Sony MZ-N420D Psyc Net MD Walkman Digital Music Player

General Information

The new Psyc Net MD recorder is a marriage of function and form. Cool gray tones mingle with orange and silver, adding sex appeal to the one of the most popular digital music formats. The MZ-N420DPSGRAY model offers high-speed music transfer from a PC via a direct USB connection. It can record more than five hours of music on one 80-minute disc in LP4 mode.

Latest reviews

Pros: Small size, long battery life, decent sound
Cons: still used a disc media, too little too late
Bear with me on this review.  The mini disc player for those who don't know was another Sony hard media that failed to take hold (very much like beta) and was killed of in the early 2000s.  The player although small and bullet-proof, it still required a small disc on which to store music.  The diskette was about the size of a PSP UMD cartridge and was capable of holding a few hours of music with the proprietary ATRAC format created and used only by sony products.  Even though I was required to use Sony's own programs to covert my music over to ATRAC I noticed no lack of sound quality.  The design of the player was utilitarian and rather blocky, which might have been a turn of for many.  The battery life came from a single double A battery that was capable of lasting a few days of non-stop play time.  The player's biggest draw back ended up being a rather small display that did not light up, coupled with a slightly vague button setup.  To sum up this player:  It was too little to late.  A great product that was not only overshadowed, but crushed by the Ipod.


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