9mm EX Drivers --- Allows for a comfortable fit and a deep and full sounding bass performance all...

Sony MDREX36V/BLK EX Earbud Headphone (Black)

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  • 9mm EX Drivers --- Allows for a comfortable fit and a deep and full sounding bass performance all in a small package. In-Line Volume control --- Allows you to control your volume without having to take out your player from where you are carrying it. Cord adjuster --- Allows you to conviently control the length of the cord. Three sizes of ear buds --- You can pick the size that right for you for comfort and performance.

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  1. Pixelatedrobot
    "cheap and versatile "
    Pros - well balanced, cheap, comfortable
    Cons - can tangle
    a good portable iem that can take a beating and still sound decent at a modest price. it won't wow you but it its better than skull candy ear-buds in this price range.
  2. Geo212
    "Great for the price!"
    Pros - Clear sound; different colors are nice; fairly comfortable; excellent value.
    Cons - Durability is lacking; in-line volume control is pretty sensitive.
    Let's make this simple: these earphones are cheap, great-sounding, and colorful (I picked up a pair of blue chrome).
    There's just enough bass to make them good, having no more than it should and no less. However, if you're looking for earphones with really pumping and brain-melting bass, these aren't for you. The mids and highs are very well-defined and music always sounds how it should. For a person with such a varying library of music (rock, electronic, movie scores, metalcore, et cetera) such as me, there are few earphones within this price range that would meet your sound needs more than these (there have been some instances where the earphones can't quite reach a certain note and you hear slight static; but this rarely happens). And I was at first surprised that they were only $29.99 when I bought them. But I later found out why.
    The durability is the biggest con of these earphones. The rubber around the L-plug, after a few months, started to deteriorate, and in time even split down the middle.The cord is VERY prone to tangling after being set away in the carrying pouch it comes with considering there's basically nothing except a thing coat of rubber over the wire. That was my first pair, and on my second pair, the same thing happened!
    If you're looking for sound isolation, leave this page immediately. The isolation isn't horrible, but it's not at all good. While you're listening to music from a media device, you'd most likely be able to hear another song being played in the background, and this disturbs the flow of music sometimes. Some people might not care as much as me, but I quite like good sound isolation.
    Lastly, the in-line volume control. It's just plain annoying. Too sensitive to be practical. It's easy to accidentally slide the dial all the way and blow your ears off, and it's happened to me more than once before. If you listen to anything, I suggest just sliding the dial to max volume and turning the master volume on your device down.
    All-in-all, these earphones have an amazing value. That is, if you're willing to deal with the exterior detioration which occurs over time. But these are perfect if you want excellent sound quality for a forgiving price. Just be prepared to replace them, as the cord is flimsy and could easily be cut off.
  3. BotByte
    "Inexpensive Sony In Ear Headphones"
    Pros - Nice fit, doesn't slip, no cord noice, volume control, 3 sizes, great bass, sound surpressing
    Cons - Cord isn't what it used to by with Sony, Volume Control, Wiring
    These headphones caught my eye when I wanted to buy something to upgrade my Sony earbuds I loved for about a year.
    First off, they have three sixes, with different color on the inside of the cones to tell them apart. I chose the smallest, yet they would all fit me. The sound is impressive for the price. They allow for bass, and treble to comfort to your ear and allow for multi platform listening. The sound does die off with a live album, or bootleg, but it's only if your in a deep listening session. The volume control varies in usage, at one point I like it for a quick touch to change volume in a shuffle, yet causes problems if you forgot to turn up your mp3 player and have to take it out to adjust it by controls. I threw out the cord wrap thingy, useless, I like the bag through, mmm.... felt. They do suppress a lot of noise, but not canceling, No one can hear the full volume on them form a distance, but they get loud if their in.
    The first problem I have with these is the cord. It's a strong, yet thin and flimsy cord that seems to be twisting the copper inside. Not a big problem, it always happens. But Sony, to me, has always had great cords. But they fall flat with this one. The length is enough to pull down my jacket, into my pocket and have enough to stretch back to my heels without a tug on the earbuds. "I'm 6' tall". The volume control seems limited as I said. I also see a problem with the connection joints to be flimsy, yet they haven't worn out yet.
    Had these for two-three months, no problems.
    Bought at Walmart, kill me, it was a quick buy. for $21
    Good if you trust Sony, but not if your a worshiping follower.
    for <20 they are great, but if you have the money and the time to wait for shipping, get something better.

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