Sony CDP-CE345 5-CD Changer

General Information

Make your CD listening a little easier, and make it last a little longer This 5-CD Changer is loaded with convenience features. All of them are combined to make it easier to load/listen to the CDs you want.Disc Rotary CD Changer design accepts up to 5 CD's in the convenient changer mechanism. Optical digital output offers pure, digital-to-digital connection to an MD Recorder or DAT Recorder. Insulator Feet protect the CD Player from shelf-borne vibration. Insulator feet reduce the harmful effects of resonance on analog circuitry and the laser servo. Off-center screw holes help to diffuse modes of vibration. Digital Servo Control maintains stable tracking, laser focus, and disc rotation - all with higher precision and lower radiated noise than non-servo units. Hybrid Pulse D/A Converter places the converter and the digital filter on the same integrated circuit, reducing signal leads and minimizing interference and distortion, resulting in better sound.


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