Sennheiser MX 580 Stereo Headphones with Intergrated Volume Control

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This new collection of affordable a dn stylish headphones provides a wide variety to consumers, particularly young sound lovers. There are six models each for men and women.

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Pros: "Open-headphone" Soundstage, Midrange is smooth/clear and detailed, Solid build quality, treble is well extended
Cons: Bass can't catch up with very fast bass lines (exclusive only in metal) but otherwise...awesome
Wow! These sound like open headphones!
These are my first audiophile quality earbuds; I've heard about Sennheiser making "high-end" earbuds for quite a while now along with Yuin, Blox, etc. But I never really thought spending over $20 on earbuds was justifiable. But I recently came across a deal on head-fi and got these for $14! They're like over $200 on amazon right now since they are to my knowledge discontinued by Sennheiser. After listening to them for about 8 seconds (Eva Cassidy- People get ready) I immediately was in awe of how full these teeny-tiny earbuds sounded! Eva's voice sounded crystal clear and fluid. The bass is not dominant at all, the midrange is spectacular, the highs are crisp! These made me a believer in high-end earbuds LOL.
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Pros: Great natural sound. Very neutral
Cons: Inline volume control! This is large, and the volume might differ between channels if it is not set at maximum.
This is a great value for the price. Of course I do prefer the highs and midrange detail  on the Sony E-888 and the E-888 is much more efficient, however the E888 seems to be at least $75 now if you can find it.The E-888 has a biocellulose diaphragm which helps make the sound be more detailed, and more dynamic.
Nice review.
Thanks. I wish Sennheiser would put the volume control on a headphone extension cable(with a right angle plug) and include it with their earphones and headphones, so use of the volume control would be optional. It would also give people the option of having longer cable length. Otherwise it would be preferable to eliminate the volume control rather than putting it on the earphone cord.


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