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Fischer Audio FA-003 Reviews


Awesome sound for an awesome price!


Pros: Sound quality, neutral & balanced sound, soundstage, comfortable, carrying case, extra ear pads, PRICE!!!

Cons: No velour pads

Fischer Audio’s FA-003   SPEC’S: › Frequency range: 10-26500 Hz › Sensitivity: 105 dB › Impedance: 64 Om › Input power: 120 mW › Length of a cable: 3.0 M › Color: bronze/black › Etc: additional cushions, 6.3mm screw-on jack adapter.   EQUIPMENT USED ON THIS REVIEW: Portable set-up: Sansa Clip+ (Rockboxed) ->UE Mini2Mini ->RSA Shadow Portable set-up: Ipod 5.5G -> ALO Cotton Dock -> RSA Shadow Home Rig 1: Sony D-25S -> UE Mini2Mini from Line out-> Heed CanAmp Home Rig 2: Denon DCD 1560 CD Player – RCA -> Heed CanAmp My mastering rig   BACKGROUND & FIRST IMPRESSIONS:   When I received this new package...
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Neutral Champ indeed!


Pros: Neutral sound signature, incredible value, high detail, good soundstage, no sound leak, good isolation!

Cons: If you are a +20dB basshead, look elsewhere.

These are probably the best value for under $200 if you are looking for neutral, balanced sound.   I have just a little bit of experience with headphones; I have owned the M50 and the HD555 and 558, and then I got the Sunrise SW-Xcape and the FA-003.   I can confidently say the FA-003 is the epitome of what I've been searching for all this time: a neutral headphone that sounds RIGHT no matter what I throw at it.  But the FA-003 is more than just neutral; it has the most detail among the headphones I've owned, and a great soundstage.   It is somewhat hard to gauge neutrality quantitatively, but I can say this: when I listen to music on the FA-003, I just...
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Great Headphones


Pros: Great Sound, Extra Pads, Pretty Solid Build

Cons: No Velour Pads, A Little Tight When Brand New

Great Headphones, but these are my first high quality headphones so there really is no basis for comparison except for a couple of my friend's headphones that I have tried(Bose, Drebeats, astro). Anyway, these are great, the bass is not that heavy but it is there. If you want a more in depth review about the audio quality look at LFF's review because his review is spot on.   I use these to listen to hip-hop, r&b, alternative and they are great. It is very balanced, nothing really overpowers me. I also use them for gaming and these are great for gaming. You could tell if people are coming up behind you and the location of gunshots for FPS games.   The build quality is good,...
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The Russian Revolutionaries


Pros: Sound quality, comfort, best headphones south of five hundred dollars. Seriously.

Cons: Design kind of bland, lacking the tank-like build quality of the HD25s, requires full burn-in to appreciate

LFF said it best, I just wanted to post a rating. They will take any genre you throw at them with ease, injecting fun while retaining absolute accuracy. After burn in the FA-003s surpassed every other headphone I have tried unamped, becoming the pair I reach for for almost all situations. A must buy!

Did my music always sound this good?


Pros: Amazing value for the sound quality you get

Cons: Availability, Construction Quality

Edit: See the last paragraphs for updated impressions regarding build quality   When I unpackaged these headphones today I was expecting find a nice closed-headphone alternative for my Grado SR125i, but I got more than I bargained for.   From percussions, to strings to vocals, it seems that almost every single music track I listen to has a new breath of life. This is similar to the experience I felt when I bought my first Sennheiser earbuds, back when I had a Minidisk, and is something I haven't felt for years. Rather than feeling like I got a small sound upgrade, I feel like I've broken into a new sound-quality threshold that will be hard to match or surpass, unless I...
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Jack of all trades, King of the price range


Pros: SQ in whole frequency range, neutral and natural sounding, good with large variety of music, case, extra pads now velour, value

Cons: extra velour pads don't have the plastic part that connects and locks the pad to the rest of the headphone

A surprisingly light pair of phones. It sounds great with every genre of music I've thrown at it so far, which is pretty much everything but dubstep, death metal, rap and techno. It hasn't even burnt in much yet, coming in at close to 2 hours by now, yet sounds AMAZING. Detail, soundstage and SQ can be comparable to open headphones twice it's price. The build quality is quite good; it feels quite sturdy, and everything has that feel of quality to them. They look pretty nice too; I love the brushed metal panels. Isolation is excellent; with the sound turned to about 25% on my laptop, I can't hear a person trying to talk to me from a metre away. Note that they're fairly easy to drive,...
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FA-003 beast <300$


Pros: great- clarity, detail, bass, comfort, iso, soundstage. everything is there!

Cons: portable use is not as pleasing as home use due to its size and cable length

i can actually listen to everything with it. whether its music, movie, games, even just for voice chat, it does amazingly. looking forward for more FA products like the fa-004 or fa-011! i hope their prices dont go up! ^_^ it can go up when i get a job. best item that i have bought for its price! besides food!    

Very nice headphones


Pros: All rounder , produce good sound

Cons: Only if you are a basshead , then you might need an amp to make it more "bassy"

Everything is good!! Just that i demand for more bass because i was listening to desktop onboard , now i have Asus Essence ST soundcard with headamp to drive them and everything sounds nice to me =D

Plain, unassuming, perfect.


Pros: Balanced SS, lush mids, tight bass, good extension both ways, deep soundstage, detailed, comfortable, great isolation, good build quality and more!

Cons: OEM headphone design, ears get a bit hot when listening, fatigue caused by isolation

Introduction/Disclaimer:   Not only am I a relatively newbie audiophile, the FA-003 were my first pair of "audiophile" headphones, therefore, I might be slightly based towards it. I originally got the FA-003 for use as a monitoring headphone for my audio engineering work, and used it through my 2 years of study in UK. I have had this pair for around 2+ years now and it's become a my go-to headphones for mixing. While I have gotten much better/more expensive headphones since then, the FA-003 has remained my workhorse pair and my standard to which I compare all other closed headphones to.   What I like love...   Sound I used to lay on the couch of my office at...
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Neutral champ


Pros: Detailed, Neutral, good for any genre

Cons: Neutral - so not for everyone

Good neutral set. I play them out of a vintage Sony Receiver from the early 80's and it provides plenty of power to push these to their limits.  Most versatile set of cans I've owned, everything really sounds good with them. I would however not recommend them for Bassheads, they have the extension needed, but not quite the force of presence. I would say vocal reproduction is their strength, and that for their price they're likely the best option for neutral fans.   
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