Rudistor RP010B

General Information

In order to make the RP010B a real the top performer both in Single Ended traditional headphone output and Balanced Headphone output a “Quad Mono” topology has been adopted, this mean four amplification units and two dual power supply, When used in single ended ( traditional headphone) it is a dual mono amplification unit, when used in balanced output connection four amplification unit are working, two for each channel. RP010B amplify separately the positive and negative phase of the signal for each channel. This is a real no-compromise solution.

Latest reviews

Pros: tube sound, amazing with Grado and Audeze, SS Class A power
Cons: for K1000 is not enough, it has 3 pin XLR I prefer 4 pin
can you expand a bit on what you mean by "tube sound"?


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