Sennheiser MX 560 Earbuds with Cable Winder (Black)

General Information

The Sennheiser MX 560 earbuds are powerful, bass driven earphones featuring Sennheiser's innovative "Basswind" system for the best sound on the go. They are ideal for use with all MP3, CD, DVD players and portable gaming systems as well as feature a convenient cable winder and a carrying pouch for maximum convenience while using and storing the earphones.

Latest reviews

Pros: Surprisingly durable, simple classy design, inexpensive, better than your average iBud.
Cons: Not particularly amazing SQ, bass is hardly noticable, foamies fall off easily, accessories not entirely practical.
I bought these a few years ago and I must say that I'm impressed how long they have lasted considering the price and how many cheap earbuds I've short-circuited over the years. I like the simple black/silver streak design and whatever they used to keep the cables connected in the enclosures is amazing as I literally run into work, shove my earbuds into my pocket without any care and get on with my day-- I usually have to untangle them after work, but still, they've withstood at least two years of horrible abuse and that is pretty much what I wanted; a durable listenable earbud. 
It may have lived up to its job, but has a few annoying features. The first are the foamies; I put them on snugly, they fall off... I put them on again, they fall off and I lose them somewhere. The same thing happens to the second stock pair, so I steal some foamies from the cheapo buds that came with my cellphone... Of course, I didn't have much luck there either. Sound is much clearer without the foamies and mid-range details shoot up, but bass takes an even greater hit and things can get quite bright sounding depending on the song or player.
The accessories included are a little impractical for the busy person as fitting the earbud's driver fronts into a little rubbery slab, coiling the cable around it and then putting them into a little pleathery/plastic pouch isn't some thing I want to spend the time doing before running onto the work floor.
If you want some cheap durable little bastards that just won't quit, with sound better than your run-of-the-mill iBud, then you could do worse than the MX560s.


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