Toneking Black Mamba (Manba)


New Head-Fier
The Black Mamba Bite
Pros: Bright Sound Signature
Female Vocal Lovers
Top Technical Performance
Cons: Weak Bass
Male Vocals sounded not Completed
Good day for all the readers in this forum.


So here is one of my first review of the Toneking New Black Mamba. Sorry for the pictureless review, I don't have any skill of photography.

This earbud come with pretty basic packaging:
a box,
a carrying pouch,
4 pairs of full foam,
4 pairs of donut foam,
1 pair of earhook,
1 jack protector.

Gear : Direct Sony Xperia 1 ii no amp in my posession + All 4 Full Foam + Apple Music Lossless Stream. 50 hours of brain and 100 hours driver burn in. LOL. I listen with high volume to get enough dynamic.

Fitting : Pretty light, feel solid, small and feel comfy in my ear. I need to push a little bit in my ear to get a proper bass, if not you get a very lean bass

This earbud has a bright signature.
I don't have a sensitive ear, and can't pint point any frequency and don't even know about the frequency respond graph. Please take it with a grain of salt.

Bass : You can't expect having deep bass with this earbud. The subbass is lean and so lean that you can't properly hear it. The midbass is a bit better, you can hear it but not feel it, no visceral fell to. Upperbass is somewhat weak too. This give a clean feel of the sound. But still it is weaker than the rest of the spectrum. Not the best part of this earbud.

Mid : Oh yess this thing can give you a really nice texture, detail and transparency in the middle frequency. The instrument feel so real, alive and give really nice oomph, you know what I mean about. Hearing this with a lot of instrument base song give you a bliss. The vocal is clean but not thin at all, the low mid have a nice touch but not much, that make the male vocal in this earbud sound not complete. The female vocal base song, sound like heaven, especially asian female singer, korean, japanese and indonesian song, but sound really great with japanese song. I can't get this sound in any of my previous iem, headphone, earbud. I don't know, I can't describe it. Maybe I need to try cachonne to compare with this. The placement is nice in the middle, not forward nor behind. String base instrument is sounded real in this thing, violin, cello, guitar. Sadly this earbud are not made for the new electronic song.

Treble : This region is have a lot of energy beware if you have treble sensitive ear like me, you are gonna find it a little bit fatiguing. By all that means this earbud is not harsh at all, it extended well, giving nice air, energy and a good toe tapping feel. Cymbal crashes nicely, enough decay. This thing have a forward treble presentation and energy make band base song sound nice. The realism. The Air.

Technicalities : This is the most detailed and transparent earbud I ever heard, gave you every single note in your song, the vibration of the instrument, everything. Separation is so wow, you feel like drag in the music. Imaging is place nicely. Soundstage is wide and deep. The height are somewhat average. Dynamic is good but you need to remember I hear it with high volume.

Comparison :
From memory, cause I sell them recently. All using full foam

Sennheiser MX985, this earbud has better height soundstage, more completed bass and smooth high. Bass feel more viceral than the BM. I hear more subbass and more kick. Low mids are full so the male vocal feel complete. Vocal feel more forward than the BM. I like female vocal in BM than the MX985. Trebles are more weak but didn't lack any detail. The Black Mamba feel more forward and have better energy. Sennheiser is better for longer listening session, Black Mamba is for shorter session and someone who need more energy. Detail, Separation, Imaging are better on BM, Transparency are about the same. Piano sound better on MX985, String base instrument better on BM. BM feel more airy, breathy, brighter.
In classical music Black Mamba sound more real and better. I like Sennheiser for watching movie because having more low end.

Shozy Stardust BK. I don't really like this earbud in the first place, and doesn't like the donut foam too in the first place. Sound too smooth for me. Bass is better than BM but not in MX985 territory. Male vocal sound good, better than BM, below MX985. Female vocal are not even on par with BM, lol, I can't feel the energy. Soundstage width and depth are better on BM, but Height are better in Stardust. If you want to use earbud for hours maybe 12 hours or more, in term of sound and fitting I recommend the Stardust.

I don't even know this brand before and not even know of their product. I blind buy this thing based on the name Black Mamba one of the aespa song, yeah you heard it, one of aespa fan here not sound good for Kpop song, even it is stupid typo in the Mamba. I have really odd of genre, KPop, Jpop, Ipop, Instrument, Classical, Rock and a lot, then I realise this tuning is bliss for the real instrument recording. The Female vocal feel so heaven, the bite, the air, the breath. Maybe I am bitten by their recent Snake. The Black Mamba.

Thanks all.
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bright sig is a pro? new to me
Not always, but this is good tho