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MODEL: See Audio Bravery
PLUG TYPE: 3.5mm /2.5mm/4.4mm
DRIVER UNITS: 4 Balanced Armature Drivers ( Knowles and Sonion).

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100+ Head-Fier
Pros: 1) Musical and coherent
2) Good midbass for an all-BA setup
3) Good female vocals
4) Great treble extension
5) Enough timbre
6) Sparkly and energetic upper treble
7) Pitch black background
Cons: 1) Lacks microdetails
2) Staging isn't great
3) Inter notes separation is not great
4) Lower treble felt lacking
5) No air in instruments
6) Lacks dynamics
See Audio
is a new chifi player in this big audiophile world. Their recent iem like SeeAudio YUME created a good name for their price to performance ratio. I could not be a part of last review tour for YUME (I was late haha!!!), but this time I got in time for a SEEAUDIO BRAVERY review tour.

DISCLAIMER- The IEM SEEAUDIO BRAVERY is a part of a review tour in INDIA organized by See Audio and all opinions, positive or negative are my own. No benefit, except being able to try this iem is being provided, in exchange for my honest, subjective impressions… You can find the link to their FB site here.

  • Impedance: 18Ω
  • Sensitivity: 110dB
  • Frequency response: 20H-20KHz
  • Cable length: 1.2M, HAKUGEI CABLE 6N OCC
  • Pin type: 0.78MM 2-PIN CONNECTOR
  • Plug type: 3.5mm /2.5mm/4.4mm (depends on your choice no adapters)
  • Driver units: 4 Balanced Armature Drivers (Knowles and Sonion); two Knowles BA drivers for the lower end, one Sonion BA driver for mid-range, and one Knowles BA driver for the high-frequency response.
PRICE- 279$


Since this is a review unit, it came only with the matted metal case with kind of bunny ears printed on top (kinda Playboy type too :p) and opening it seems like it had some sort of thick foam padding inside. The two beautiful looking iems are seen next one with a See Audio logo (seems more like illuminati) and the other have a beautiful lotus logo. Inside were 3 pairs of white S, M and L tips, no Azla xelastic tips though (But I have mine, hehe!!! and in this pandemic, a good decision by the tour organizer as AZLA tips tend to like a lot of ear dirt and cleaning them isn’t much easy either).


It seems like the iem is made of a semi opaque or semitransparent (half glass full; LOL concept), containing all the drivers with beautiful looking faceplates that have wonderful logos. The build is heft and looks like it can take a beating but that only time will tell. The fit is great in my ears with the AZLA Xelastic tips no complaints in that even for long time use.

The cable is an excellent. It’s an Hakugei 6N OCC cable with 2pins and feels great too. They have an excellent sleeving of nylon cloth and feels great. No microphonics and real good cable slider, only thing is the one which came for review is just 3.5mm termination. But don’t be sad, it seems like you can order them with 4.4 or 2.5 balanced termination.

  • Rinko stand (limited I guess to 250 units)
  • Azla tips 3 pairs
  • 3 pairs of normal white tips
  • 1 hakugei cable
  • A small pocketable iem case made of metal I guess with matte coating on it

  • PORTABLE -N6II with T01 MODULE, BTR5 and LG G8X
  • AMP- TOPPING A30 MODDED with BURSON V5I D or TOPPING L30 or XDUOO MT602(not used here for review but hey it does help to add a bit of tube touch and also is a really good pairing for this iem)
  • Would like to add that my DAP N6ii ran it on high gain at 20-35 on volume.
  • The tips used are AZLA Xelastic M size since they fit my ears (these are included and intended to be used by the manufacturer so will use this!!!)
SOUND SIGNATURE (P.S-This is subjective and may not match with yours)

Bass is pretty good for an all-BA setup. Its has more mid-bass energy compared to other all BA setups and with that warm tonality, really complements the entire musicality of the iem. The body of the bass is great with some amount of timbre which makes it feel a little more natural. The decay is slightly faster than I would like but sufficient enough to leave a bit of timbre and nuances all over. The projection is still not enough to have a grander theater or projection feel to it, but it does have that to an average amount. The bass texture is really good, but the separation between them is still much more desired. Inter-notes separation is okayish and slightly a little too close to each other to my liking.

Sub-bass on the other is decent with it not going too deep but enough to leave a good feel in sub-bassy tracks. The sub-bass has average rumble but a slightly slower decay helps to make it feel like an overall roomy experience. The energy on the sub-bass is less compared to the mid-bass and texture is on par with the mid-bass. A little more energetic feel might be needed, given some synth tracks felt like they are missing out on the energy.

The lower mids are very good, with good enough timbre to make them feel natural. The tonality is slightly on the warmer side with more emphasis on the upper mids presence. The decay is good enough to leave a small presence but the ending notes are not that much defined. The body and beginning of the notes are well defined though and really are the best part of this iem. The upper mids have a boost all together making the acoustic guitars have the desired edge without making them too sharp. The macro-dynamics are not that great though, they individual instruments lacks the height and width difference it should present, to create a better contrast. The dynamics are slightly compressed in my opinion. The details are okayish with transients being fast like the slight easter eggs in Marvel movies :p. With fast tracks, this lacks the separation between instruments and notes but they don’t mix up but rather the presentation is more compressed feeling type. There is no air in the instrument’s notes. The whole presentation is slightly ‘U’ shaped for me with vocals being forward enough to not make them feel recessed. The background is completely pitch black though.

Male vocals have the thick feeling but a slightly thicker note is preferred in my book. The female vocals are great just lacking a bit in extension, but they don’t sound boxy as some other iems that I have tried. They have an overall balanced and well forward presentation than the rest and hence create a sense of W shaped signature. I am really confused though, haha!!! whether its ‘U’ or ‘W’ overall. This requires a bit more understanding as per notes height its ‘U’ but as per vocals and rest of instruments in mids it seems ‘W’. I will let you be the judge of this.

The lower treble lacks a lot, seems like the presence is lost of electronic guitars and trumpets, they kinda sounded dull and unimpressive. The cymbals on the other hand have a more enhanced presence with slightly spicy BA metallic timbre and too spicy sometimes, when everything’s going on. Tambourines, bells and other instruments have good presence overall. The dynamics, still is lacking and there is certain congestion which can be felt on busy tracks. There is no air present, but this has a lot of treble sparkle and energy and does have good extension. The micro details are okay and transparency is good, but with not much particular spatial orientation to them. The decay is fast but does leave a presence in trumpets and flutes to make them feel slightly natural.

Head-stage is pretty intimate and more of an in-head experience. There is neither proper height or depth in the instruments to make its stand distinct. The stage depth feels lacking a lot. There is too much in the mids with either edge lacking a bit, for my taste.
Separation is average at best. The notes separation (same instrument notes) is good overall but lacks the edge definition and presence. There is congestion in inter-instrumental notes separation and congested tracks make this feel way too closed in. But the best thing is because of a slightly faster decay there is still no bleed into one another, still there is no proper separation either.
Imaging is good and every instrument has a decent sense of position in the head stage. The imaging is diffuse though and with no proper staging, this is a blessing for this iem.
Resolution or transparency is decent. Transients and slight nuances are missing but overall, the resolution of instrumental notes is pretty good.


Musical and coherent
Good midbass for an all-BA setup
Good female vocals
Great treble extension
Enough timbre
Sparkly and energetic upper treble

Great micro-details
Better separation
Edge definition better of notes
Imaging and transparency were great
Great treble extension with air
Good midbass
Great vocals
Better dynamics

For the price of 279$, this has got the musicality part correct with all BA setup with good vocals and great treble extension. But lacks in other technical aspects hard, so would I recommend it? I guess yes, you can use it with some tubes and all (ahmm!!! warm sources would fare better, I used XDUOO MT602 :p) to give more staging and sweeter, lush mids and make it more musical all together. If you are into coherency and good treble performance and can sacrifice technicalities and handle a little bright snare and cymbals, then this iem is for sure yours.


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Reviewer at
Pretty vanilla, the good kind
Pros: - solid tuning
- good treble extension for the price
Cons: - poor dynamics and detail retrieval
- treble is somewhat unbalanced


My first run-in with SeeAudio consisted of their entry-level Yume IEM. The Yume sported a remarkable tonal balance, quite possibly the best I'd heard for its respective price point. But it came with one glaring flaw: technicalities. Notes on it were quite blunted; ultimately, I found that the Yume fell out of favor with my ears. But presently, SeeAudio has released the Bravery, a humble 4BA configuration. The question that is no doubt at hand is whether SeeAudio can maintain the excellent tonal balance that characterized the Yume and bring the technicalities of the Bravery within parameters commensurate with its price of $280. Read on to find out.

This unit was sent to me for review by HiFiGo. As usual, what follows are my honest thoughts and opinions to the best of my ability.


Does jamming in a bunch of waifu goodies supplement for accessories? Debatable, but I'll give the Bravery a pass here. You have the same friction-fit, hockey puck case that comes with the Yume. Not the greatest quality case, but it'll get the job done. SeeAudio has also opted to include Azla Xelastec ear tips which is a solid step in the right direction.

I want to love the included Hakugei cable because the tactility of the para-cord and the hardware feels quite premium. Unfortunately, a cable that looks pretty and feels well-built is no substitute for one that actually works in practice. To this end, the Hakugei cable is quite microphonic and the ear hooks themselves loop awkwardly around the ears. I ended up just swapping it off for my Dunu DUW-02 cable after listening for a couple hours.

The Bravery sports a black-and-white, marble finish with each of the brand and IEM logo's inscribed in gold. The nozzles have lips to secure the tips, and the 0.78mm connectors are exposed. Overall build quality here is solid with no marring to the surface finish and a seamless conjoining between the acrylic shell and faceplate. I'd say this is a medium-sized IEM; personally, I had no issues with fit or comfort but your mileage might vary of course.

Sound Analysis​

The frequency response graph below was taken off of an IEC-711 coupler. There is a resonance peak at roughly 8kHz and, as such, measurements after this point should not be considered entirely accurate. Please follow the link below if you'd like to compare the Bravery to the other IEMs that I have graphed.

The overall tonality of the Bravery is clearly inspired by the (in)famous qdc Anole VX. One can consider it a warmer, more mid-bassy interpretation of that IEM which, for me, means a slightly south of neutral signature. But one could probably get away with using a number of other descriptors, as I've seen U-shaped, V-shaped, and W-shaped used too. Anyways - the qdc Anole VX is distinctive to me as being remarkably solid for it tuning and, simultaneously, for being just as boring. I do feel that the Bravery mitigates this impression to some extent with the presence of some extra mid-bass. This smoothens the transition into the midrange which is remarkably solid and sports a slight lean toward the upper-midrange.

I'm not going to explore the bass or the midrange too closely otherwise because they don't need much comment. The only thing that really matters to me is that the Bravery hasn't escaped what I like to call the "VX curse". Treble on the Bravery sports something of a lower-treble recession followed by strong amounts of presence at 7kHz. This lends to a loss of stick impact and an overly strong emphasis on the crash and sparkle of percussive instruments that can come off as slightly fatiguing - especially on more treble-intensive tracks. That said, the Bravery definitely has some pretty commendable treble extension for this price point. Generally, it's also by no means gritty in decay; instead, it mostly suffers from the plasticky, weightless quality that characterizes most BA IEMs.

Technical Performance​

The Bravery's technicalities are good, but they're also not great. So the good: It's certainly no Yume. Transients are relatively sharp on the Bravery, and I do find it to have a decent sense of layering. By this, I mean that instruments have a good sense of distinction without smearing into one another on more complex tracks. Where the Bravery excels most, though, is in a "whole is greater than the sum of its parts" sense. It really makes no glaring mistakes in terms of what I would index for on cursory listen, and it's pretty coherent for a 4BA setup.

But to reiterate, the Bravery's not great for technicalities; this becomes readily apparent in A/B with my $300 benchmark, the Moondrop Blessing 2. The dynamic ability of the Bravery is unremarkable, succumbing to the flat, upwards-compressed quality that plagues most BA setups. Listening to the cadence of Sawano Hiroyuki's "Tranquility," for example, abrupt shifts in loudness sound noticeably more distinct and impactful on the Blessing 2. I also don't find the Bravery to be a particularly detailed IEM; it sounds like a lot of nuance is missing that makes me gravitate toward the Blessing 2 despite that IEM's flaws. What I'm getting at is that the Bravery puts on a strong showing on cursory listen, but ultimately comes up more empty-handed when pressed for more latent intangibles. Really, that's to be expected for an IEM of this price point.

The Verdict​

And that in mind, the Bravery is a pretty easy recommendation. It doesn't do a whole lot wrong and it gets a whole lot more right. But for an IEM called the Bravery, ironically, it's also a really safe IEM - almost too safe. I want to see more. I want to see SeeAudio step out of their comfort zone and take their game to the next level. Sure, they've nailed the fundamentals of a good IEM, but there's a lack of character to stuff like the Yume and Bravery that keeps these IEMs from touching established greats like their Moondrop contemporaries. Then again? Maybe asking for more in the sea of mediocrity is being unfair.

You can purchase the Bravery here from HiFiGo:


New Head-Fier
Pros: smooth sound signature , good present of vocals , tall and deep soundstage
Cons: narrower soundstage , fitment not good for me with stock eartips
Hello , I'm Ah Hui aka Mr Wong. I'm a K-pop fan and audiophile from Malaysia.

First of all, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Seeaudio for lending me this review unit and giving me the opportunity to review the Seeaudio Bravery.

This is my second time review a Seeaudio product. I have tried Seeaudio Yume before and I really like the Yume. Hopefully I can own the Yume one day. Seeaudio Bravery is an IEM with a 2 Knowles and 2 Sonion BA drivers driver configuration. It retails for $280usd .

Specifications (from Hifigo):
Driver Configuration: Quad BA.
>Driver Arrangement: 2 BA Low+ 1 BA Mid+ 1 BA Highs.
>Impedance: 18ohm.
>Frequency response range: 20Hz-20kHz.
>Sensitivity: 110dB/mW.
>THD+N: <1%.
>2-pin 0.78mm connectors.

Disclaimer: This review is done by using BGVP A08 eartips because as I couldn't get a good seal with the included XELASTEC eartips. Your mileage may vary.

What I have here is a review unit without its complete packaging, so I can't comment much on it. What I got here is a metal casing. Inside consists of the IEM itself, a HAKUGEI cable and 3 different sizes of SednaEarfit XELASTEC eartips.

Comfort: fit and isolation are great for me

Build :
It is substantial with beautiful faceplate design.

smooth sound signature, good present of vocals, tall and deep soundstage

narrower soundstage, fitment not good for me with stock eartips

BASS: fast response bass, deep sub-bass. When I listened to Weki - Meki - Crush , I really enjoyed the sub-bass rumble, punchy mid bass you can feel the bass response is fast, well-layered and tight. However I think it needs more body.

MIDS : Forward mids with good presentation on female voca. It's crisp back lacks presence. When i listen Weki-Meki - Dear. I really enjoyed the female vocal. You can feel the vocal is sweeter with vocal details on the songs. However, I think adds more body to vocal will be better. Male vocal also feel crisp without midbass bleed. Tuning is decent.

HIGH : treble feels smooth with good clarity. When I listened to IZ*ONE - Memory, you can feel Yena singing the high note part it's well extended, which I truly enjoy.

SOUNDSTAGE : it is tall and deep but narrow. When I listened to IZ*ONE - As we dream, I can feel the background is deeper and taller soundstage. However, I think the soundstage can be wider.

IMAGING : stereo positioning is good. I can pinpoint every instrument and singer within the sound scape.

Details : it's decent details when I listen some track I could hear micro-details on the track .

Overall I find this IEM suitable for listening to K-POP or J-POP songs it's more vocal focused and good presentation of vocal. This is my first time trying 2 Knowles and 2 sonion BA driver IEM I feel it's very premium for me. Highly recommended.

insteresting to order ?link below :⁠&sscid=91k5_l0r1z&


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