Topping A50S

General Information


Don’t Look Down
With a THD+N of 0.00007% and SNR of 143dB, the TOPPING A50s’ noise floor is so far down you might get dizzy. Compare this to the original A50, which has a THD+N of <0.0004% and an SNR of 123dB.

The Power Hitter
The TOPPING A50s swings for the fences with its output power, driving a whopping 3,500W x2 @32Ω (more than 1,000mW more powerful than the A50

6.35 Single-Ended and 4.4 Balanced Outs
The A50s offers both a 6.35 single-ended and a 4.4 balanced out on its front plate. Both options deliver stellar dynamic range (138dB/144dB) and output impedance (<0.1Ω/0.2Ω).

High-Low Gain Setting
Drive high impedance headphones with ease thanks to the A50s’ high-low gain setting of 0dB/6dB at the SE output and 6dB/12dB at the balanced output.






100+ Head-Fier
As opposed to what perspective? The blind cultish loyalty for brands like Schiit?

Nope, I had no such “either/or” in mind. The guy wanted a review—I let him know where to find one and (in case he didn’t know ASR) tried to give him a shorthand heads-up that from ASR he would get measurements but not the kind of descriptions he might be used to seeing in reviews on Head-Fi (or other sites), which talk about “warmth” or “depth” or other qualities. When checking out gear, I'm all for having both data and opinions. "Blind cultish loyalty" does no one any good, and not just in audio!