Sony MZ-NHF800 Hi-MD Minidisc Walkman Portable Music Player

General Information

Sony MZNHF800 is a stylish Hi-MD Walkman with Digital Tuner.PRODUCT FEATURES:Transfer up to 45 CD's onto a 1 GB Hi-MD disc with ATRAC3plus compression;SonicStage 2.0 software for easy music management and unlimited check outs of your favorite tracks;Supports all popular digital audio compression formats: ATRAC / MP3 / WMA / WAV;LCD remote control with built-in digital FM/AM tuner;Record from multiple sources: USB-in / Mic-in / Analog-in / Digital-in;Extreme fast music transfer from and to PC: 1 CD in less than 40 seconds;Capable to store audio, video, and data files on your Hi-MD disc;Rechargeable Battery;Long battery life of up to 27 hours (approx.);Shock Resistant System: G-PROTECTION.-PROTECTION.


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