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Sennheiser CX 215 Earphones - Bronze

  • Get into iconic Sennheiser sound with style! The CX 215 offers a new twist on in ear headphones; a contoured finger-grip lets you dial in a perfect fit with precision. The results speak for themselves. Lip-smacking bass, tight, detailed mids and soaring treble response... all with a fit that blocks out the chaos of the outside world.

Recent Reviews

  1. kalpman
    Great sound for low cost earbuds
    Written by kalpman
    Published Mar 9, 2015
    Pros - Light, Powerful sound, nice cable parts,
    Cons - cable seems fragile, structure could be better
    they have amazing audio range, for their price, mids could be fuller, apart from this you won't seem to get enough of them!
  2. JoeDoe
    Very Capable Budget/Gym-worthy IEM
    Written by JoeDoe
    Published Dec 27, 2013
    Pros - Value, SQ
    Cons - Color, cable
    The CX 215 is a budget IEM from Senn that sounds surprisingly decent. 
    I bought mine secondhand so I won't be commenting on accessories or packaging. I can however tell you that these guys hold their own in a budget IEM market where the Brainwavz Delta and JVC FX40 receive most of the hype.
    Build/Form Factor
    They're about the same size as the FX40. Plastic housing with good strain reliefs and yes, like the manufacturer says, the indentions on the housing do make it a little easier to twist into getting a good seal. The cable is nothing to write home about. It's a thin rubber that terminates to a nice right-angle plug. The cable does feel flimsy and is pretty microphonic. Luckily, they do lend themselves to being worn cable-up so running with them is no longer a bother.
    The CXs ironically enough, sound like a junior version of the SE215. Overall signature is a touch warm, with a tiny mid-bass boost and slightly recessed upper mids. 
    - Bass is full and sometimes a little rounded. It reaches deep enough for the 320MP3 my Clip+ is playing. Doesn't drown out the mids and certainly isn't a basshead IEM. 
    - Mids are a touch recessed, although not enough to be considered V-shaped. They're still quite clear and present.
    - Treble is a little rolled off, but not to where I'm wanting more. Let's just say that I dont' think I'll ever experience sibilance-induced fatigue from these guys.
    Both are above average. I think it's better than both the Delta and FX40. I can hear everything clearly and effortlessly. 
    So all in all, it's like I mentioned previously. If Senn were to make a budget version of the SE215 then... oh wait... they have. It's called the CX215.
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    1. LambFollower
      Hmm, if the mids are recessed, isn't... That is, the SE215s, actually, I think the entire line of Shure's SEs have rather forward mids. Right?
      LambFollower, Dec 27, 2013
    2. IEMagnet01
      Good budget IEM indeed. Had trouble parting with them. They are exactly as JoeDoe describes. 
      IEMagnet01, Dec 28, 2013


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