Sony Portable Mini-Disc Player/Recorder (MZ-G750DPC)

General Information

This Sony slim-sized Mini Disc Walkman« lets you listen to your favorite AM/FM stations or play & record your ideal music. What makes this so special is the Digital PC Bundle that includes a USB cable, digital PCLink converter & optical Toslink cable, which in turn enables you to record music files straight from the Internet! In addition, thereM-^Rs Automatic Synchronized Recording & the ability to use your own Jukebox/Player application.

Latest reviews

Man, was this thing awesome.  My second portable MD unit... the first was a player only, purchased in 1998. I bought a component-sized deck for recording to go with it. Then, years later, portable recorders came way down in price and I picked this little lovely up, circa 2002.  The sound quality was, to my young self, just astounding.  I don't know how it would hold up today, but I suspect pretty darn well compared to 128kbps MP3.
At any rate, this unit had the ubiquitous and much loved inline-remote, an FM tuner, and a very nice design.  As always, I loved the heft of the solid metal case and machinery visible when you opened it. It finally died after years of daily carry, getting banged around in my backpack at school, work, etc.  All in all, it held up quite well!
So glad to see a fellow Mini-Disc fan XD. I've always thought they were the coolest things. I want an RH910 so bad. I lost the last few auctions on ebay. I'll eventually get one. All the newer ones are OLED models that were prone to failing so the RH910 is the best "new" HI-MD player to date. I couldn't imagine what lossless HI-MD sounds like but I suspect its still very relevant.


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