Sony CDP-CX355 300-Disc MegaStorage CD Changer + Accessory Kit

General Information

The CDPCX355 300-disc CD changer puts hours upon hours of music at your fingertips with features like cross-fade sound, text display, and an organization feature that makes it easy to find your favorite songs and albums. The CDPCX355 plays audio CDs, CD-Rs, and CD-RWs, and you can program it to play CDs or tracks one by one, in random order, or in your own customized track order. You can create up to 8 different groups of CDs to quickly jump to certain styles of music or a favorite collection of songs. A hit list memory feature allows you to return to your 32 most frequently played songs instantly. You can browse through all of your CDs by name, so you'll never lose track of what CDs are in the player or what order they are in. You can also custom-label CDs stored in the CDPCX355 for quicker retrieval. The CDPCX355 includes a jog dial control that gives you quick access to individual CDs or tracks. With the jog dial, you can listen to snippets of music or skip tracks you don't like quickly. +PLUS+ - AA BATTERIES - CLEANING CLOTH


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