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Z Review:-

"The new Rinko tuning emphasizes a strong, tight low-end while also giving a generous boost to vocals via a modified mid-range response. This IEM is Aiming to sound like a much higher-end then its price tag and I think Rinko will no doubt compete and overtake most other IEMs in the range."


>1 Dynamic Driver+1 Planar Drivers.
> 2. Customized Silicone/ Foam eartips (S M L / 3 Pairs) for Rinko according to Zeos's suggestion to bring Rinko to the best-sounding performance.
>3. Cable 4-Strand gray twisted silver-plated 6N oxygen-free copper wire 12 wires per strand.
>4. Rinko Touch Keycaps set by will come next to match with our Beautiful Rinko IEMs. Stay tuned with us for more details.

The precise, meticulous, crisp, and accurate frequency division scheme maintains SeeAudio's clean and high-level connection. RINKO has a smooth and extremely strong high-frequency extension performance while maintaining the traditional dynamic dominant sound domain response benefited by the application of a 6mm micro flat panel unit.

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SeeAudio Rinko x Z Reviews at HiFiGo:

Latest reviews


500+ Head-Fier
Pros: △ Lightweight 3D-printed shell chassis for better wearing comfort to most ear sizes.
△ Good quality stock cable.
△ Have an unusual kind of hybrid ear tips as its stock accessories.
△ Hard-bound PU leather IEM storage case.
△ Punchy and incisive bass response.
△ Clean, clear and energetic midrange which is good for certain female vocals types like mezzo-sopranos and sopranos. Countertenors also will fare better on this one.
△ Good on specific instrumental tracking for strings and woodwinds.
△ Decent airy extension.
△ Appropriate resolution capabilities for its price.
△ Two colours option to choose from.
Cons: ▽ Too recessed midrange presentation in my liking.
▽ Definitely not for bass-baritones, sopranos and contraltos as they sound too lean and less dense in vocal weight.
▽ Needs a better source to amplify it properly in my opinion.
▽ Most of its technical capabilities are somewhat less impressive to be noticed.
▽ Noticeable sibilance on sibilant-laden tracks.

Rinko has many meanings in Kanji, "Rin" means respectful, ethical, dignified or beautiful sound and "Ko" means children or young girl.

Looks like we have a new set from SEE AUDIO and this one is quite unusual compared to their previous releases which are either hybrid or all-balanced armature configurations. To be honest, I'm quite a fan of SEE AUDIO as I owned some of their products like Yume Summer Edition, Yume Midnight and Bravery Limited Edition and my first hybrid set with premium Knowles balanced armature was a SEE AUDIO Yume.


This is SEE AUDIO Rinko, this is SEE AUDIO's second collaboration project, this time from different audio reviewer personality, Zeos Pantera of Z Reviews. It happens that I also did a product review with his collaboration from other audio companies, so let's see what was the concoction tuning result between him and SEE AUDIO.


SEE AUDIO Rinko is a hybrid driver IEM but this one has different driver configuration. It has one 10mm dynamic driver and one 7mm "planar" driver which is not a true planar magnetic but rather a newer type of flat panel type of dynamic driver that mimics some of the properties and working principles of a planar magnetic driver.



The drivers were encapsulated in a composite shell structure made of metal alloy on its face plate and a 3D-printed acrylic resin mould in its cavity base part (probably moulded by HEYGEARS). The overall design of its chassis appears to have a smooth finish to give a comfortable wear to the majority of its users. Like all SEE AUDIO products, it uses a proven 2-pin connector as its interlocking mechanism for its detachable system due to its familiarity and easy to set.


In a similar fashion with other SEE AUDIO products, it has a fairly good stock cable that complements the aesthetic design of the Rinko's shell. It had a twisted 4-core, high-purity silver plated OFC cable with 3.5mm SE termination plug.


As for fitting and comfort, it is quite light and it really sits well on my lugholes without any issues so that I can wear them for long listening sessions. Somehow, it is able to block a decent amount of external noises from the outside surroundings to give me a satisfactory passive noise isolation.


SEE AUDIO is one of the few companies that gives a product presentation and Rinko is no exception that it has a substantial amount of inclusions with eye-pleasing layout.


Here are the following contents inside of Rinko's box:

● a pair of Rinko IEMs

● stock cable

● 3 pairs of Render hybrid eartips in different standard sizes.

● a hard-bound faux leather IEM storage box.

● a round metal pin badge with an illustration of White Rinko.

● a portrait frame of Black and White Rinko.

● PVC contact card.

● Instruction manual.

●** Bonus ** an acrylic stand of White Rinko.



Regarding its amplification and power scaling, Rinko can be driven on normal gain mode but you will notice that it is sort of lacking in its dynamics. But putting it on better sources with more power output makes the Rinko a bit different as you will hear a fuller sounding and even more dynamic that makes me wonder why it behaves like a typical true magnetic planar IEM when it comes to required optimum power output.


As for its tonality, SEE AUDIO Rinko is quite different compared to previous models. This time, it has a V-shaped sound signature where bass and treble frequencies are elevated and more emphasis and noticeable recessed midrange.



The first observation on the bass response of Rinko is that it is rather punchy and with authoritative slam as both bass parts are quite capable of delivering on such quantity and quality. Though there are some occasional bass bleeding across the lower midrange frequency.

The sub bass seems to dig deep to produce a good rumble from some tracks with synthesisers, drum machines and low tuned guitar. The mid bass has a rather sufficient texture just to give an ample density of notes on bass guitars, bass kick drums and bass baritone vocals. Bass guitars have resonant yet mellow sounding while bass kick drums have a thudding and eerie sound on every hit. Bass-baritones seem to have a dark and dense tone but I noticed that its a bit hollow with less depth on it.


The midrange presentation is undoubtedly recessed and tad leaner but still delivers a clean and expressive response on female vocals and instruments like strings and woodwinds.

I observe that vocals like baritones, tenors and contraltos have lack of depth, texture and heft and it sounds leaner and lethargic compared to the natural tone of these particular vocal types which should have a dusky, rich and smoky tone. But on countertenors and mezzo-sopranos, I'm actually enjoying and quite mesmerising the vocal clarity of certain artists with the likes of King Diamond (Mercyful Fate), Roland Gift (Fine Young Cannibals), Andreas Scholl, Andrea Corr (The Corrs), Sharon Den Adel (Within Temptation) and Cecilia Bartoli as they have an agile, glowing and fiery tone from them. Sopranos seems to perform pretty well on Rinko as it has an energetic and bright voice to give more expressive and passionate vocals as they sound bell-like and shining. I enjoy listening to soprano singers in both modern contemporary and classical operas like Mariah Carey, Tarja Turunen, Diana Damrau and Olga Pereyatko.

On instruments, strings like acoustic guitars have a bright and crisp sound while violins have bright and metallic sound, and then harps have a blurring and splashing tone from them. As for woodwind instruments, flutes and fifes have a bright and penetrating sound, piccolos have bright and intense, although sometimes they are a bit piercing, clarinets have bright and brilliant sound and saxophones have a reedy and forceful sound from them. Other instruments like snare drum and kettledrums have a bright, sharp and dry sound while brasses like horns and trombones have a sharp, metallic and jarring noise. Piano tones appear to have a brighter tone than being warm sounding.


Overall, Rinko has noticeable boost on upper mids as it gives a crisp and bright vocals and gives an edgier attack on instruments. Although, it is also noted that sibilance is mildly present especially if you play sibilant-laden tracks. Presence range seems to be elevated too as Rinko has good clarity and better rendering on details. There is a decent airy extension with a sufficient amount of harmonics to give an adequate sparkle and shimmer on Rinko as I'm tracking some tracks to test the quality of cymbals.

Cymbals have a shimmering and glistening tone while hi-hats have a sharp, shortened buzzing sound that gives that distinctive chicky sound. Celestas have bright and shimmering tone, and glockenspiels have tad metallic and brilliant sound.


It seems that the overall perceived sound/speaker stage dimension is more average. It has an average width, above average height ceiling and sufficient immersive depth to give me a fairly middling head room within my aural sense.

It presents a typical imaging presentation with a two-dimensional stereo as I was able to locate the positioning of vocals and instruments but not in the most accurate manner. It has decent separation but the layering is rather passable as it was able to stack a two-layered tonal and frequency presentation on which it can playback decently on most cases with the exception of more complex, multi-instrumental tracks.

It looks like there's a good cohesive performance on both drivers as they execute it pretty well. Fast transient speed with good handling on decay on both gives a sense of homogeneity and precision.

As for resolution capabilities, both macro-dynamics and micro-dynamics are quite contrasting as Rinko is able to have ample impact on its note weight although compression of some dynamics is quite noticeable on this one while it has a satisfactory detail retrieval capability for a micro flat panel driver.



● Both are of hybrid driver set-up with the exception that PHOENIXCALL have additional balanced armatures for midrange to some parts of treble region to add more detail. It takes a form factor of a modified UIEM-style shell chassis made of acrylic resin. Both have excellent product presentations but PHOENIXCALL has more ear tips to choose from.

● As for tonality, PHOENIXCALL has also V-shaped sonic profile like Rinko which quite more warmer sounding which is more beneficial to all male vocal types and contraltos. As instruments particularly on strings, they sound less natural are they are way too warm that gives a "buttery" and warmer tones on guitars and violins. On treble response, they are quite similar but on upper-mids to presence range, it is way boosted to the point causes shrill, sibilance and strident sound.

● On technical aspect, PHOENIXCALL performs pretty well, as it has decently spacious sound field presentation and better imaging. The rest of the technical capabilities are alike with Rinko's.


● Another hybrid set from CELEST, it uses a first generation of "square planar driver" which is another pseudo-planar magnetic driver but with lesser degree of having a full range sound as it has limited frequency range that it needs another type of driver which a balanced armature for supporting other frequencies like midrange and treble. It also has a substantial amount of inclusions albeit Rinko has better ear tips, more extra goodies and better storage case but GUMIHO is way more cheaper with more choices of ear tips to choose from.

● As for its tonality, GUMIHO has a mild U shaped sound sig that makes it more neutral and balanced sounding. It has a tighter and hollowed bass response, a more forward midrange presentation but the strings instruments sounds less appealing as they don't have that bright and crisp tone. Treble response seems to have a rather unevenness as it has borderline sibilance then meagre amount of sparkle and air.

● On technical capabilities, GUMIHO has a wider sound/speaker stage proportion but it has a middling performance on driver performance. And also, "BA timbre" is ever more present as it gives off metallic and tinny sound.

Looks like that SEE AUDIO takes more of an experimental route on this one as they try to adapt modern audio solution technologies like flat panel drivers as they try to get out of its bubble. SEE AUDIO Rinko is the result of this product development and they even enlist a well-known audio reviewer on YouTube to help out its tuning.

And it looks like that Rinko somehow achieve those goals despite of its middling tonal performance. And Rinko appears to starting point of the next generation of SEE AUDIO product line up and its "planar" driver has it potential on the next releases.

If you simply want a fun, engaging and vivid sound quality with good resolution capabilities then Rinko suits your preference.

SEE AUDIO Rinko is now available a HIFIGO, check out the unaffiliated link down below.




PLUG TYPE: 3.5mm

Some Tracks Tested: ( * = 16-bit FLAC, ** = 24-bit FLAC, *'* = MQA, '*' = DSD, *'= .WAV)

Alison Krauss -When You Say Nothing At All *
Jade Wiedlin - Blue Kiss**
Led Zeppelin - When The Levee Breaks **
Mountain - Mississippi Queen *
Queen - Killer Queen **
Guns N' Roses - Patience *'*
Eric Clapton - Tears in Heaven '*'
Sergio Mendes- Never Gonna Let You Go '*'
Pearl Jam - Daughter **
Roselia - Hidamari Rhodonite *
Assassin - Fight (To Stop The Tyranny)*
Celtic Frost- Visual Aggression *
New Order - Blue Monday *
The Corrs- What Can I do (unplugged version) *
Jimi Hendrix Experience - Voodoo Child *
The Madness- Buggy Trousers *
Metallica - Motorbreath **
Mariah Carey- Always Be My Baby *
Destiny's Child - Say My Name *
Malice Mizer- Au Revoir *
Mozart - Lacrimosa *
New York Philharmonic Orchestra - Dvorak- Symphony 9 " From the New World." *
Eva Cassidy - Fields of Gold (Sting cover)*
Michael Jackson - Give In To Me *
Exciter - Violence and Force *
Diana Krall - Stop This World **
Debbie Gibson - Foolish Beat *'*
The Sisters of Mercy – Lucretia My Reflection**
Suzanne Vega – Luka **
Lauren Christy – Steep *
Ottoman Mehter - Hucum Marsi *
Diana Damrau - Mozart: Die Zauberflöte*
Type O Negative - Black No.1 *
Felix Ayo - Vivaldi: Presto **
Three Tenors - Nessum Dorma *
Mercyful Fate - Witches' Dance *


I am not affiliated to SEE AUDIO nor receive monetary incentives and financial gains as they provide me a review unit for an exchange of factual and sincere feedback from yours truly.

Once again, I would like to send my gratitude to LVY YAN of HIFIGO TEAM for providing this review unit. I truly appreciate their generosity and trust towards me and other reviewers.

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New Head-Fier
SeeAudio x Z Review Rinko: Not the Typical SeeAudio Signature
Pros: Solid yet lightweight build, great fit
Great accessories (Render tips, decent cable and case, cardboard stand)
Fun bass with decent quality
Very engaging and forward female vocals
Treble is bright and sparkly
Decent treble extension and air
Accurate imaging
Cons: Recessed, scooped midrange
Treble can be slightly sibilant and harsh sometimes
Female vocals can be shouty and veil sometimes
Thin note weight and density at lower midrange
Male vocals sound distant and dry
Narrow soundstage
  • Huge thanks to HiFiGo for providing the opportunity for me to review the Seeaudio Rinko. I really do appreciate it. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own, and are not influenced in any way.


  • $99.99


  • Jcally JM6 Pro
  • Truthear Shio
Ear tips
  • Dunu S&S
  • Comes with a decent amount of accessories
    • IEM.
      • Attached to 1 pair of Render silicone memory foam ear tips (M sized)
    • Hard case.
      • Clamshell type opening mechanism
      • Also comes with a button-up strap in the case itself, to button up to cables
        • The cable must be thin enough to be buttoned up though.
    • 1 Rinko Badge
    • Premium selection of ear tips.
      • 2 pairs of Render silicone memory foam ear tips (S, L)
    • Silver-plated 6N OFC cable
      • Quality is decent, soft but tangles a little bit sometimes.

Build Quality
  • Plasticky, lightweight shell with matte finish but doesn't feel cheap at all.
  • Nozzle width and length is quite average.
  • Fit is really good for me. Managed to fit in pretty deep while feeling very comfortable wearing it.

  • V shaped.

  • Quite balanced between the sub bass and mid bass, both are pretty monstrous in quantity.
  • Impactful, punchy, and comes with decent definition and texture.
  • Speed is decent enough to keep up with most busy tracks, and decay is a little bit on the slower side.
  • However, sub bass extension is quite average, a little less deep and rumbly compared to something like an OH10 but still overall very sufficient.
  • Quantity of bass is huge, may even be sufficient for some bass heads!
  • However, despite its huge quantity, it isn't completely bleeding into the midrange.
  • Midrange is quite recessed, making it quite clean after the initial bleed but also scooped.
  • Male vocals are lacking in body, sounding a bit too distant and thin.
  • Female vocals on the other hand, is very forward and energetic, but is slightly veiled and shouty to my liking.
  • Instruments and timbre is on the cold and thin side. Not the most natural midrange presentation but is decently acceptable for a V shaped signature.
  • Overall note weight and density on the lower midrange are thin but gets fuller and thicker as it gets higher.
  • Treble is bright and sparkly.
  • Initially, I expected the lower treble to be sibilant which extends from the aggressive upper midrange, but the sibilance is much lower than expected. There will still be sibilance but not super offensive.
  • Not the smoothest treble as it comes with some mild peaks throughout the treble.
  • Treble extension is also decent which adds a little airiness to it.
  • Details are alright in the treble, doesn't reveal micro details too much but acceptable.



  • Resolution and detail retrieval are decent. Nothing outstanding but doesn't fall too short either.

  • Soundstage is okay in terms of depth and height but it is rather narrow and intimate in terms of width.

  • Imaging and accuracy is surprisingly spot on, I am able to tell where the instruments and vocals very well.
  • One of the rare case which it has a 3D holographic presentation to me in this price range, which allows me to pinpoint sound with ease.
  • Gaming:
    • Apex Legends: Gunshots and footsteps can actually be heard very clearly in terms of direction and distance.
  • Separation and layering is only average.
  • Instruments and vocals are does not have a very clean separation among each other but they don't sound too congested either.


  • Based on my impression of Seeaudio IEMs in general, their tuning is usually midrange focused. Therefore, I'm really surprised to see such a V-shaped, bassy take from them.
  • Surprisingly, I enjoyed the Rinko quite a bit during my listening sessions, even though I did not have a high expectation from the Rinko.
  • As a conclusion, I think the Seeaudio Rinko is a decent V-shaped IEM, with actually pretty impressive bass and really energetic female vocals for $99.
  • However, if you're looking for a more midrange focused and neutral signature, with the most natural timbre for the price, I suggest looking for something else.

Non Affiliated Link

Thanks for reading!


New Head-Fier
An incredible iem to enjoy the whole day
Pros: Good build quality
Very fun sound (v shape)
Best bass I've ever heard (quantity but especially quality)
Very versatile
Not fatiguing for long listening sessions
The shell is lightweight so no physical fatigue
Relatively easy to drive
Cons: The midrange could be better
Technical capabilities slightly below average
Intimate soundstage
This set was sent to me by HiFiGo in exchange for an honest review, this agreement in no way includes any monetary or material incentive or compesantion before, during and after this review, and in no way influences my opinion, everything I express in this review are my own thoughts after extensive analysis of this set.

I send a big thank you to HiFiGo for trusting me to do this review.


The rinko's come in superior quality packaging, with "waifu" illustrations of both versions that honestly give it a feeling of a higher cost product, the contents of the box are ample:

- A silver-plated 4-core 2 pin standard ofc silver cable
-A hard case inspired by jewelry packaging
-3 pairs of render eartips (silicone eartips filled with memory foam)
-A cardboard stand with the cover illustration
- A pin with the illustration of the waifu "angel".
- Warranty papers and manuals
- Additionally a free acrylic stand as a gift




-Sensiytivity: 112dB±1dB
-Impedance: 30Ω.
-Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-20kHz.
-FR QA/QC: ±1dB
-THD: ≤2%.
--Denoise: 26dB
-Driver: 1DD+1PR.
-Plug type: 3.5mm/4.4mm.
-Interface: 2-pin 0.78mm.
-Cable: 6N oxygen-free copper wire 12 cable


They are very small so I can wear them all day long without feeling any fatigue, regarding the eartips render, they cause me personally an acceptable insertion and block a good amount of external noise.





The main feature of these Rinko's is a well-crafted V-signature with a special emphasis on the bass.


It is fair to say that it is the highlight of this iem, the performance of it is impressive, as there is not only quantity, there is quantity, it is very well defined, very punchy and fast, there is no annoying reverb, and this itself gets better and better as it scales in the audio source.

The sub bass is deep and dynamic, you feel a good amount of reverb without being overwhelming enough to muddy the soundstage.

The midbass on the other hand is represented in a fast and adequate way, the punch is firm and forceful, it offers a lot of information and this itself gives a lot of character to the track, especially in hiphop, electronic music, and rock you appreciate too much that energetic punch that doesn't become bloat.


The vocals have presence and body, although I feel that they are a little behind due to the amount of bass, the female vocals might not be heard clear and rich enough as they should, although to tell the truth this does not ruin the experience, despite not showing the most aerated sound or the most microdetails, I think that in general they have enough body and presence to not be overshadowed by the sub and mid bass.


The high regions are represented with quite a lot of quality and smoothness, it doesn't become piercing or uncomfortable in any way, it controls the sibilance very well, a song I usually use a lot to test sibilance is Gospel by Dr. Dre and Eminem, a song in which some iem saturate a lot the 8k region causing a notorious and marked sibilance especially in the chorus, these rinko handle it very well, the brass instruments don't either and are actually presented with a very adequate timbre, not "metallic" at all.





Perhaps the biggest flaw, it's intimate, doesn't offer a great holographic representation, and the instrumental separation is below what I could expect, despite not congesting itself with complicated tracks, it struggles to resolve them with ease.


After a short time of use, the letters on the faceplate began to disappear with just the touch of my fingers when I removed them from my ears, I would like to point out that they never had contact with any solvent, be it water, alcohol, gasoline, etc.



Here are all the official HiFiGo links where you can buy the RINKOs


Amazon US

Amazon JP

HiFiGo Web



The Rinko's are perhaps the most fun and enjoyable iems I have ever heard, simply amazing the amount of fun they can deliver for this price, the best bass I have ever heard, deep, defined and very clean, to listen to your music and enjoy it all day! without a doubt is a great choice.
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