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True Wireless IEMs with active NoiseGard, Apt-X Low Latency and Bluetooth 5.0, 4.5 hours of continuous use which can be extended to 12 hours with the charging-case.

Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless

  • 646FF358-D7F0-45CD-B83F-898FFCE2F660.jpeg

    Uncompromised sound performance, state-of-the-art technology and refined design all come together in Sennheiser’s True Wireless premium earbuds.

    The first model in a new generation of the iconic MOMENTUM family redefines the audio benchmark for true wireless ear buds with superior stereo sound performance that is guaranteed by Sennheiser’s audiophile 7mm dynamic drivers. With the latest Bluetooth technology, AAC codec support, and Qualcomm® aptXTM compatibility, this exceptional hi-fi sound is delivered without any compromise. “The MOMENTUM range has always stood for a fusion of excellent sound, progressive technology and craftsmanship. We are pleased to now introduce the newest member of the family, which brings the essence of MOMENTUM to a truly wireless form for the first time”, said Frank Foppe, Product Manager at Sennheiser.

    Sense your world

    Thanks to its Transparent Hearing feature, MOMENTUM True Wireless gives listeners the option of blending ambient sounds into their listening experience for improved situational awareness, or to participate in conversations without removing the ear buds.

    A smart, connected wireless experience

    MOMENTUM True Wireless offers effortless interaction with one’s digital eco system by enabling direct voice access to smart assistants such as Apple Siri or Google Assistant. Be entertained, communicate, and stay informed - all via a simple tap of the intuitive touch interface and natural voice commands. Noisier environments present little challenge thanks to the two-mic-beamforming technology, which optimizes voice pick-up for crystal clear phone calls and voice assistant interaction. The MOMENTUM True Wireless experience can also be personalized via the free Sennheiser Smart Control app, allowing fine-tuning of the sound according to personal preference via the ear buds’ built-in EQ. The app will be released once the product is available.

    Sennheiser’s new MOMENTUM True Wireless earphones set new standards for audio quality, with characteristic MOMENTUM style and comfort.​
    The MOMENTUM True Wireless allows users to be entertained, communicate, and stay informed - all via a simple tap of the intuitive touch interface and natural voice commands.​

    Enjoy true wireless freedom in style

    MOMENTUM True Wireless has a 4-hour battery life that can be recharged via its compact case with integrated power bank for more than 12 hours of all-day enjoyment. Designed for a perfect fit and all-day comfort, the splash- and sweat-resistant earphones have been meticulously crafted to offer a sense of timeless elegance and durability. On opening the fabric-wrapped case, one discovers finely sculpted ear buds that have been beautifully finished with metallic details on the outer face as well as gold-plated charging pins and magnets.


    Technical Data

    •Speaker typeDynamic
    •Sensitivity107 dB SPL (1 kHz / 1 mW)
    •THD, total harmonic distortion<0,08% (1kHz / 94dB)
    •Frequency range5 Hz to 21 kHz (earbuds)
    100 Hz to 10 kHz (microphone)
    •Microphone sensitivity94 dB SPL at 1 kHz
    •Battery SpecificationBuilt-in Lithium rechargeable battery
    °Charging timeApprox. 1.5 hrs
    °Battery runtime[/b]Up to 4 hrs (A2DP) with rechargeable batteries of the earbuds,
    Up to 12 hrs with rechargeable battery of the charging case
    •Power supply5 V, 650 mA: USB charging via USB-C socket at charging case
    •Bluetooth VersionBluetooth 5 compliant, class 1
    °Supported ProfilesA2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP
    °Type of CodecSBC, aptX™, aptX™ Low Latency, AAC
    •Ear couplingEar Canal
    •Dimensions78.6 x 45 x 35 mm (charging case)
    •Weight69.8 g (earbuds and charging case),
    13.2 g (both earbuds),
    56.6 g (charging case)
    •Operating temperature0 to +40°C
    •Operating relative humidity10 to 80%, non condensing
    •Water Protection CodeIPX4, splash resistant (earbuds)

Recent Reviews

  1. dweaver
    True Wireless, all class
    Written by dweaver
    Published Dec 16, 2018
    Pros - excellent audio quality that will satisfy all but the most demanding audiophile
    Cons - battery life is OK but could be longer, controls take practice to use
    Please see updated information at the end of review regarding charging and connecting issues.
    Prologue: (skip down to the review proper if you don't want to read my wandering thoughts :wink: )

    Over the past few years the lure of Wireless connectivity has grown as phone makers start to drop the classic earphone jack and ear/headphone makers improved Bluetooth audio going from being OK to very good to great in regards to audio quality. Today you can buy LDAC or APTx-HD fullsize headphones or devices like the Radsone ES100 that allow you use any wired headphone or earphone with almost flawless fidelity, sometime even trumping the built in headphone jack of many phones.

    Coming in to this fray is True Wireless IEM's. The draw being ZERO cables of any kind without needing to use a headphone. The catch being how do you make them sound good and offer good enough battery life, and have good enough connectivity.

    I almost pulled the trigger on the Sony WF1000X but held off because I had multiple disconnects in the store while demoing them. They sounded good but the disconnects were just unacceptable for a $300CAD+ device. Later on Sony released the WF700N and the disconnect issues seemed to be addressed. So after reading some favorable reviews I bought some on sale for $180CAD. For the most part I enjoyed the IEM except it had a very short battery life of about 2.5hrs. Frustrating because they would die in the middle of e session far to often sucking all enjoyment from them.

    So when some of the other big players started to offer true wireless options I started to keep my eyes open. Several seemed promising such as Master and Dynamic MW07 or the B&O E8, or the upcoming Audio Technica offerings. But they all had drawbacks. The MW07 seemed to suffer from battery issues, the E8 from lag and connectivity issues, AT offerings had big delays and when they did arrive seemed to lack bass.

    So when Sennheiser entered the fray with the Momentum True Wireless I was intrigued. The offering of APTx or AAC seemed to be as good as it was going to get for True Wireless and a few APTx only devices I had tried recently gave me hope that when paired with a good driver and proper tuning, these 2 codecs would be good enough.

    So after wavering on the fence for a few weeks and waiting for them to be available in Canada, I finally decided to take the $400CAD plunge and try a pair direct from Sennheiser. With a 30 day satisfaction guarantee I figured what the heck! Then waiting 3 weeks for them to REALLY have them in stock I darn near cancelled my order several times...

    When Sennheiser finally had stock my earphones arrived the very same day I received an email from Sennheiser so kudo for fast shipping!

    Now I want to be clear. I was feeling like I over spent this year as I bought 2 other head/earphones while I was waiting for these to come in. So I was half convinced I was just not going to like the MTW enough to want to keep them. More to the POINT I REALLY WANTED to NOT LIKE THEM so I could send them back..

    Packaging and accessories: 4/5
    This packaging for the Momentum True Wireless is concise and professional bordering on sparse. Gone are the days when Sennheiser felt the need to over engineer their packaging to justify the product. Inside the box I found a nice fabric covered case and the IEM's in a separate foam housing. Underneath all the foam was a neat little box containing the extra tips, USB cable, and manuals. The included tips were 4 sets ranging from extra small to large. I switched to the large tips to get a proper seal. The USB cable is short and tips just enough to get started. A starter set of foam tips would have been nice but since they are always disposable the included are acceptable. I find the cloth covered charge case quite nice with a posh feel to it. The IEM's mount easily inside the case for hassle free charging.
    20181216_144558.jpg 20181216_145549.jpg

    Bass: 4/5
    Just before getting the MTW I had just bought a pair of AKG N200 and KEF Space One Wired ANC headphones. Both offering a balanced to bright signature. So upon initial listen of the MTW I was overwhelmed with it's BIG BASS. Fortunately the bass actually settled down after a couple hours of use. But the MTW is not a neutral IEM by any stretch. The bass is nice though offering a full sound that compliments most music, without overwhelming the midrange or treble. It lacks a bit of detail and texture compared to a great wired headphone but seems very much in line with all but the absolute best Bluetooth headphones.

    Midrange: 4.5/5
    The midrange is slightly on the warm side but manages to have more detail than the Sony WF700N equaling the AKG N200 for detail while offering a more natural sound to my ears than the N200. The midrange conveys just enough detail and emotion to capture singers like Patricia Barber's slight sibilance on their S enunciation and the rasp of singers like Bruce Springsteen.

    Treble: 4.5/5
    The treble region offers plenty of detail without crossing line into being strident, being a smidge to safe. After using the Space One and N200 I started to appreciate having that slight extra treble presence so did notice it missing on the MTW. On the flip side I have had zero ear fatigue with the MTW which I had using both KEF and AKG offerings. So if you suffer from treble ear fatigue the MTW will suite you better.

    Soundstage / 3D Presentation: 4/5
    As a lover of a big three dimensional sound stage I always hope to get some of this quality even from IEM's. In this regard to MTW is actually pretty solid, offering a higher than average sense of width, depth, and height. In comparison the N200 sounds much more 2 dimensional. But I do not think it rivals old classic products that offer the best 3D experience. But considering this is a wireless device that has to make compromises to achieve it's goal the MTW is still impressive in this regard.

    Bluetooth Connectivity: 4.5/5
    Lets face it, if you keep losing signal your music is going to sound awful no matter how good the driver is in your head/earphone... In this area the MTW is rock solid in my opinion and experience. I have tested walking away from my phone and was able to go to another room in my house where I normally start to lose signal. The MTW did start to lose signal but it was much more tolerable than several other BT products I own and was just about as reliable as my best BT devices. It bested the AKG N200, Radsone ES100, and NAD HP70 for example and was only beat by the Sony MDR1000XM3. When out and about I had two split second dropouts at one train stop that normally causes BT issues often to the point of 5-10 dropouts with some products.

    Isolation: 4/5
    Isolation is very good on the MTW rivaling the WF700N which actually has ANC and besting the AKG N200 by quite a bit. These are not super isolators like most bean shaped headphones from Shure/Westone/Fender and others, but they do offer decent isolation. To the point that Sennheiser offers a transparency mode to allow you to hear the outside world when needed.

    IEM functionality and software: 4.5/5
    One of the challenges of BT products this size and shape is how to make them functional. In this regard Sennheiser has chosen to use a touch pad on each earbud. This touchpad does not have swiping and instead relies on quick touches, double taps, long pause touches, and the like to manage things. It actually uses BOTH buds in this process. a slow touch on the left ear turns the volume down for example or a slow touch on the right ear to turn up the volume. This means you need to READ the manual and practice to get good at using the buds. I personally find they work pretty well and fully anticipate I will be able to master using them.

    The software these use is equally excellent. Allowing for customization of the EQ which is the saved on the IEM and then will follow to other devices without the software. YES, the IEM remembers your EQ! The EQ is more organic in nature versus technical but I found it intuitive and easy to use and appreciated NOT being overwhelmed by to many options.

    Battery Life: 3.5/5
    Battery life is the biggest Achilles heel of the true wireless IEM market. In this regard the MTW also suffers like it's competitors. But it at least achieves what it advertises as I was able to comfortably get 4hrs of use on every charge so far listening at around 50% volume. The WF700N on the other hand has never achieved it's 3hr battery life claim and my N200 has failed to reach it's 8 hour battery life claim (wired IEM's generally get double the battery life of true wireless models). So because some TW models have achieved around a 5 to 5.5hr battery life I will give these an appropriate middle range score in this area.

    Final Thoughts:
    So in the end I could not dislike this IEM enough to send it back! They just offer to much musical goodness along with technical proficiency. Are they perfect? No, nobody has managed that yet... But they are good enough to justify their price in my opinion and when (not if) they go on sale they will be well worth their price for most people who want to truly cut ALL OF THE CABLES!

    It appears I may been to eager to post my review. Since then I have had 2 separate instances where the case was drained even though it was just plugged in a showing green, both instances the IEMs were also drained. I have also had a couple instances where I have needed to reset the IEM to get it to turn on and connect to my phone. Looking in the forum others have had similar issues. I have knocked a full point off my review score and may adjust lower depending on Sennheisers response to the issue. Stayed tuned...

    OK, the more I think about the 2 instances I had major issues with the MTW and case seeming to be dead. Both times I used the MTW in bed and then put in the case in the middle of the night and both times the case was unceremoniously lowered/dropped onto the floor with no attention to position or being bumped. Last night I just took an extra couple seconds to place it properly on the floor and no issues today at all. I also make sure it is place right side up in my pocket as well.

    I have adjusted the score back up to a 4. If after a few days the problem never reappears I will decide of I will increase the score back to 4.5.

    To recap, the case appears to be susceptible to being bumped or getting placed in a position other than flat and lid facing upwards or the IEMs can cause the case to drain and they get mixed up as well.

    20181216_144631.jpg 20181216_144654.jpg
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    2. dweaver
      I am not sure about the battery issue mentioned but it wouldn't surprise me if that's the case. I really like the MTW sound but do hope Sennheiser releases a firmware update to address some of the technical issues.
      dweaver, Dec 29, 2018
    3. pablohoney
      Which has better sound quality, these or B&O E8?
      pablohoney, Jan 1, 2019
    4. dweaver
      Sorry I have not heard the E8 so cant answer that question.
      dweaver, Jan 1, 2019


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