Sennheiser HD 600

  1. bedlam inside
    Great sound, subpar build and wearing comfort
    Written by bedlam inside
    Published Mar 17, 2013
    Pros - Great sound quality, shades of the HD800 at a quarter of the price
    Cons - Poor ergonomics and distinctly below par build quality spoil an otherwise good Headphone
    The HD-600s are very good sounding Headphones with average build and to me below average ergonomics. With the HD-800, Sennheiser have shown they know better. Being open back you are not isolated from noise around you and equally you leak a lot of your own music into the environment, which can cause trouble. While sonically well above average, the lacklustre build and ergonomics of the HD-600 let them down big time. Or maybe the shape of my head is not Teutonic enough? At the price they command I’d expect better, maybe more in line with the Audio Technica ATH-W1000. 
    Sonically they offer enough of the HD-800’s magic to make them worthwhile trying on, to see if they fit your head better than mine. To me they are a Curates Egg, their excellent sound balanced by poor ergonomics and build, at too high a price, to others they may very well be THE headphone to take home.

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    1. Sweden
      The thing with the HD600/650 is that they need a little time to loosen its grip, and if you have an above average sized head you need to stretch them out carefully in the beginning if you want' them to be more comfortable.
      Sweden, Mar 17, 2013
    2. NA Blur
      First off the build quality on the HD600 is superb. The detachable cord is Kevlar reinforced, the headband padded, and the plastic blended with carbon fiber. Sure they are not indestructible, but they are built very well.
      NA Blur, Aug 26, 2013
  2. glassmonkey
    Sennheiser HD600: Great all rounder headphones. Top deal in HeadFi. Scale well, especially with balanced cable. Could use more bass quantity.
    Written by glassmonkey
    Published Oct 25, 2015
    Pros - Neutral sound signature, all parts user replaceable, scale very well, balanced cable makes them thrive
    Cons - Limited bass that doesn't extend terribly low, require keeping earpads firm
    I bought these headphones because I thought that closed cans were getting a bit fatiguing (pressure on the ear-drum from closed environment), because I wanted a can that could adapt to a balanced cable well, and because I wanted a neutral sound signature. I got all of those things.
    These are great all around performers and one of the best bargains that you can get in Head-Fi if you are willing to buy them used. I live in the UK and searched around for these in the UK and Germany used (always good to look at prices in several countries). I ended up picking these up for £135 off of a seller in Germany. I saw others go for more, and later others go for less, but I still feel they are one the most spectacular non-free bargains I have gotten in Head-Fi.
    The pair that I got has older drivers in it, and newer ones are reported to sound better--they have different materials in their voice-coils. Mine had worn down pads that made the bass sound muffled and limpid. It was like someone had strangled a snake and bathed it in chip oil. It was terrible sounding bass. Luckily, that was easy to fix, as soon as I got my replacement ear-pads they sounded like a completely different headphone. The veil was lifted, the bass was released from it's greasy dungeon, and the headphone became much more enjoyable. It still lacks on the bass, though.
    I listen to all kinds of music, from Miles Davis to Megadeth with stop-overs in weird Indie land, twee town, and the punk pits. These play what I like very well. I compared these to the stock HD800, and found that I thought the HD800 bass sounded loose and unsatisfying. The HD800 does space and bright lights well, like the Hubble telescope pointed to far away galaxies, but it's bass image was like if you turned that Hubble telescope at earth and didn't adjust the focus enough. I don't feel that way with the HD600, yay for my wallet!
    In the not too distant past, I finally got to try these beauties with a balanced cable, thanks, @pedalhead. I hooked up some Cable Pro Panorama balanced cables, plugged them into the balanced headphone out on a LH Labs Pulse Infinity + LPS stack and pressed play. The sound stage expanded dramatically, note impact and fullness shot up, and I found these inexpensive used purported to be mid-fi headphones performing on par with MrSpeakers Ether playing out of a single ended amp. I didn't do a direct head-to-head with both having balanced cables, and both playing out of the same amp (the MrSpeakers Ether was playing out of a special Cary Xciter Moon Audio upgraded valve amp), but damn those HD600s scale beautifully. At the Cambridge Head-Fi meet in April I had a similarly surprising experience with the Icon Audio HP8 MkII valve amp (there is one in a used shop down the street from me, very tempted). The soundstage exploded at me like a pile of black cat fireworks on the 4th of July with insufficient length faulty fuses. Luckily, no one was injured.
    I think everyone should own the HD600. If nothing else, it is a way to keep more expensive headphones honest. I know that I won't be buying a MrSpeakers Ether after hearing the HD600 with a middle of the road balanced cable, the MrSpeakers just isn't worth $1200 dollars more to me. I've also had the privilege of hearing this with the iFi iCan, and can say that the bass boost on the iCan made it sound like the headphone I've been wanting. The iCan and Micro iDSD are stellar choices, by the way, and drive the HD600 beautifully. One big advantage of the HD600 is it's neutral signature. If I listen with these, I know that any colour I'm hearing is from the source or the amp, so they are very good headphones for critical listening.
    There is one caveat I should apply: my HD600s have been modded. I removed the neutral acoustic foam and replaced it with what is referred to as tights in Britain (panty hose in the USA). This mod opened up the soundstage a little and made the HD600 a little brighter and crisper. Not everyone prefers it this way, and when listening to my suddenly bright Feliks Audio Elise tube amp (it's the C3G tubes) it can be a little fatiguing. The HD600s have a similar signature either way, so I'd advise people to try both ways. You can put the foam back in and tights cost next to nothing. I'm curious to try with a bit thicker acoustically neutral material to tame some of the overbright pairings. Speaking of pairings, for 300 ohm headphones, these are actually pretty easy to drive. They are listenable out of my Dell Vostro's headphone jack, and my DX50 sounds good with them. More power is better, especially for bass performance, but is not required for an enjoyable listen.
    If you don't have these headphones. You should remedy that, unless you are a basshead. End of review.
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    1. pedalhead
      Excellent, succinct review mate.  I agree with everything you say about the HD600. #1 audiophile headphone bargain on the market today. 
      pedalhead, Oct 26, 2015
  3. JustinBieber
    Does everything well!
    Written by JustinBieber
    Published Jun 16, 2013
    Pros - Good mid-bass, relaxing sound, removable cables, comfortable.
    Cons - Lacks sub-bass impact, lacks excitement to some.
    Here's my thoughts on the HD 600. During the review, I'll be throwing in the similarly priced HE-400 and the lower end HD 598 for comparison. Be warned, these are not direct comparisons. I have sold my HE-400 and HD 598, but still remember how they sounded on certain songs and if I don't feel comfortable about any statements towards them I simply won't post them.  
    Build Quality/Design/Comfort (3.75/5): These are really comfortable, they have a bit of clamping force but you will easily get used to them. They weighed a lot less then I expected and the pads are made up of very soft material. I would say the HD 598 is more comfortable because it has less clamping force and softer pads, but the HD 600 is still excellent in this category. The cables are removable but they aren't as thick and don't feel as sturdy as the HD 598's cable. These are plastic with some metal in them, the plastic doesn't feel very cheap, but to me they don't look or feel like a $400 headphone in your hands.
    Lows (4/5): The bass has good power at the mid-bass area, but under 40hz is lacking a bit in impact. The bass is not the fastest, I noticed the HE-400 had quicker bass when I listened to upbeat Techno, like the song "E" by Drunkenmunky. I would say the HD 600's bass is adequate, it never wowed me with power and speed, but it didn't sound anemic or very slow either. It did well with Trap, rap, and dubstep showing good extension and moderate power but it doesn't exaggerate the bass which makes those genres enjoyable to some. Comparing the HE-400 I actually think the HD 600 has more perceivable bass in most songs, because of it's stronger mid-bass which you hear more in music, but at the same time the HE-400 will seem to have more bass if you play a song that relies heavily on sub-bass. Comparing the HD 598, I simply felt the HD 600 had just a touch more quantity wise.
    Mids (5/5): The mid-range is less forward than the HD 598 making the 600 a bit easier to listen to without fatigue. The mid-range is smooth, vocals almost never seemed to be harsh or sound fake in any way. The HD 600's mid-range felt a bit more full than the HE-400, mainly in the upper mids. I felt the HE-400 was a bit recessed in that area, even with new velour pads.
    Highs (4/5): The treble in this headphone lacks some detail and excitement. The treble is not veiled, but I couldn't say it is bright. The HD 600 has close to neutral treble that makes it very easy to listen to. Cymbals still have some sparkle and energy but it isn't overdone in any way, sibilance rarely occurs on well recorded tracks and when it comes it isn't heavily exaggerated. If you like a relaxed signature, this will probably be a 5/5 for you. If you want a more dynamic sound with excitement, you should probably look elsewhere. I think the treble was less bright and fatiguing versus the HD 598 and HE-400.
    Soundstage (3.75/5): The soundstage has a good size to it but it doesn't always give you that out of your head sound with some headphones. This is kind of a good thing, because the intimacy the HD 600 gives you can be more exciting. Sometimes when I listened to my previously owned HD 598 and the Q701 I auditioned these headphones seemed to make some songs sound too far away, which made me lose excitment. The HD 598 has a larger sound-stage, not only in width but also in height. I listened to "Kitchen Sink , Boxcutters remix" by Amon Tobin and I could tell the song sounded smaller on the HD 600 than the 598.I can not comment on the HE-400 because I don't feel comfortable with my memory regarding soundstage on them.
    Amping & Synergy: The HD 600 is a bit harder to drive than your average headphone but it scales incredibly well. It sounded good out of my phone, even better out of my Vintage Fisher 400 & JA-S55 stereo, and excellent out of my mediocre headphone amp (RA53b). Comparing the sound from out of my cellphone to the 30+ year old receivers or my headphone amp wasn't a night and day difference, but I noticed the treble was more relaxed and less sharp, plus the bass had increased power.
    Final thoughts: The HD 600 is a great headphone that can handle almost all genres. It has a smooth and relaxing signature that I personally love. You will need to look elsewhere if you want a fun and more dynamic experience, but if you're looking for a easy to listen to headphone that won't make you too bored the HD 600 should be near the top of your list.
  4. CATaft
    Balanced, accurate listen to music all day headphones
    Written by CATaft
    Published Apr 6, 2011
    Pros - Strong natural Mid bass, Loads of mid range texture and graceful balance tone balance. Very natural sounding
    Cons - bass can be a little muddy, thick and slow.
    First off let me say this is my first foray into "audiophile" headphones. I have tried a few of the in the ear style buds over the years (apples and Sony's) but I find them unpleasant to wear for more than a few minutes, along with the sound lacking. So I few years ago before an overseas flight I picked a pair of Sony MDR-V150 on a whim. They worked great and I thought I be happy. But then I started to see all these cool little headphone amp and such. So I started just innocently enough reading sites such as these just a few short months ago. Well on thing led to another and well I now am the proud owner of a pair of the Sennheiser HD600's, along with an amp/DAC combo.


    When I received my brown box in the mail I could not wait to get it home and open it. I carefully open the shipping box and inside was a beautiful black corrugated box with gold shaded picture of the ocean with words "Sennheiser HD 600 for digital Natural Sound" I open up then corrugated box and slide out what feels to be a fabric type coated dark charcoal box. It's completely plain other than the small company logo and name in the company’s trademark blue. The whole packaging is high class, clean, and simple. To my surprise the box has metal hinges on the back edge and opens up much like a fine watch/jewelry box. As the aroma of pent up closed cell foam and plastics hits my nostrils I am fully intoxicated with my purchase. Quickly I grab the phones from the box and hold them up to admire them. Everyone is right the marbling looks a thousand times better than the photos show. The next though these are much lighter than I thought they would be. I quickly dash to my Pioneer VSX92-THX AV receiver and fire it up. I attaché my iPhone bypassing it's DAC in favor of the Pioneers. Quickly I launch Bob Dylan's "Visions of Johanna" (*all tracks are Loss-less encoded) the sound that flows from the headphones instantly sound like an old friend. The separation of his voice, guitar, and harmonica floor me. The sound-stage is unlike any headphone I have every listen to. It's very close to my home speaker setup.


     I turn the volume nob up bit to see what the headphones and my receiver can do. My impression is that the pioneer has a very decent headphone stage. It can easily push the cans well in to the deep pain range with utmost clarity. I don’t see me needing an amp for the front room, which saves some cash for more music. I reach for my Sony’s to compare the two but realize that the included adapter plug  with the HD600 will not accommodate the Sony plug. No biggie I pick up my new toy and head to my office. This is where I will be using them most of the time anyway. I have an old Mini JVC bookshelf system that I use as my near field stereo setup with my computer and it has the appropriate size connection to test both. To my surprise the JVC push both head phones very well. And also to my surprise both headphones have a similar sound at mild volumes. But when pushed the Sony’s quickly start to sound smeared and strained. Not so with the Sennheiser. They sound so incredible that you can easily slip in to the danger zone as to the volume level.


    At this point I start to listen to some of my favorite tracks to better take in the sound of my new phones.

    I fire up another Bob Dylan song “Most Likely you go your way (and I’ll go mine)” The detail of each instrument is very impressive and they are spread very nicely apart without feeling like they all come from the same space. Next was Clark Terry’s “Chat Qui Peche (A Cat that Fishes)” the horns sound so natural and I can hear each strand plucked on the upright bass. Each band member sound like they are in the appropriate spot. “Six Blade Knife” by Dire Straits has a very strong bass line that runs from the start to the end of the song. For a set of headphones that are said to be a bit soft on the bottom end they hit it with authority and without strain. The ability to hear every little sting touch on the lead guitar brought new elements to life. Song after song the amount of texture these headphones present is unreal. Everything is presented just as it was recorded. Every little breath the singer makes, every finger drag over an amplified string instrument, and every hacked mastering jobs.


    These headphones are great and are everything I hoped they would be. Balanced and uncolored with exceptional midrange control. Can’t see me needing another set for a long time. Well maybe….  

  5. Seph Haley
    Neutral Without Being Boring
    Written by Seph Haley
    Published Dec 8, 2017
    Pros - Midrange is tonally accurate
    Treble is detailed
    Mostly non-fatiguing sound
    Very good build quality
    Cons - Sub-bass is weak
    Preface: Hi there! I am a young audio enthusiast who has retained all my hearing (up to about 19khz) thus far. Unfortunately I do suffer from mild tinnitus, meaning I have slight high frequencies ringing in my ears. I don't listen to music loud generally, because I don't want to damage my ears, and I can get fatigued fairly easily. I am pretty sensitive to sibilance. I am a musician, I have played French Horn for about 7 years now, and have dealt with classical/ish instruments and music since. I am also, somewhat new to the high-end audio world (been about a two and a half years) and do not have first-hand experience with end game equipment (yet). So, you can take all my words with a grain of salt. Now, for the review!

    Sources: Extreme quality Spotify -> Dragonfly Black V1.2 -> HD600

    Foobar2000 with FLAC and AAC files -> Dragonfly Black V1.2 -> HD600

    Extreme quality Spotify -> Dragonfly Black V1.2 -> Little Dot 1+ -> HD600

    Foobar2000 with FLAC and AAC files -> Dragonfly Black V1.2 -> Little Dot 1+ -> HD600

    Panasonic DVD-RV32 with CDs -> Little Dot 1+ -> HD600

    Packaging and accessories: The packaging is pretty barebones for the headphones, especially for the price. The box it comes in is a made of a textured cardboard with a shiny black Sennheiser label on the front. it has metal hinges to open the lid (which I find kind of cool) and upon opening shows the glorious headphones sitting in a form fitted foam to hold the headphones snugly in place. just beneath the headphones is a foam block that is covering a hole where the cable, and its 3.5mm to 6.3mm adapter (which fits very flush to the cable end) resides. there is only one other object in the box, a manual. That's it. I guess I understand the lack of accessories, there's really not much you could include. They get straight to the point, the headphones.

    Build Quality: The build of the HD600 is very good. It has a hard plastic surrounding around the ear cups, and the same hard plastic for the headband, with memory foam bumps on the part that touches your head, and metal hinges to adjust the height. The grills are metal, and the earpads are memory foam with velour covering them. When bought new, I hear that the clamp force is very strong, and the pads are stiff. Fortunate for me, I bought mine used, and the previous owner had already stretched the metal hinges so that they are very comfortable and practically float on my head. Overall very good.

    Sound: The HD600 is an exceptional headphone. It is a classic in the community, and that was one of the reasons I bought it. I've had it for several months now, and it is still amazing.

    Bass: Lets start with the bad: the bass. I wouldn't say its necessarily bad, but if there were one thing I would improve upon for the HD600's, it would be the bass. It is very lean, due to the nature of dynamic headphones. The headphones experience a pretty severe sub-bass roll-off around 70hz going down all the way to 10hz. The bass is slightly textured, but lacks quantity. The detail of the bass is pretty good, though it can suffer from one-note-itis sometimes. Overall its alright, at least to me, but I have yet to hear how it compares to other high-end headphone's bass. If you like rap music, or electronic, you may want a different pair of headphones.

    Midrange: This is where the HD600 shines. The midrange of the HD600 is very natural and organic. Vocals and acoustic instruments come across with crystal clear clarity, and they appear so lifelike. Candido's Arcason is perfectly replicated, the brassy sound of the trombone and trumpet, the laid-back vocals of the song, the striking of guitar strings, the precise hits of the bongo played in the left channel, to the point where I can pinpoint the areas on the drum head the player is hitting. In Arnesen: MAGNIFICAT 4. Et misericordia, the lead female vocal is just dreamy, so liquidy smooth, and clear, with the strings accompanying her, it feels like I'm sitting in a concert hall listening to a live performance. Overall my favorite part of the headphone, and has made me a complete sucker for a good midrange.

    Treble: A lot of people talk about the "Sennheiser veil" and honestly, I'm not quite sure what that means or entails. I find the detail of the of the treble to be very good, if not even a little harsh (for my ears) with some recordings. In Ying Quartet's performance of Adante Espressivo - Allegro, the strings, particularly the violins are brilliant in presentation, revealing the forwardness that is part of the instruments nature. Overall very detailed, and enjoyable with well mastered recordings.

    Microdetail: You can hear microdetails well. very slight echoes in music can be heard if you concentrate, or maybe even a page flip on an orchestral piece, or the breathing of a flute player. Overall pretty good.

    Overall detail: These headphones are very detailed, especially in the midrange and treble regions. Bass detail is polite, but there. Just very good in general, there's a reason you can find these in recording studios all around the world.

    Soundstage and imaging: The soundstage is decent on these headphones. It has a pretty good left, middle, right representation of music. Any sort of panning effects are accurately represented. It isn't very wide, or tall in presentation, mainly keeping intimate feel to them, which works well for them in my opinion. Imaging goes hand in hand with soundstage, but does so very well in the small space its offered. I can pretty easily pick out where an instrument or sound effect is coming from, whether that be to my front right, or directly behind me.

    Source pairing: I thought this was important enough to warrant its own section. Using the headphones straight out of an iPhone 7 (only did this once), I got it to listenable levels, but it sounded a little harsh and lacking detail. With the Dragonfly Black out of my PC, it has more detail and more than enough power, but I still found it a bit harsh. I found my optimal usage out of my Little Dot 1+, a hybrid tube amp that can power these cans on low gain with extreme ease. I never turn the volume nob past 26 (out of 100), for fear of damaging my ears. I must say though, the Little Dot takes the little bit of edge I experience with Solid-State sources, and adds a hint of warmth to the lower midrange and bass, that I think the 600's really benefit from.

    Conclusion: I LOVE these headphones. Despite the problems with the bass, the midrange and treble make up for it, and more. I bought them at $210 USD, and would do so again in a heartbeat. These are/will be my reference against any other open-backed headphones I review or audition. Overall I would give them 8.5/10.

    Thanks for reading!

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  6. snapacap
    Elegant, Composed, Neutral, Covergirl....... I mean Natural!
    Written by snapacap
    Published Jan 18, 2017
    Pros - Legendary sound, shows off the gear, all na-tu-ral.
    Cons - shows its age a tad, kinda clampy.
    This is by far the closest I have come to writing a 5 star review. Of course to get that, I would have to find the holy grail of headphones for me.
    I had tried the HD558, HD598, HD650, and HD700 and figured I would simply fill in my knowledge gap. I had no intention of keeping the HD600 for any length of time. I found a new pair new for $200, thought it was worth the experience. Obviously, I got more than a fleeting memory.
    These headphones sound like a dance in the ballroom. Calm, composed, simply natural. No hidden tricks, but all the skill is present. They are like a golfer who hits the ball 150 yards perfectly straight every stroke. Undeniably others have noted how neutral these headphones sound. Yes, they are correct. A little bass/sub-bass-light, but not many open back dynamics aren't. In fact, the more power you feed to the HD600, the more bass is spit back out. As some of you know, I don't really care what a graph tells me about headphones as cool as graphs are. What matters to me is how they sound, and what wonderful thing they can do to make my music more enjoyable, real, or revealing.
    Thanks to our lovely community here, I bought a Project Polaris Amplifier from Garage1217 simply to bring more life to my new friend.

    Yes, this made a difference. I plugged it all in real quick, and proceeded to be disappointed until I had the brains to move the gain setting up, and boy that made all the difference! There is now more bass, more extension, and overall more life. The Polaris also showed me something wonderful about the HD600. For the first time I found myself using a headphone to figure out what my gear was doing, rather than narrowing down variables with many other headphones. That is the definition of reference. I spent many hours with many headphones determining the exact sound of a FiiO e10, when it took 10 minutes and some HD600s to find out the same things I had spent so much time gathering.
     In case you were wondering about the Polaris: there is a slight tubey hollowness, though not much, excellent extension, and enough low end power to fill out the sound. (The thing needs its own review).
    I'm gonna sneek in the ugly real quick.
    The clamp is real. The cord is typical Sennheiser (FIX YOUR CABLES), but I don't hate it as much as any other cord they make. At least it ends in a 3.5 default...Not to mention the 1/4 inch adapter is fabulous as well. There isn't really a veil (at least if powered correctly), but there could be more detail.
    I came from daily using HD700s. I love them by the way. Now they are in rotation with my HD600s, mostly because the HD600s clamp becomes a bit uncomfortable after a while, or my ears get a tad hot. I can honestly say that there is very little I can find wrong with these headphones.
    Would I mix with them? Yes.
    Would I test the mix equipment with them? Yes.
    The balance and tone are fantastic. Every other headphone I have tried is immediately Bright/Dark Warm/Cold. The HD600s took me by surprise with being none of these things. The only distinguishing factor seems to be the slight lack of lower bass, and the slight hike toward the treble. The best part is pretty much nothing is offensive about the sound. I can relax while listening to them. It is not so much a relaxing sound, but it allows me to be relaxed. Priceless.
    As for my per review music recommendation; this is most difficult because everything sound wonderful on these. Nothing was hugely exciting, but everything was as it should be.
    I had songs that I really didn't listen to anymore become part of the regular loop again simply because the HD600 did them the right amount of justice.
    Song Recommendation: The Veldt (Original Mix) - Deadmau5
    If any of you have some nice recommendations, please share. Questions are cool too.
    Future comparisons go here: I have found that this is pretty much just describing the sound characteristics of everything except the HD600
    HD600 vs HD700:
    The HD700 has some warmth, more detail in many frequencies, way more soundstage, and sounds quite smooth due to the warmth. The problem lies in the treble spike which the HD600 simply doesn't have. The HD700 can be a little harsh at times from that spike. The HD600 clamps much more too. They are like cousins. They clearly are from the same family, but have enough difference to not be brothers. I think I like them both equally.The HD700 adds that magic spark to many songs, while the HD600 has a magic neutrality which works with EVERYTHING.
    HD600 vs SHP9500:
    The SHP9500 has far less clamp, much more shallow pads, and of course the wonderful advantage of having a single 3.5mm port for the wire. The sound is a bit grittier on the SHP9500. The SHP9500 sounds a leaner than the HD600 though they are very similar sound signature-wise. The soundstage is a bit better on the SHP as well. The SHP9500 is a wonderful deal for the price point. I also think the HD600 is a worthy upgrade, especially if you just want fuller, more cohesive sound. Simply put, the HD600 basically replaced my SHP9500 for daily use.
    HD600 vs HD558:
    Seems unfair right? Well, the Project polaris amp added much clarity to my HD558s, so now they are not far off of a very bassy HD650. Obviously still more veiled, a bit of a treble hike at like 10k? Much boost in the mid-bass. There is more extension in the HD600. The pads are thicker on my HD600, but wither pair can have the pads replaced with HM5 pads using adapters from ModHouseAudio.
    They both share that Sennheiser smoothness.
    HD600 vs Superlux 668b
    Well, now you know my next review. The Superlux is much less forgiving and harsh, more treble, and gives excellent detail. The Superlux strikes me as a bit V shaped with emphasis on the treble comparatively. Definitely leaner than the HD600. some frequencies are a bit under-represented on the Superlux. The bass is a bit lean too, but it gives pretty good extension, and great soundstage. The real difference for me is that it sounds like you are monitoring a recording on the Superlux, While listening to music on the Senneheiser. Of course the 668b has far less "veil" and more excitement similar to the HD700, but not nearly as full as the HD700. I think these are wonderful as well.
    HD600 vs HD650
    With fairness that the HD650 did not get the Polaris amp treatment: While the HD600 is pure neutrality, the HD650 tries to become a bit more fun by adding mid-bass. The treble becomes slightly accentuated as well. the result is that the roll off in lower bass is more noticable, but the overall sound is smoother. The vocals are not quite as clear with the 650, but gains enough warmth to make up for it. I think it is just as capable as the 600 in detail retrieval. I recommend the 650 if you herd the 600 and wanted a little soundstage and smooth warmth instead of only raw neutrality.
    Conclusion: If you have not tried HD600s on a good amp; make it a must for your audiophile knowledge. I now understand the well deserved status these carry after all this time. I not only put these on my list of approved headphones, they go right on top, right where they belong, on their throne.
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    2. alphaman
      Use my 600/650 with Meier Corda Mk2 (purch'd 2004, and extensively modded later) or a Tangent PPA v2 (diy amp). Also tried with HeadRoom Max. All these amps are solid-state jobs. Waiting to build a tube amp as I've heard the Senn 600/650 REALLY come alive with valve sound :wink:
      alphaman, Jan 21, 2017
    3. judomaniak
      have had my sen 600 for about 8 years and last week tried them thru the bryston headphone amp. WOW. so fast and snappy. The right amp will show you what these awesome headphones are all about
      judomaniak, Jan 22, 2017
    4. gc335
      @KwyjiboVenneri mentioned how well these pair with the WA6..  I totally agree.  I've had this headphone for a while and this is my favorite pairing.  Highly recommended. 
      gc335, Jan 25, 2017
  7. sikki-six
    King of neutrality, still!
    Written by sikki-six
    Published Feb 19, 2016
    Pros - Wonderful mids, easy listen for long periods, great for audio work, nice comfort, cheap in Europe.
    Cons - Sub bass, proprietary connections, plasticky design, highs vs. good planars
    This is a classic for a good reason, it just does so much right. It basically excels at nothing (but the mids), but it's just so easy to believe in the way it represents music. It's my go-to headphone for checking out mixes and music production in general. 
    Here's my video-review of the HD600:
    They sit tightly on one's head, but the clamp is pretty much spot on - a bit tight at first, but it gets very good. These fit my big head easily. The oval-shaped earpads are some of the comfiest (Beyers are maybe even better). They are very light and seem to take lots of beating too. For the price they are kind of plasticky, but all of the components can be replaced in needed. I once misplaced the input on the right side - I thought these 'phones were done for... Well, all I needed to do (after watching a tutorial) was take the HD600 apart (without any tools, mind you!) and move the socket back into place. This took me under 2 minutes.
    I've had the HD650 cable from the start, that's what my used pair came with. Buying an expensive replacement cable would be the last thing I'd do to make them sound better. If you want different looks or length, go for it - but it's not going to affect the sound quality substantially. If the cable works, it works!
    Let's get into sound quality! I listen to lots of rock, metal, pop, hip-hop and some jazz...
    Very well proportioned, it's one of the few that get the amount right. It's not bass-deficient like AKG K701 or too fat like Philips Fidelio X2, it's somewhere in betweenFor me, it's the right amount of lows to make good judgments when mixing. It's also very pleasing when listening, as long as you're not coming straight from some bassy 'phones. It doesn't screw up the mids or seem lacking either. Bass is where my (150 euro) HD595 faltered, they were kind of all over the place in it.... BTW, I trust the HD600 much more when mixing bass frequencies than my Adam A7 active monitors (with a sub) because of the bad acoustics in my apartment. All in all, these type of neutral headphones are great for mixing the lows especially, much recommended!
    The sub-region is not at all at the level of my Audeze LCD-2 (rev.1), but this is very similar to most speakers without external sub-woofers. Just to mention, the sub-bass region isn't even that important in most mixes, it's very often cut out almost completely. The "meat" of any mix is above say 60hz anyway. There's no problem with the HD600 there. (When there is much information in the subs I grab my LCD-2's...)
    Man, these do great here. Guitars, vocals, bowed instruments, you name it. HD600 rule the roost (HD650 too). Listening to Back In Black by AC/DC those rhythm guitars just sound so in-your-face, neutral and correct.... Very few headphones get to these levels of mids quality. My LCD's get there pretty much, but maybe not quite as realistic levels - the differences are not that big. This is where HD600 can compete with those 1K-headphones very well.
    Those nice guitars by AC/DC are doing their their beautiful crunch in the highs too, and yes, they most certainly are. There is a boost in the 3K region, that might be the reason HD600 sounds kind of "dry", not dressing up any ugly things happening with the most important things in a mix (vocals, guitars, snare, kick etc.). The sound stage is very much controlled, not very big like K701. But, my Audezes sound audibly more clear in the highs - it seems as if there is more headroom and less distortion. They're at least more pleasant up there. That's for sure.
    VERSUS HD650?
    I used to have both of the HD6xx-models. But, once I got my LCD-2's, the HD650 became kind of redundant - they didn't match the fun factor of that Audeze low-end or have the same level of resolution in the highs. HD600 is dryer and more "boring" in some ways than the 650, but that's the exact reason I kept them. They are just great at telling what's going on in a mix. HD650 were pretty close, but slightly too nice and fat in the low-end... Bad mixes just didn't sound bad enough! If I could only have one pair of open headphones at home, HD650 just might be my choice. But, HD600 are more neutral and LCD-2 more fun.
    I used to use these straight out of my Apogee Duet's headphone output. Recently I bought a Schiit Lyr 2 that makes the low-end slightly more balanced. But, the differences aren't huge (say it like Trump!). The Schiit brings a slight more subs into the mix and flattens the "hump" in the lows/low-mids. I bet I'd be quite happy with the Duet still though, if I didn't have my Lyr.
    Thanks for reading! This headphone gets my recommendation easily, after +30 pairs of different models owned. As the prices for top models go up, these stand firm. Released in 1997, almost 20 years ago... They are still one of the best! Check out a pair if you haven't yet.
    BTW, I'm not affiliated with anyone, I'm doing these reviews for my own (and your) enjoyment.
    Cheers folks! [​IMG] 
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    2. Bob A (SD)
      Spot on and well written!   I've been an advocate since December 1993 when I acquired a pair of HD580s.  They lasted 22 years and had HD600 grills and HD650 cables affixed.  I now have a brand new pair of HD600s and yes, their sound matches my memory of the "tweaked" 580s.  I could have popped for other cans but the Senns have served me so well for so long for all the reasons sikki-six mentions, why change? 
      Bob A (SD), Feb 19, 2016
    3. fiascogarcia
      Nice review.  Having both the 600s and the LCD2s, IMO you've hit the nail on the head with your assessments.
      fiascogarcia, Feb 20, 2016
    4. Sonic Defender
      Just acquired the HD 600 and once my La Figaro 339 OTL amp arrives in about 3 days I will have what is supposed to be a magical combination. I also have the LCD 2F so I will be able to do a similar comparison. The iDSD Micro is actually a nice combination with the HD 600 (although I suspect any amp that has enough juice will make the 600 sound good). Thanks for the review.
      Sonic Defender, Aug 2, 2016
  8. Delayeed
    The Amazingly Natural HD 600
    Written by Delayeed
    Published Apr 3, 2015
    Pros - Price, Comfort, Neutral, Accurate, Depth, Realistic.
    Cons - Lack of bass extension, Narrow stereoimage, Weak headband, Wear tight at first
    DAC: CA Dac Magic Plus.
    Player: Foobar2000.
    Source: PC lossless files through USB to DAC.

    I've had these headphones since Christmas now and coming from HD 598's the improvement was noticeable (less grain,more bass impact, NEUTRAL and more realistic) but the treble sounded hot, and the stereo-image too narrow... 

    After listening for them and comparing them for few days, my brain started to adjust to the sound of the headphones and it started to sound AMAZING.
    The headphones stereo-image started to widen a bit (or a placebo).

    Anyway, now 4 months after owning them I have been really happy with them and I just did the foam mod (I replaced the inside foam with stocking and stretched it over the driver)
    and OH MY GOD. It's pretty much a whole different headphone. The whole sound of them just opened up and the stereo-imaging is now clearer and sharper than ever.
    Listening to Tipper's Forward Escape album, I could hear every little sound moving around in space super clearly.
    Only negative is the lack of bass impact, but I guess I can't have it all. :D
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    2. Delayeed
      If you look inside the earcup, you can see the foam so what you do is you pull out the earcup things carefully.
      Once their off theres just the thin sheet of foam covering the driver and just take that **** off and put the earcups back.
      Totally reversible but doing that loses bass impact but the mids and higs just glow its night and day for me atleast.
      I think for anyone thinking of doing the mod should replace the foam with some really thin material like stockings and cut it and strech it over,
      so it protects the driver from all the gunk thats going to build up over time. I cant go back.
      Delayeed, Apr 5, 2015
    3. rymd
      thanks, i'll look into it.                              
      rymd, Apr 5, 2015
    4. Delayeed
      no problem
      Delayeed, Apr 5, 2015
  9. Mshenay
    Pure Euphoria
    Written by Mshenay
    Published Nov 9, 2014
    Pros - Euphoric Sound, organic, laid back, easy listening, airy, good detail
    Cons - lacks aggression, rolled off sub bass,
    Check out my Video Review for the Sennheiser HD 600! ​

    Well guys I want to say I finally did it! I broke down, and purchased a Sennheiser HD 600. After hearing about it for YEARS I just had to hear it for my self, and I'm rather glad I did! ​

    Though it should be noted, my HD 600ish is technically... an HD 580 headband, HD 650 Grills and Cable with HD 600 drivers within. So in a sense, it's bit of a FrankenPhone. But it's got the  HD 600 internals so a HD 600 it shall be!​

    The build quality on the unit is very nice! It has a good in the hand feel to it. Granted it's mostly plastic, but it still has a nice sense of weight and sturdiness to it. ​


    To start with the Headband it self is composed of an inner metal band and outer plastic components. The Ear Cups are adjusted with a nice click as you move them down the notched head band. Again everything has a very nice feel to it, nothing's flimsy or weak.​


    Again these are the HD 650 Grills... but they look nice. Again  nothing flimsy on this headphone. ​


    The Cable is also from the HD 650, and I'm happy with it! It's a rather long cable and I've rolled over it a few times by accident now, I even stepped on it once. Non the less, like the rest of the headphone it has a good feel to it. Just an over all well built quality through an through! ​


    FooBar 2000 -> Kernel Streaming -> Audio GD NFB10ES2 Dac Line Out -> Schiit Vali​

    So I'm running these through my Vali and I won't be doing any comparisons in this review! For the test tracks I used  this album.​

    Late Night Tales : Air​

    The albums is a lovely mix of Classic Rock and Classical Music, with a little techno added in there! I think it makes an excellent demo Album for any headphone or system!​

    The HD 600 has one of the most Euphoric sounds I've heard! It's has a great sense of organic warmth and is very laid back. ​

    Now many people claim this is a "veiled" headphone, which I disagree with. The unique color of the headphone is very different! Many of my headphones have a peak around 8-9k, well the HD 600 has a DIP there and a peak around 3-4k. Thus, upon listening to it sounds very different! Though, after about 10mins I found my self noticing a great deal of detail and air within the warm intimate sound of the HD 600.​

    In short, the HD 600 is a wonderfully organic, airy and detailed headphone. It is certainly intimate and warm, but is by no means fuzzy or veiled. ​

    You do need an amp for it and I highly recommend the Schiit Vali!​

    1. GoldenGuy66
      Great headphone!
      But the sub bass is a little weird.....
      During some songs it sounds rolled off, but on others it sounds like it's lacking some sub bass. Sounds almost perfect during relaxing sessions like jazz, downstep
      GoldenGuy66, Nov 19, 2014
  10. GoldenGuy66
    Changed My Mind, Absolutlely Perfect
    Written by GoldenGuy66
    Published Nov 3, 2014
    Pros - Mids, Detail, Imaging, Soundtage, Balance/Accuracy
    Cons - Clamping force, I have seen some say that the headband broke, Sub Bass
    (Excuse me if bad grammar )
    Sennhieser hd 600 review (So Far, No AMP.) *keep in mind I have never been a person who likes loud music, so the HD600s have enough volume directly plugged in for my ears. Not everyone is the same and it does not mean you are death. Im just accustomed to listening at this level because I believe you get more fidelity from doing so.
    Highs- Not as prominent as I want them to be. Very peaceful on your ears though, absolutely no fatigue and very natural. It seems the 558s color this area to a much greater extent than the 600
    Mids- The most beautiful I have heard. Even directly plugged in to my macbook pro the mids are very detailed and natural, sometimes even sounding realistic  slightlyoverall  better than my SR 325is.
    Bass/Lows- VERY good bass (atleast to me) lacking a bit of sub-bass but the mello highs help establish a good amount of body.This means, It never really seems like it lacks body although it’s sub bass is not as prominent.
    Detail- On par with the m50, less fatigue. Absolutely brilliant [​IMG]
    Imaging/soundstage- So far the imaging increases as the quality of the file does. This is a forgiving headphone but it does benefit from higher quality recordings. Good separation and soundstage, although a bit bigger would be nice. In the long run, the amp might give me what i’m looking for here :).
    Compared to HD 558 (Modded foam pads) directly plugged in (NO AMP YET PEOPLE)
    HD600>HD 558 Detail
    HD600<HD558 Highs (The 558s are more aggressive especially during guitar riffs, and I like it better so far)
    HD600=HD558 Imaging
    HD600>558 BASS
    HD600>558 Overall presentation, NO amp or DLC
    But remember, this is directly plugged into the 3.5mm jack. Subject to change when my DAC/AMP arrives sometimes next week.

    I received my shiit valid/modi amp.
    Overall I am very satisfied with the result. The soundstage seems to have increased and I can now hear “layers” of instruments. I did not think this level of fidelity would be possible with a sub-200 dollar amp/dac combo and the HD 600.
    Everything seems to be perfect. And I actually don’t believe it!
    Highs- It seems like the dac/amp combo is slightly brighter than neutral and a tad more aggressive. To me, the combination with the HD 600, being more laid back,  made it absolutely perfect!
    Mids- These beasts were already good without an amp. Now I am hearing the same amount of refinement and balance but with even more detail. It’s safe to say this headphone now  has more detail than my ATH m50s. Definitely getting to a point where they sound realistic.
    Bass- Absolutely one of my favorite parts of this combination. The bass has been increased but has also gotten tighter than when directly plugged into the Macbook Pro. This is more noticeable with high quality recordings. There is enough “Thump” for most music, but I still feel it’s not proper for EXTREMELY (Slightly annoying and restarted) dubstep.
    Imaging/SS- Is this a dream? I am hearing layers of instruments  and the wind around them. No i’m serious. Do i really need to upgrade further?
    In direct comparison with an amplifier there is absolutely no competition with it’s little brother the HD558. I am so satisfied with this purchase I don’t think I will be upgrading in the near future. 5/5
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    2. excalibur26
      Thanks for the review, very nicely done.
      excalibur26, Nov 5, 2014
    3. beepover
      You need a good amp. Get the STX...Its great. It will really make these shine.
      beepover, Jan 9, 2015
    4. shawtuw
      I have found that an amp makes a very noticeable difference in the quality of sound these headphones produce, even if you don't intend to listen to them at high volumes. The drivers literally don't seem to be as responsive without an amp, so I'm glad you ended up getting one! 
      shawtuw, May 2, 2015