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  1. ApplesRevenge
    ARCANA - fantastic value dual driver IEMs
    Written by ApplesRevenge
    Published Apr 26, 2014
    Pros - Great value for money, fun sound stage, excellent bass depth and great clarity with minimal microphonics
    Cons - Little extras, minor sibilance on lower end DAPS and has a fixed cable.
    Rock Jaw offers a variety of IEMs and headphones, aiming to provide great value, reliable and robust devices, with self proclaimed minimal packaging and overhead to help minimise cost.
    Rock Jaw ARCANA IEMs are a solid entry level dual driver IEM offering a fun sound signature at a remarkable value for money.
    I have so far racked up 40 enjoyable hours of use with the ARCANA IEMs from various sources; Rockbox’d Clip+, FiiO X3 and ODAC. As far as I can tell there has been no significant noticeable audible changes.
    Packaging, accessories and build quality.
    Rock Jaw managed to provide an excellent value for money, however in doing so they have made a few cutbacks; no travel case was provided and I found the three IEM tip sizes provided to be low end plastic. Admittedly, I have weird shape ear canals, resulting in my ears being picky about IEMs, this caused me to quickly replace the provided canal tips.
    The ARCANA IEMs are encased in a robust metal shell, utilising a fixed strong tangle resistant cable with a built in microphone and sliding clip. Personally, I find the design significantly more aesthetically ‘mature’ looking than the Rock Jaw HYDRA with its bright yellow cable.
    Arcanaclipplus.jpg Arcanaiems2.jpg
    Sound Quality
    Rock Jaw ARCANA provides, what I find to be, a thoroughly enjoyable and fun sound signature; with a rich and excellent depth of bass, slightly recessed mids and highs with good detail and clarity, with a somewhat crisp sound. I found sibilance to occur on lower end DAPS, e.g. Clip+, which quickly reduced and disappeared as the source DAP quality increased, e.g. X3, with the same file data.
    To Recap:
    Great value for money
    Fun sound signature
    Excellent bass depth
    Great clarity
    Minimal microphonics
    Little extras
    Minor sibilance on lower end DAPs
    Fixed cable, however at this cost it is not a deal breaker.

    Rock Jaw provides a fantastic entry level dual driver option with the ARCANA IEM, offering a fun sound signature for a great value of money at the loss of ‘fancy’ extras. Rock Jaw have my attention and interest for their other models, in particular the ALFA GENUS and KONTROL IEMs. I would also be significantly interested in a future higher end design with a detachable cable.


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