Renkforce CD-340

General Information

Type: Dynamic
Driver: 40 mm
Type of Cable: single sided
Length of Cable: 3 m
Jack: 3.5 mm
Sensitivity: 102 dB/m/W
Impedance: 32 Ohm
Frequency Response: 20 - 20.000 Hz
Max. Power Handling: 100 mW
Earcup Material: Leather, Velours
Weight: 290 g
Included in Delivery: 6.3 mm Adaptor

Latest reviews

Pros: build quality, detachable cable, neutral, balanced, soundstage, positioning, highs,
Cons: basslight, memory foam pads can be uncomfortable for people with big ears
DISCLAIMER: This is a rebrand of the Yoga CD-340. Yoga is the OEM manufacturer of, among others, Fischer Audio and Brainwavz headphones. This headphone shows similarities to the Fischer Audio FA-006, where the Yoga CD-880 shows similarities to the Fischer Audio FA-003 and Brainwavz HM5. Thanks to user Jack Nicholson for the (first?) head's up on these. 

Yes, the lighting in my office is pretty horrible. Might take some better pics later on. 


Renkforce CD-340 - first impressions

Although plasticky, these things seem to be built really well. Great materials, comfortable headband, flexible, sturdy yet light without feeling too cheap. Removeable cable, singly entry. The pads are some sort of pleathered-memory foam. They don't quite seal for me and aren't very comfortable to my, admittedly ginormous, ears. The pads aren't totally circumaural and rest on my earlobe, causing pressure that gets uncomfortable after a while. This can be less of a problem if you have small ears. 

They sound balanced, subjectively neutral with a VERY good soundstage for such a budget headphone. Slightly recessed in the mids and moderately lean. Not a front-row presentation. Not for bassheads but certainly not bass-light. Pretty impressive extensions for the price I paid. Decent seperation and they sound overall pleasant and, dare I say, polite, monitor-like and very unfatigueing. If I press down slightly on the pads I get higher bass quantity so I guess the pads are too stiff right now to really show me what they're capable of. Like Head-Fi guru LFF mentioned as well in his FA-006 review, they really remind me of the Brainwavz HM5/Fischer Audio FA-003's smaller brother.
Renkforce CD-340 = Yoga CD-340 = Fischer Audio FA-006?
Regarding the similarities between the Renkforce, Yoga and FA, I can't say if these are the exact same since I don't have a FA-006 laying around. I can however say that I am VERY surprised and VERY happy with these great sounding (and looking) cans. They cost me $35 incl. shipping from the Conrad webstore, which is a steal in my opinion. For me, they beat the Superlux HD668b, which is another great budget contender in that price category. The HD668b looks cheap and sounds screechy and sibilant in comparison.

When you compare these photos (and specs) of the Renkforce CD-340 (first), Yoga CD-340 (second) and FA-006 (third) I think it's more than possible they're the exact same headphone. 

Specs according to the packaging:
- load (max): 100 mW
- frequency range: 20 - 20.000 Hz
- impedance: 32 ohm
- sound pressure: 102 dB
- weight: 290 g.
- cable length: 3.1 m.


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