencies get complex you may find midrange elements recess a little and lose detail, and around 60-70Hz there is some minor distortion as the amplitude spikes. This is to be expected given the form factor - it should be remembered this is a portable speaker, not a home media system - and performance is overall excellent taking this into consideration. The unit is also very loud, and sound distribution is good.

Default mode will be fine for most listeners, albeit a little thin, but via the Tronsmart app, you have a number of other options to EQ the sound as you see fit.


Connecting to the speaker is straightforward - you need the Tronsmart app, which is the same app as the Apollo Bold/Air etc. - and connecting gives you the familiar three screen menu.

The EQ offers, aside SoundPulse, Deep Bass, which reduces the volume slightly and recesses the middle frequencies further. 3D tries to give the illusion of surround sound by lifting the mids and high mids to give the impression of an airier soundstage, Hifi is very balanced, and my preferred sound signature, Vocal is the Spunky Beat v-shaped style sound and Rock reduces the subbass and higher frequencies in order to give the lower mids room to breath. Unfortunately there is no custom mode (yet) but using Wavelet, you can keep the Hifi sound and tweak the bass a little, getting an ideal sound, certainly for me.

The app also allows you to daisy chain up to 100 speakers through their 'TuneConn' technology. Whilst this is unquestionably a cool feature, only having one in my hand, I could not test it out. You can update the firmware and consult the manual too.


Calls are doable with the Studio speaker. You need to be around 30cm away to get the full benefit, otherwise you will sound like you're mumbling.


Whilst it is quite difficult to understand the use case for the Studio over many of the other Tronsmart speakers, sitting on my desk next to my PC it is a very good option for listening to tutorials, making phone calls, joining webinars and generally improving upon the sound from my monitor.

I don't have huge experience with mini Bluetooth speakers but I've tried similarly priced offerings from Anker, Tribit, JBL and Doss, and the Studio certainly doesn't lag behind any of them. The impressive battery life, decent sound and solid selection of features makes it a sound purchase - if you have a habit of dropping your speakers on the floor, look no further, unless you have a glass floor of course!

At the current price on Amazon UK, it is very competitively priced against its peers, with some notable improvements. If they can offer a customisable EQ through their app, it would be the icing on the cake.

instagram: regancipher

Tronsmart Review Inventory:

Tronsmart Studio
Tronsmart Apollo Air
Tronsmart Battle
Tronsmart Onyx Apex
Tronsmart Apollo Q10
Tronsmart Onyx Free
Tronsmart Apollo Bold

About Tronsmart:

Tronsmart are now fully established as a mid to premium range earbud vendor, with their focus almost solely on audio products - mostly speakers and headphones. Founder Eric Cheng, a self-confessed geek, founded the company with his first paycheck (where was he working?!), building a lab to disassemble audio products with the aim to recreate them in his own vision at a cost-efficient price point.

After bringing in ear-chewing trophy-winning footballer Luis Suarez as an ambassador, the company have gone from strength to strength, building a close relationship with Qualcomm, and bringing two of their chips to market first with the Apollo Bold, and then the Apollo Air, which uses the Qualcomm QCC3046.

For speakers, the range is now almost as extensive as their earbuds, ranging from 7, 10 and 15w mini speakers through to the 60w Force Pro and Mega Pro.

Tronsmart remain one of my favourite mid-tier vendors, outrunning their budget competitors by releasing flagship products alongside the run-of-the-mill releases, and demonstrating transparency and commitment to quality and innovation with every release.
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Headphoneus Supremus
Tronsmart Studio, surprisingly well build and plenty loud for the size
Pros: .
- Build quality is good, all metal and solid
- Strong bluetooth connection
- Surprisingly loud for the small size
Cons: .
- Buttons are hard to press and hard to see
- EQ preset changes from the app is not saved, always revert back to default
Disclaimer: Tronsmart offered these unit for me to test and review. Everything i write here is my subjective honest opinion about the unit.

Gears used for testing:
from my Android phone and laptop

I won’t be covering informations/specifications that’s already available on the website, so feel free to go to this link for more info.

I will be covering things/ info that are not readily available on the spec page, also some personal thoughts and opinions after using it personally for a few days.

What you get in the box:
WhatsApp Image 2021-08-26 at 16.53.28.jpeg

Built and accessories:
It has an all metal (aluminium) chassis, the front and back grill are also all metal, with big rubber buttons on top, and a thick rubber base to prevent it from sliding around.

On the back there’s USB C port for charging, a 3,5mm line in jack (both these cables are also included in the box), and lastly a micro SD slot if you prefer using it stand-alone.

The buttons are tactile enough, a bit effort to push but not too hard. My only gripe in this category is that the buttons are all black, with no distinct marking or lights, making it hard to see them, especially indoors. I must memorize the positions of that 6 buttons before i can using it comfortably. A clear marking on the buttons (maybe on future products) would be much better.

It measures at (L) 21 cm x (W) 7 cm x (H) 6,5 cm, and weight at 800 gr

The Tronsmart Studio is only available in black

WhatsApp Image 2021-08-26 at 16.53.31.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2021-08-26 at 16.53.30 (1).jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2021-08-26 at 16.53.30.jpeg

Battery life:
The Tronsmart Studio can last for more than 15 hours at a decent normal listening level, that’s quite something, though i haven’t have any other bluetooth speakers as a comparison, but the Studio’s battery is definitely more than enough for my daily use.

The Studio does supported by the app, providing the means to have future updates, changing the EQ preset, toggle between the source of input (Bluetooth, Line in, or Micro SD file), and activating the Broadcast mode, which is essentially chain-linking several Tronsmart Studio speakers to play simultaneously. I can’t test this feature because i only have access to one unit at this time of writing the review

The only gripe that i have with the app is that it doesn’t save the last preset i was using, seems to always revert back to the “Default” setting. A bit of a hassle, because i prefer using the “Hifi” setting, so i have to go back to app each time to select it. Hopefully this problem would get solved in future software update.

App screenshot:
WhatsApp Image 2021-08-26 at 16.38.20 (1).jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2021-08-26 at 16.38.20.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2021-08-26 at 16.38.21.jpeg

Sound characteristic:
It has a typical small speaker sound: decent amount of bass, mid-bass and mid focused sound, and relaxed treble. As the size suggest, you won't get deep sub-bass extension on this. I can surprisingly drive the volume to uncomfortably loud level with this, and because of the metal build, it it would take insane volume before it would distort.

To put it into perspective, with my phone set to max volume, I usually listen to this speaker with 4 or 5 notches of it’s volume...and the maximum volume notch is 16... and trust me, that’s reeeeallly loud!

Honestly, I’m more of an earphone/headphone person, and I rarely use speaker system for listening at home other than in my car and in my recording studio for monitoring.

But using this portable speaker for this couple of weeks is refreshing, as i can set it in my room and play some ambient background music while i’m working at my computer. This Tronsmart Studio surprisingly deliver good performance and feature in a solidly build form at a nice entry point
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Awesome sound quality from such a small and inexpensive package.
Pros: Superb sound quality - SoundPulse works well - Very well made - Screws not glue - Line in (cable supplied) - SD Card Slot
Cons: Buttons a little hard to see and press but basically nothing to complain about at this price point.
Tronsmart have a really impressive array of inexpensive wireless audio products in their catalogue right now. I'm very grateful to them for supplying a range of products to me for review - with absolutely no pressure on me to post a good review. In all honesty I rate their products very highly - especially regarding their performance/value for money.



The Studio feature set includes:-

  • Rubberised buttons on top of the unit that offer full controls.
  • Line input.
  • Micro Sd Card slot.
  • Tronsmart App control which offers alternative EQ settings and the ability to power off the unit remotely.
  • A full loudspeaker set - single bass driver, dual Mid/HF drivers and four passive radiators.
  • Excellent battery life.
  • USB C charging.
  • Comes supplied with both a USB C charging cable and a stereo to stereo cable.


Tronsmart's packaging is first rate. Whilst I’m not overly interested in the packaging (after all, they all end up either in the bin or the back of the cupboard once the goodies are unpacked).


Once paired to your phone, the speaker connects very quickly thereafter. All the controls are responsive but, obviously once you're connected, you can control all the speakers functions using your connected device. The buttons are rubberised - I suppose this gives the speaker an additional degree of environmental protection but it does also result in them being slightly more difficult to press. I also struggle to find the correct buttons as the symbols on the buttons can be a little hard to see.


Sound Quality

My first reaction on hearing this speaker was "Wow! This is from the future!". The sound is very full sounding and detailed. What really surprised me though was how effortlessly loud it could get without distortion or rattling. Whilst the stereo effect was pretty minimal, it certainly sounds like a much bigger speaker and I felt there was a definite 'front to back' effect. Tronsmart offers a sound enhancement technology called SoundPulse which definitely offers a 'fuller' and more pleasing sound quality - perhaps at the expense of a little clarity.

The Studio's sound quality is not just down to the electronics though - the rigid structure of the case plays an important part in my opinion. You can definitely push this speaker a lot harder than you would think when you take its size into account. I watched a 'tear down' video of the Studios' on YouTube and was impressed to see that it's properly assembled using screws - not just hot-glued together. This really is a high quality product which can comfortably compete with the likes of Sony, JBL, Bose, etc when it comes to both sound quality and features - but at a fraction of their prices.

I haven’t had the chance to check out the battery life of the unit yet but if their previous portable speakers are anything to go by, battery life really shouldn’t be an issue. The Tronsmart Studio also features USB Type C for charging, a line input (short cable supplied in the box - nice touch Tronsmart) and, interestingly, a micro SD slot. Whilst I can’t see me using this function much (can’t see the point with the other connections so easily available) but I suppose it does allow you to use it completely stand alone.



I’m not really a big fan of single speaker systems. I personally prefer a definite stereo sound when listening to music. However, in recent years I have favoured headphones over loudspeakers so I am getting more used to a narrower sound field (I'm not keen on the kind of 'artificial wide stereo effect' which to me sounds too 'phasey' and muddled sounding. The Tronsmart Studio doesn’t suffer with this phenomenon - the sound is fairly well focussed and direct. The Tronsmart Studios offer an extremely impressive sound quality which definitely exceeds its size. This remarkable little speaker will definitely annoy lots more people when you take to the beach or on a picnic. Highly recommended.
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