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"The new Rinko tuning emphasizes a strong, tight low-end while also giving a generous boost to vocals via a modified mid-range response. This IEM is Aiming to sound like a much higher-end then its price tag and I think Rinko will no doubt compete and overtake most other IEMs in the range."


>1 Dynamic Driver+1 Planar Drivers.
> 2. Customized Silicone/ Foam eartips (S M L / 3 Pairs) for Rinko according to Zeos's suggestion to bring Rinko to the best-sounding performance.
>3. Cable 4-Strand gray twisted silver-plated 6N oxygen-free copper wire 12 wires per strand.
>4. Rinko Touch Keycaps set by will come next to match with our Beautiful Rinko IEMs. Stay tuned with us for more details.

The precise, meticulous, crisp, and accurate frequency division scheme maintains SeeAudio's clean and high-level connection. RINKO has a smooth and extremely strong high-frequency extension performance while maintaining the traditional dynamic dominant sound domain response benefited by the application of a 6mm micro flat panel unit.

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Headphoneus Supremus
New tech planar DD sound
Pros: Price , sound level , build
Cons: None
Seeaudio is a company which is kinda new but not unknown, they got a lot of fan with there tuning and value . All the iems are all beautiful and they are always improving on each release for every iem in each different price bracket. They also using waifu theme like moondrop which I don't care for but a lot of people do like that theme apparently 😂.I'm old school so I care about technology and sound. My first iem I tried was the yume midnight Collab by see audio and crin and it's a great iem , my second time I got interested in seeaudio release was another Collab this time called rinko which is from zeos which I've been watching on YouTube for a few years now. He's a funny guy and I've bought some of his recommendations. The rinko is using new driver technology of planar and DD which is also being used in high end brand qdc iem called folk s , the price difference is big don't know about sound comparison though as I only have the rinko but am excited to try qdc in future as I've never heard them . People were also doubting that rinko was using planar because of how cheap it was but we got a few people who did teardown and explanation for the driver and how qdc is also using exact driver configuration too. The packaging is nice and small but heavy. Has waifu on front and iem is unique same with excellent build and cable is light and excellent quality, doesnt tangle easily. They are also using unique new foam gel tips which is comfortable and great isolation and sound too.

Sound :
The bass on the rinko isn't the biggest baddest bass but can definitely almost hit basshead level depending on recording without being veiled , it's can also sound light and airy and textured depending on track as well. Bass doesn't spill into midrange and stays where it needs to be because DD is being used for bass only . I wouldn't mind more subbass because I love bass .

Mids are the star of the show because of planar tech and it's definitely has naturalness and openess of headphones not iem . It's very 3d and deep as well . It's also very holographic and doesn't have distortion . The vocals have breath too for both male and female and instrument have note weight and tone which you can identify. I can only imagine how awesome this driver combo will be in qdc but at same time I'm loving the tuning of rinko as much as my other expensive iems. These can hang with the big boys.

The treble is oh so natural and analogue, it has clarity and openess too with no harshness or artificialness . It's planar treble which is always excellent and they haven't been bad as far as I've heard . I've heard a lot now and it's pretty close to piezo . I don't think anything need to be changed for treble with this tuning of the rinko. It's super natural and can be fun too .

The soundstage is out of the head with imaging that can be big or close depending on the song and the depth width height are all excellent and inner micro detail is clear as a bell and macro details are excellent as well ..

At $100 the rinko is an easy recommendation from me seeing it is using driver which is also used in expensive qdc and sound tuning is the one I love as well. It's so easy to get lost in the music that it's hard to concentrate and write or do anything else. Just listen and enjoy and get lost peeps 😁.
I've added pictures of the teardown as well.

I have bought mine from hifigo.

HiFiGo SeeAudio x Z Reviews Rinko 1 Dynamic Driver+1 Planar Drivers in-Ear Monitors, Hybrid Drivers HiFi IEMs in-Ear Earphones Equipped with Customized Silicone/Foam Ear Tips (Rinko)


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New Head-Fier
Harsh loud city ? plug them in & let the mellow bass flow into brain with relax tuning.
Pros: ~ Light weight IEM shell.
~ Not so power hungry.
~ Tanglefree Cable.
~ Fun thunderous bass ( not very typical V shape)
~ Sound is lively and fun due to great bass .
~ Sound Presentation Immersive.
~ Average imaging.
~ Scales up with sources.
~ It gives overall fatigue free listening experience.
~ Excellent compatibility with J-POP, EDM, HipHop, and R&B.
Cons: ~The acoustics may sound out of place because of the excessive sibilance dip at 6 kHz.
~Tame down treble.
~Average technicalities.
~The soundstage is narrow.
★Packaging & content ★

~IEM (3D Printed Shell very lightweight).
~3*render eartips.(blend of silicone and memory foam with foam filled in between the silicone tube and silicone outer layer)
~1*oxygen free silver-plated OFC strands , 0.78mm connectors.
~1*hard case.



~Impedance: 30Ω.
~Sensiytivity: 112dB±1dB
~Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-20kHz.
~FR QA/QC: ±1dB >THD+N: ≤2%.
~Denoise: 26dB
~Driver Configuration: 1DD+1PR.
~Termination: 3.5mm or 4.4mm.
~Connector Interface: 2-pin 0.78mm.
~Cable: 6N oxygen-free copper wire 12 cable


~Dongle-xduoo link 2 bal
~PC- ifi zen dac + ifi zen can




The tuning of the bass is definitely one of the dynamic driver kind of sort of bass performance.
It is very commanding, punchy with very solid rumble .
This Rinko will therefore appear particularly suitable for electronic music, rock music, or any other type of vibrant contemporary music.
Even though the Midbass has a lot of presence, rumbles, punch, and everything in between it doesn't dominate any other frequency, especially the subbass or lower midrange.
What I'm trying to say is that it doesn't add any bloat or woolliness to the sound.
I can still clearly hear the subbass region dispersing or transitioning into the decay stage with a very smooth transition as it goes deeper and deeper.
As a result, I would say that the extension for Rinko on bass is definitely quite amazing.

[Mid Range]:

The midrange produces better sound than the treble.
Indeed, even the bass can't overwhelm the presence of the upper mid reach because of how lively and effective it sounds in the general blend.
Regardless of having this much energy, the vocals aren't so expressive as I had trusted given how forward they are.
On the other hand, the instruments can sometimes overwhelm the vocals, preventing them from moving forward.
In terms of presentation, the instruments sound disorganized and the vocals, particularly those of the female singers, lack clarity.
There is no metallic timbre to be heard because the sound itself caves before creating openness or a rich region.
A very thick and primitive sound is produced by the mumbled vocals and muffled instrument sounds.
The midrange as a whole has a sound that is very thick, bouncey, and vague.


The High pitch reaction is well smooth, it's definite, it's rounded.
It is treble not like Planar, thus a micro planar expression actually makes sense .
The vocals struggle to keep up while maintaining their distinctive characteristics. The energy feels out of place, and the lower treble also sounds strange.
The instruments sound relaxed and detailed without sounding metallic, while the vocals have a front and expressive response in the mix.
Overall, the treble region's presentation is enjoyable & playful.

★Technical Performance★
soundstage isn't that wide but not bad either but for my preference it is a bit narrow .
you will get a feeling of holographic presentation .
with binaural kind of tracks, or even gaming, I was able to hear, cleany the placement of instruments or sound sources, regardless from top, bottom, left, right, anywhere, you name it .
I play FPS game csgo most of the time so enemy position where they are coming from i can have a decent visualization of it .
Imaging is good for its price .

★Tips rolling ★
if you want to minimize bass use any silicone tips ,it will reduce bass thus might be into your likings territory .


Bass: 4.5/5
Mids: 3.8/5
Treble: 3.6/5
Imaging/Separation: 3.7/5
Staging: 3.8/5
Dynamics/Speed: 3.7/5



Rinko is a fun & bassy IEM with great upper mid energy .
I have to admit that these IEMs are different from what I usually hear, (cause i'm quiet liking neutral tuning ) & their response is different from what I've heard before.
sometimes you need something different in your collection so it is worthy to give it a shot .
In a busycity you might need to relax, cause surrounding you everything seems very loud just plug them into your ears and let the bass mellow your brain .


Headphoneus Supremus
If it's waifus you're after...
Pros: Energetic bass
Fun sound signature
Quality included eartips
Excellent build quality
Cons: Recessed midrange
Imprecise imaging
Limited eartip selection


When I unboxed Rinko, my first thought was how much it resembled the Truthear HEXA. The aluminium faceplates and translucent 3D-printed resin shells share a similar matte black finish and feel.

The slim shells are not only aesthetically pleasing but also exceptionally comfortable. However, they offer little passive noise isolation. Rinko features standard 0.78mm 2-pin sockets, aluminium nozzles, and a single vent on the rear side.

Included with Rinko is a twisted oxygen-free copper cable. The straight plug and Y-splitter boast a polished aluminium design, while the chin slider and connector housings are made of clear plastic. Although the cable feels somewhat generic, it performs well, despite having a slight memory effect.


In summary, the SeeAudio x Z Reviews Rinko IEM offers a unique sound signature with its emphasized bass and lifted upper midrange. It delivers a bold and intense listening experience. However, the recessed lower mids impact vocal intelligibility. The lower treble region provides clarity, but the subsequent dip limits the presence of harmonics and fine details.

While Rinko performs reasonably well, there are numerous other options available in the market that offer better overall performance. There are more compelling alternatives but the waifus alone might be enough to make you pull the trigger on this one.



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