Alone, Amp1 is a compact inexpensive desktop headphone amplifier that sounds incredible for the...

RW Audio Amp1 Desktop Headphone Amplifier

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  • Alone, Amp1 is a compact inexpensive desktop headphone amplifier that sounds incredible for the money. As a PAIR, Amp1 gives you true balanced sound in a compact package with exceptional sound quality. The key to making this work is connecting a balanced source (cd/sacd/dac/other) to both amps. Using an XLR to 3.5mm cable (or XLR to 1/4“ then 1/4“ to 3.5mm adapter) connect the left output of the source to the input of one Amp1, connect the right output to the input of a second Amp1. So instead of L/R/Gnd on the input the first Amp has Left Positive signal/Left Negative signal/Gnd, the second Amp gets the Right Positive signal/Right Negative signal/Gnd. Since each amp only handles one channel, the outputs have to be tied together to power a set of headphones. Shown below is a dual 3.5mm to 4 pin XLR adapter that allows you to plug in all of your 4 Pin XLR balanced headphones.

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  1. headphones1999
    "grate amp for the velue!"
    Pros - driving very well some headphones.
    Cons - wont match to many headphones.
    i have checked this amp with 4 headphones: AKG Q701,sony MA900,soundmagic HP100, Hier Audio 4.AI.
    from this 4 headphones only the akg q701 sounded good with the amp1...
    and that is a surprising thing becuse i have cheked the q701 with alout of amps (like the ibasso pb1, pimeta v1, little dot mkIII, AMB M3)
    and non of theme really drives the q701 good, In fact they made the q701 sounds flat\dry\thin mids\too big soundstage\not natural
    and becuse of that many poeple say that the Q701 sounds bad...
    but at the first time i heard amp that doing to the q701 somthing that i didnt heard before,
    it made the q701 sound like it should be, many poeple say that the only upgrade from q701 is HD800 and now i can say that i agree with theme :p
    so the only thing that bad in this amp is that this amp wont match to many headphones
    but whene this amp matches to ather headphones it makes theme sound really good
    so in my opinion, if you have Q701 or K701\2 and you are looking for an amp 
    i think that the amp1 is the best choise you have in this price range.
    Updating: heard the HD600 and the HD650 with the amp1... and to my opinion, the amp1 driving really good the HD600\650 (not only for amps in this price range)
    by the way
    i have the upgraded amp1:!/~/product/category=173875&id=416522

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