Sony Giiq

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Hi-Fi without the heft. Flex motion cups and slick skinned cord doesn't crimp your style. Neodymium, the strongest permanent magnet known to humankind, delivers a crystal clear, robust sound.

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Pros: Good sound quality, bloody comfortable, looks great, very durable, cheap, flat cables.
Cons: no accessories,
this is the headphone for you if you want great audio quality for a cheap price. 
Ive owned a few beats by dre over heads and i can say this headphone beats them all..... it may not be bass orientated but it certainly performs well over a wide genre.
Ive had for just over two years now, still looks like they were bought yesterday, and tbh, i havnt really been treating these things nicely, travelled a bit with these. this just shows how durable they are.
Design of these are fantastic, both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, the material beleive  it or not does not feel cheap, all the articulating parts are sturdy and does not make too much of a creak.
virtually no cable sound and fits reasonably snug over your head, provides a very comfortable amount of passive noice cancelling.
The cables are flat like the Beats tours so doesnt tangle as much, even when it tangles its no mission to untangle them
the sound signature of these are comparable to the sennheiser HD 202 II, but the bass is more controlled and its slightly warmer. Additionally, for this price range, you are getting two drivers with neodymium magnets... so i cant say anything bad about these cans
So these are better than Beats... not exactly an impressive feat for $100.
I bought these headphones while on vacations and they have yet to disappoint me. I use these for just about anything. Mowing the lawn, riding my bike, going to school, everything. These things rock and I can't seem to break them. I've crashed hard on my bike with these at least 4 times and they are still kicking great. I also have a pair of Sennheiser HD428s which cost the same and in my opinion the sony Giiqs are better, not much better, but noticeably better.
I think these headphones are actually pretty cool looking. Would you suggest them to aspiring audiophiles? Or are they more for their style and design?
While these headphones are great I would rather recomend the sony xb 500s. They are very similar to the sonys but have a way better sound in my opinion and one of the main reasons I love using my Giiqs is because of the great bass and the xb have ****loads of bass, but if your looking for a decent pair of VERY durable headphones then i would go for it. Also i would like to tell you in person they almost feel and look like a cheep toy pair of headphones, also when played "properly" people around you tend to hear it very well, but if this doesn't bother you then i would deffinatly add them to your collection


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