New Head-Fier
Another Worthy Opponent! The Sound Rhyme SR5
Pros: 1. Warm and balanced sound signature
2. Safe tuning
3. Smooth treble
4. Warm and pleasant vocals
5. Organic bass
Cons: 1. Details and Imaging
2. Weak energy in the treble
3. Some may find it sound boring

Review OF The Sound Rhyme SR5



I'm reviewing a Sound Rhyme product for the first time, and I'm eager to see what else they have to offer. The Sound Rhyme is not an entirely fresh company, but it only became well-known to me recently after hearing great things about it from other audiophiles and other media sources. The brand was founded in China and continues to thrive with the same passion for providing audio enthusiasts with the best sounding experience. According to my research, they have a fantastic selection of IEMs and have only entered that market for electroacoustic goods. I'll be reviewing the SoundRhyme SR5, a mid-fi IEM with 5 drivers, today. Whether it is a recent release or a treasure trove is up for debate. I want to make a few points clear before continuing.



*This is a review unit, courtesy of Concept Kart. All thanks to them for providing. And as I've said in all of my evaluations, the same is true for this one: all of the concepts I've expressed below are entirely my own, original ideas that haven't been influenced by anyone else. If interested, go to this link.
*I am not associated with the connection, and I receive no financial assistance from anyone.
*For the remainder of the review, I will refer to these IEMs as "SR5."
*I am using different Ear-tips for convenience and better versatility.
*Finally, I will only evaluate the SR5 based on their performance, even though I will explain how it feels and seems physically and aesthetically.


A patented four-way crossover connects the SR5's five hybrid drivers, of which one is a dynamic driver and four are balanced armatures. The dynamic driver, a composite 10mm driver, handles the bass, and the balance armatures, two of which are Knowles 29689 BAs for the midrange and other two of are Knowles 31736 composite dual BAs for the high frequencies. The shells are made using PMMA acrylic fibre and 3D printing. The faceplate of the shell is luminescent, which means that with enough UV or sunlight exposure, it will glow in the dark. The shells are quite lightweight and ergonomically designed, and they give my ears the best fit while remaining completely comfortable. Even after prolonged listening sessions, no fatigue is felt. I should blame my ear canals even though the supplied eartips didn't do a good job of creating a seal. Nevertheless, the foam ones offered a perfect seal. An 8-strand, silver-plated cable with a premium feel and a light weight is included with the SR5. The accessories that come with the package are a metal case, a leather zip case, two different types of eartips with various sizes, three sets of which are silicon and the other two sets foam. In terms of the technical specifications, the sensitivity is 108dB, and the impedance is 16 Ohms. 20Hz to 20kHz is the range of the frequency response.



The SR5's sound is more focused on sounding balanced and warm. Even though the signature is not new to this market, it sounds very well balanced, especially in comparison to its rivals. The SR5 stands out among IEMs in this price range because it has balanced, warm tones, which are typically associated with a more relaxed and soothing listening experience. The fact that these do not in any way sound offensive is another advantage of this IEM. The mix sounds surprisingly clean and warm in every crevice and nook. In contrast, the mid range sounds forward enough to give the vocals more presence in the mix, the treble sounds clean and expansive with good details, and the instruments sound in tune. Although it doesn't feel like it, the bass is almost present enough to keep the mix balanced and enjoyable to listen to. Let's explore sound in greater detail.



A balanced and warm-sounding IEM typically has a delicate and soft treble that acts very expansively while not giving the details more edge but rather enough to maintain the very essence of the notes. The same is true for the SR5, as it preserves the treble region's natural and alluring sound. The notes are clear, but the details are not very transparent. As previously mentioned, the upper treble extends fairly well, with good details and no offensive mixing artifices. The vocals are delivered smoothly and fully without becoming distorted or reduced to a single note. The instruments sound fantastic as well; for example, the cymbal crashes are well-presented and give off a realistic vibe while not being entirely transparent in their expression. On the other hand, the lower treble sounds more lively and gives the vocals and instruments better exposure, resulting in a more vivid presentation from the vocals and a much crisper, more approachable sound from the instruments. The sound is more rounded, cleaner, and fresh when I talk about the treble region as a whole rather than analytical, detailed, or sharp sounding.

Mid Range

The vocals have an open quality, and the instruments have enough space to sound fuller, which is not at all surprising in the mid range. Though SR5 would undoubtedly stand out in terms of its presentation of the vocals and instruments if I were to compare it to any other balanced sounding IEM in this price range. The vocals and the instruments sound much more expressive and fuller in sound in the upper mid range, which has the impression of having more energy than the lower treble. The vocals have a richness to them—whether speaking of the note weight or the density—and they sound natural and calming to listen to. I don't find any offensive qualities introduced in this range either. The instruments complement the vocals and bring out a well-positioned and spacious presentation of the upper mid range. They play in unison and have enough space to sound fuller and more organic. Although the vocals and instruments sound muddled and heavy, the lower midrange does not come off as particularly muddy or dull but rather as mostly dense, giving the higher frequencies a foundation to act on with better details while maintaining the timbre as naturally as possible. The bass guitar does have a rich, organic sound. Overall, the mid range is presented in a calming, organic, and harmonious manner.


When I listened to any bass-heavy music with the SR5, I didn't notice any differences in sound or tuning from other in-ear monitors I had previously heard. The presentation is excellent with a more natural presentation that maintains the warm, dense signature while never relinquishing control and incorporating influences. The bass is well-controlled, but there isn't enough composure or contrast. The sub bass is where the emphasis is more so than the mid bass, but because of the lack of better texture and details, the sub bass rumble or punch doesn't come across as impressive. The response is still felt and heard, but the thump and slams seem more active and approachable. Although it is impossible that the mid bass is powerful or hard hitting, it does have a strong presence in the mix. To make the mid range sound more dense and organic, the mid bass does leak into it. Kick drum impacts do have distinct characteristics and are simple to identify, but because they lack expression, the impact is ambiguous. In short, the bass is well-controlled but surprised by the texture and details. Overall, the bass region is presented in a controlled, natural, and persuasive manner.

Technical Performance

When compared to its competitors, the technical performance is above average, but I do think the lack of resolution and details makes the technical prowess sound average. While the imaging and layering are quite accurate, I still think there is room for improvement, especially in the imaging, while the stage and separation in sound are very practical. Let's talk about this in more detail.


Soundstage, Sound Imaging & Separation

In addition to the positioning of each element feeling more in a three-dimensional space, the stage is wide enough to sound spacious and it does add nice depth to the characteristics. Because of the clear and instant separation between elements, it is also simpler to determine where the sound is coming from. On the other hand, the imaging could have been more precise and clear.

Speed & Resolution

Although there is less exposure to details, whether they are macro or micro, the resolution is adequate for a balanced sounding IEM. Even though the attack or decay of notes isn't the fastest, it gets the job done and enhances the appeal of the sound.

Sound Impressions


Tempotec V6 - The SR5 sounded more detailed and clear when used with the V6 than any other sources I used. While the bass sounded the same, the treble felt more expressive in terms of details and the midrange had a more defined sense of how it was being present in the mix. There were no technical changes that I noticed, except that the stage seemed bigger. To my taste, the pairing with the V6 is very favourable.


iFi Hipdac - When used in combination with the Hipdac, the mid range—especially the vocals—felt immediately more forward-thinking and progressive. The instruments also appeared to be more active and prominent in the mix. Less expansive and particularly prone to dark presentation, the treble sounded. Although the lack of texture and details was still audible, the bass felt more dynamic with lively impacts in the mid bass and sub bass. The technical performance felt the same, with the exception of the stage, which grew more immersive. Even though the vocal and instrument presentation was more prominent, I still preferred the presentation when the SR5 was combined with the V6.


Tracks Used

Luna Haruna - Glory days
Luna Haruna - Overfly
Rokudenashi - The Flame of Love
LMYK - 0 (zero)
Marina Horiuchi - Mizukagami no Sekai
Indila - Love Story
Indila - Tourner dans le vide
Earth, Wind & Fire - September
Tom Petty - Free Fallin'
Fleetwood Mac - Everywhere
Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit
Blue Oyester Cult - (Don't Fear) The Reaper
Guns 'N' Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine
The Police - Every Breath You Take
Gojira - Amazonia
TV on the radio - Wolf Like Me
Bring Me To The Horizon - Can You Feel My Heart
Bring Me To The Horizon - sTraNgeRs
Avril Lavigne - Dare To Love Me
Travis - Love Will Come Through
Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know
DJ Shadows - Six Days (Remix) [feat. Mos Def]
Lady Gaga - Just Dance
Lil Wayne - Lollipop
Flo Rida - Low
Sebastian Lopez & Flug - Electronic Measure
Federico Mecozzi - Blue (Da Ba Dee)
Wayve - Not Enough
Kai Wachi & TeZATalks - Ghost
NGHTMRE, Zeds Dead & Tori Levett - Shady Intentions
Zeds Dead, DNMO & GG Magree - Save My Grave
Skrillex, Noisia, josh pan & Dylan Brady - Supersonic
Skrillex & Nai Barghouti - Xena
Skrillex, Missy Elliott & Mr. Oizo - RATATA
Kaifi Khalil, Eva B & Wahab Bugti - Kana Yaari
A.R. Rahman, Javed Ali & Mohit Chauhan - Kun Faya Kun


To wrap up this review, I can without a doubt suggest the SoundRhyme SR5 to anyone looking for a well-balanced IEM that primarily focuses in the mid range where the vocals and the instruments sound open and expressive in a way that sounds natural. Even though the presentation as a whole lacks clarity, it still sounds natural. You will love the vocals just as much as I did. At the very least, try this piece.

Great review!! They look like great iems. Hope to see more soundrhyme.
Completely agree with this review 👍


Previously known as TheDeafMonk
Sound Rhyme SR5 - this 1+4 Should be in your arsenal.
Pros: What I Liked:
The Price Point at $149! Competes with other IEM at higher prices. At $250 still worth it!
The Energy and the highs are for me spectacular. I don’t have another set that sounds quite like the SR5 and that makes it special for me,
Adds some great Air & Extension without fatigue and sibilance for me. (Treble Sensitive without issue)
Knowles BA adds the details and sparkle without any BA Timbre for me.
Stage is fantastic 3D , Wide , Deep and with great sense of Height.
Balanced sound with a tilt toward the extra energy in the upper end.
Vocals that are slightly forward but neutral in its tonality not Warm nor Thin.
Sub bass over MB has nice depth when asked for in the track
Vocals are super clear and detailed and present in a way that hold your attention.
Great overall tuning and unique at the sub $300 price bracket I have tried.
Takes a EQ like a champ - I used Hiby Mage Sound 8 Ball and added in some low end extension and MB impact and love the results with changing the upper end I love so much.
Very Efficient and east to drive
Cons: What I Though Needed Improvement:
Not much especially at this price point , I would love to have a bit more Mid Bass impact that’s it!
Sound Rhyme SR5 $149-$250
July 15, 2023
6:30 PM

SR5 How is this not in everyone's ears?


Now let's get into it: The Techy Stuff
5 Driver per side configuration:
1x 10mm Dynamic Driver Composite Diaphragm ( Polymer Nano Composition )
2x Knowles Balanced Armature Mids (Knowles ED29689)
2x Knowles Balanced Armature Highs (Knowles 31736)
3 Way Cross Over
16 Ohms Resistance
110 db Sensitivity
2 Pin 0.78MM flush Termination.
Cable is 8 Strand Silver Plated Oxygen Free Copper Cable

I received my unit courtesy from PENON- Thank You
I Don’t do disclaimers for me it doesn’t need to be said. Strait Goods always from me. If something is bad it gets called out. If its great it gets the praise and a deserved hype!

More information can be found here and non-affiliated link:
Most Stores are selling for $250 - PENON Store $149
Subjective Part of my Audio Review -

I share my impressions as I hear them with my ears.
As all our ears are different shapes & size so what I hear as bright or bass heavy -you might hear as dull and Vise-Versa; just something to be mindful of.

What makes my ears happy as a sound signature is a slightly more aggressive L shape. I love my Bass Sub and Mid Bass love it all actually; and in large quantity. With the Bass, I prefer a faster decay the faster the better so as to not bleed into the mids., I am treble sensitive and prefer a slightly darker warmer replay with good treble extension without excessive brightness.

I prefer the fast speedy bass of the Beryllium Coated Driver of my Xenns Mangird UP with a Beryllium Coated Driver and the PENON 10th hits my perfect tonality in bass texture.
Planar bass is out for me until I find one that can do the sub harmonics and texture of a DD - I find Dynamic Drivers do better. Same as BA bass the only exception was from the 64 Audio U12t that doesn't sound like a BA Sub.

My music Library is widely varied from; Metallica, Great White, Cowboy Junkies, Pink Floyd, Adelle, Melisa Ethridge, Fleetwood Mac, Five for Fighting, Mänskin, Poncho Sanchez, Jimmy Smith, Chopin, The Crystal Method just to name a few. When not listening to my test tracks the majority is Jazz or Alternative Rock especially Female Rock. Lorde, Halsey, Alanis Morrisette, Evanescence. All depends on my mood.

Sources: E1DA SG3, Shanling UP5, Geshelli JNOG J2 with AKM4493 chip. Truthear SHIO (Dual Cirrus Logic 43198 DAC Chips)
DAP/TRASPORT: From Lenovo Laptop with Qbuz Samsung S22 Ultra with DSD Files.
Hiby R6 Pro2 AK4499EX & AK4191EQ chips in a octa core output configuration.
Amps: LoxjiP20 & XDUOO MT-604 tube hybrid amps and Topping A90D Amp 4.4 Pentagon Balanced Out - Unless stated
I also use a iFi Stack with a ZENCAN and ZENDAC2 for a warmer combo.


My Format has changed with community feedback. So now I will list the music tracks I used & why with my musical impressions of the playback using that track. I hope this will give you some context for my library and give you some contexts to compare using the same tracks.

Let's Begin: Critical listening per track Notes taken NOT OVERALL IMPRESSIONS

#1 "Never Be Me- LIVE" Miley Cyrus - Nice and well balanced between the bass lines , the vocals , and the highs is perfect for me.
Miley's vocals do it for me the SR5 has some nice lower bass in this track certainly not lacking

#2 "Prayer" Hania Rani - The Low drone bass drops are well presented enough to tickle your ear hairs but not give you a headache, bass seems to be focused in the lower bass between the sub bass and mid bass region. You can tell this is not a bass head IEM

#3 "Check It Out" Nicki Minaj Both will I am and Nicki's vocals front and center with big bass nice to hear the Neo5 can tinkle your ear hairs while belting out sweet vocals, I think the SR5 favors female vocals over male vocals.

#4 "Rocklandwonderland" Kim Mitchell - Wishing for a tad more of that mid bass attack but the vocals and highs make rock music truly fun to listen to even at volume. Love the highs on this track details and the timbre of the guitar.

#5 "Queen Of New York City" Matchbox Twenty - Male vocals don’t sound thin so I know there is enough Mid bass to present correctly.
Again nice balance of Bass/Vocals/Treble.

#6 "Kashmir: Jimmy Page & Robert Plant - The high hats and that so seductive upper energy is a nice change after listening to darker sets!
and vocals and drums sound so good too. love the ability to pick out its in a live venue legit width and 3D.

#7 " Money For Nothing" - Dire Straits this track is great for getting a sense of dynamics - Good sense of stage depth present in front of you not between your ears. Not the hugest for overall track dynamics and macro details more of a natural presentation vs what a V shape signature would do kind of in the middle not laid back not spastic.

#8 "All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You" by Heart - A good track to listen to female vocals. Here you can get a sense of how forward the vocals are in the mix and the SR5 is just slightly more forward in the mix but nicely balanced , a great replay and vocals were perfect SPOT ON.

#9 "Butterflies" by Kasey Musgraves - Well balanced again nice bass, perfect vocals.

#10 " The End" by Kings Of Leon - Can be a more busy track with L+R separation , center vocals and prominent instrumental mix. SR5 digs deep, again love the high end energy and vocal balance. Male Vocals bang on. I got a wide stage and even more 3D.

#11 "You Make Loving Fun" - by Fleetwood Mac on this song you can tell the highs are perfectly controlled and vocals comes across as fantastic and on even par with the low end again great balance and again love the energy up top. Not too much just enough for a enhancement to the vocals.

#12 "Nothing Else Matters" by Metallica LIVE from S&M2 - Crisp, clean, clear, amazing vocals. Sounds more like your in the recording booth closer to the stage rather than out in the audience as some IEM's Project. The highs again are real standout. Nice wide stage and very 3D

#13 "Nothing Else Matters" another track by Miley Cyrus/ Elton John - Bass hits go low and hits nicely no mid bass bloat could be heard to screw up her vocals! Piano sounds a bit light, but Miley's vocals so good , gets a bit splashy at really high volumes! (Can be controlled by eartips but I prefer the big wide open bores of the TRI - Clarion Tips)

#14 "44/876" by Sting & Shaggy - Perfect male vocals and nice balance overall. Not a bass monster but enough to get the point across and not wash out vocals.

#15 "Enter Sandman" by Youn Sun Nah - Riveting here voice and the strings are so wow. Goosebumps!

#16 " Bubbles " by Yosi Horikawa crazy track for stage , SR5 great 3D , height , width and incredible details for placement and separation.

#17 " Marvin Gaye" Charley Puth & Megan Trainor - east to tell it’s a duet and both vocals are well toned. Bass is lovely old school thumps.
Love the finger snaps a lot of IEM miss them.

#18 " Maddy" by Malia - Strings and vocals so beautifully detailed. Malia's vocals come off with the correct edge to her voice.

#19 " Vivaldi Double Cello Concerto Mvt 1 by Tina Guo - Strings come across with passion and dynamics OFF THE HOOK. Stereo separation and micro details are yummy and fun to listen to on this track the SR5 shines on this kind of music!

#20 " Rankin" Live by Dead Can Dance - another wow live presentation with melodic vocals and instrumental details in a big open stage the SR5 did this track with a realistic sense of huge venue and clarity very well done.

The SR5 Actually shocked me sound wise and value to performance mostly. I never looked up the price until writing this review. I knew it was in the ballpark of the Sub $300 range like the HiSenior MEGA5P, PENON FAN2 and the ISN Neo5.
I cant think of another IEM I have tried that sound like the SR5 in its presentation and that makes it addictive for me and a missing link for me in my daily rotation arsenal.

My last few impressions were on the ISN Neo5 a more Fun V shaped IEM with slamming BASS $279 , Hi Senior MEGA5P a laid back warm/dark chill set $239. PENON FAN2 a Mid Bass Vocal Beast with more neutral tone $279, And now a different kind of awesome the SR5 a vocal tilted mildly boosted treble tuned IEM!

I can totally appreciate why someone would pick up a set of any of these sets depending on their mood.

Why would I pick up the SR5, - well because the highs are addicting without being over the top. I love my vocals especially female vocals and the SR5 resonates with me like the FAN2 did.

Coming off spending some serious quality time with the MEGA5P on paper they look the same up until 400hz and then the SR5 adds in little bump in energy from 400-900hz over the MEGA5P that adds in some special sauce in the vocals and becomes the start of a completely different sound signature between the two. Where the 5P is laid back with warm mids and a darker relaxed treble, the SR5 goes the opposite way. With the more energy up top the Bass sounds less prominent even though on paper they look the same as 5P - blame our brain for that.
The vocals become more prominent and the 6k-12k rise in the SR5 tunings adds a ton of micro-details and puts string instruments at equal level with the slightly forward vocals. Also the extra upper harmonics lends itself to a nicely 3D soundstage.

A really great set for someone looking for a slightly tilted higher energy set but wasn’t a treble head. Someone who would prioritize vocals both male and female without sacrificing instrument details and dynamics. Bass Quality over quantity again more tilted towards Sub Bass over Mid Bass.

Price to performance seekers look no further you have found a excellent value for your repertoire.

In Comparison:


Hisenior MEGA5P:
Where the 5P played back darker, lusher and had a much more organic nature, the SR5 would sound bright in comparison and sound cleaner and more dynamic. Where the 5P would prioritize Male vocals and sacrifice perfect female vocals the SR5 tilts the other way and female vocals and instrumental are getting the most notice. Both are wonderful. What are you in the mood for?

F2- Mid Bass to the moon , vocals and just a addictive playback in a more neutral set is what you get with the F2. The SR5 moves the focus of the bass to the sub region takes away the snappy punch some people don’t like and keeps the vocals in play like the F2 but with more treble energy and extension.

ISN Neo5:
Bass Beast focusing on the bottom 2/3 of the sound spectrum, huge bass boost over the SR5 and a more V shape with relaxed treble.
Another flavor of 1+4 and quite different sound profiles.

I love all 3 for different reasons and feel quite blessed to listen and experience these sets.

Thanks so much, Cheers from the Tone Deaf Monk.

My Video for the Sound Rhyme SR5 is Here:

Discord Server is here for insider information and just good conversation:


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@RaB7382 I don’t really see the point in asking for advice on people’s experience, then thumbing your nose at someone who genuinely wants to help. But you do you, champ!
Sir i did not get your point as i had concurred with the fact that you are a respected and trusted reviewer. So where does this nose thumbing and all comes in ?
What is the nozzle size?