Sennheiser CX 300 II-Black

General Information

The Sennheiser CX300II Precision in-ear earphones extend upon the strong legacy of the highly succesful original CX300 models by improving fit ergonomics and delivering slightly clearer overallnbspsound performance. Comfortable, non-invasive ear canal CX300II seat affords mild isolation and an easy wearing experience even for in-earnbspnewcomers. Theyrenbspideal earphonesnbspfor remaining aware of your surroundings while listeningnbsp-- provided youre not turned upnbsptoo loud!

Latest reviews

Karan Sharma

New Head-Fier
Pros: Good balanced bass and sound
Cons: lacks details in sound very much
After getting mx 170 of sennheiser whose sound details were amazing . I was much expecting from these earphones . The so called cx 300 ii was not even close in detaling of sounds like mx 170 . And all my sennheiser earphones had issues after 8 to 10 months . So better get them in warranty of 2 years . Overall its a very good company . I am getting new earphones this week . Can anyone suggest to get cx 180 or mx 170 . I need detailing in sound .


New Head-Fier
Pros: Powerful bass, strong treble, nice mids clarity
Sennheiser sound signature at its best.
Sorry just laughing because, even though I've had about 15 headphones, these are my only made by Sennheiser. And if this is best Sennheiser has to offer, im not keen at all to hear HD800. :)


100+ Head-Fier
Pros: Cheap and Great sound quality
Cons: Lacks bass, One side is longer than the other and it just annoys me..
    I am not the best at reviewing.. but here I go.  I bought these headphones just to use on the go and was very impressed by the price performance. I own the flagship Sony H3, and they very similar in the SQ department. It is not bass heavy at all. Any iem with good bass would essentially be an improvement on these. It is not a headphone that with wow factor. It is just great for casual usage. 
Design:  It is designed to have the right wire wrap around the back of your neck to help fight microphonics. However, it bugs me a lot. If you don't put it behind your neck, it hangs on the left ear and swings back and forth as you walk. It is a little silly in my opinion. It does stay in as it swings though. I use it for working out. It isn't the best headphone for staying in your ear as you run. I have to wrap it around my ear in order to keep it in as I jog. It gets moist easily and starts too fall out.  
Otherwise, it is a great little headphone for on the go usage. Good enough sound quality, and if it breaks, it only cost you 36 bucks to replace. Quite a good deal in my opinion. If you don't feel like putting on full sized headphones, these have good enough quality for any casual usage. It can be a tad boring if you are expecting it to be like a full sized headphone. It is definitely better than your cheap in ear headphones that come with your phone though!


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