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Reecho SG-03s
Pros: Ergonomic customized all metal build
Chrome plating is less prone to scratches than other shiny IEMs (personal experience)
Outstanding LCP 10mm diaphragm with strong N52 magnets.
Above average passive isolation.
A clear upgrade from their previous SG-03 in both tuning and sound quality
A well matching 5N OFC silver plated copper in single ended, 2 pin design
3 sets of well matching silicone tips.
2nd set of nozzle filters changes up the treble a touch.
Much better balanced tuning from their prior SG-03
Substantial leap in sound quality over prior SG earphones
One of the very best values for sound quality at the price point
Cons: All metal shells have some weight.
Cold during winters when using them.
2nd nozzle filter is fairly useless.
A bit bulky, smaller ears could have some issues with fit.
Reecho SG-03Ss

Reecho dynamic IEMs the SG-01 and the SG-03 both have been surprising to me as they are not only affordable but arguably some of the better made dynamic IEMs for their budget price points. Reecho introduced a newer version of the SG-01 called the OVA which I did a review for here. I could have almost guessed Reecho would have done a newer revision for the SG-03 now simply called the SG-03s. S might stand for special or silver? The New SG-03s now has a new look, a new cable and a newer driver, a new 10mm LCP diaphragm using a stronger N52 magnet. But then they took it one step further and brought out a better balanced tuning for the SG-03s.

SG-03 pictured. Both the SG-03 and the SG-03s uses the same shell but that is the only real similarity between the two.

Reecho in creating a newer revised version of the SG-03 is using the same shells they did for their upgraded OVA edition vs their prior SG-01. All metal designs are solid by nature and arguably will stand the test of time better than all resin and plastic builds. So this one is like a solid chunk of metal in the ears. They do feel cold in the ears during winter time I can confirm that but once they wake up the ears their sound more than makes up for the cold experience. The new SG-03s get a shiny new coat of paint in what seems to be a new chrome plating on the metal shells.

The SG-03s shell design is unique in several ways. It is as close to an actual customized universal shell as it gets. As far as my own ear shape goes. I am an average middle aged man with average sized ears and the SG-03s shells fit me better than just about any other type of universal bulkier housing design. It is a bit bulky vs other shell designs; their own SG-01 has lesser bulkiness and is a more common shape. Once inserted in the ear the SG-03s more than make up for its bulkiness with a tight comfortable ergonomic fit for me. However, I can see folks with smaller ears having some issue with its design.. These have a customized universal shell shape. You see what they look like from the pics of them here.

They have an angle where the nozzle protrudes that is thicker which fits with a more snug design. These would be perfect for walks and or exercise due to their tighter fit. This again will depend on your ear anatomy. Their new chrome finish will be an acquired taste. Maybe it is Reecho making a statement. Trying to stand out a bit but I do know the newer 10mm LCP dynamic driver and their new tuning will be more versatile vs their previous SG-03 which was a sub bass enhanced v shaped yet technical in sound. The rest of what you get is an upgraded silver plated OFC cable in single ended. 3 of their best well designed silicone tips that actually works well with the SG-03s. And a tight fitting case to go with it.

With that I would like to thank Penon audio and Reecho for the review sample of the SG-03s. Which was provided for the purpose of a review. You can look up Penons sales page for the SG-03s here. They have been burned in for a period of a week's time and are now ready for a review using my sources. Fiio K9 pro ESS, IBasso DX300Max, Fiio M15, Shanling M6 pro, IBasso DX160, Fiio BTR7, IFI Gryphon, IFI Signature.

What you get

Unlike a lot of IEM manufacturers that include random tips that sometimes work and sometimes don't. Here is how I know Reecho actually evaluates their own IEMs before they send them out to the market. It's a crazy idea but how about including some tips and a cable that matches up with what your sound goals are before you put them all in a package so people that buy the IEM actually have an optimized experience?

I call it optimizing. If you're a seasoned veteran using IEMs you know what I am talking about here but how often are you searching for a better cable and better tips for that nice sounding IEM to sound even better. It really dont matter what price range we are talking about. This happens more than not. Reecho includes a decent upgraded silver plated 5N OFC copper cable in single ended. The idea of copper cables plated in silver is to enhance transients, clarity and details. Compared to what they included on their original SG-03. It is a clear upgrade. Matches well with the more detailed theme of the SG-03s tuning.

Reecho’s tips included with their IEMs are fantastic. Instead of getting your random garden variety of silicone tips. You're actually getting 3 pairs of tips that actually have an effect on how the SG-03s sounds. I prefer the gray narrow bored tips on the SG-03s which brings out the mids to be a bit more forward in the mix. It is quite refreshing to see a manufacturer include stuff that actually matches the sound design and your out of the box experience will be more pleasant as these will enhance your enjoyment and optimize the sound of the SG-03s. The reason why I bring this aspect up in my review is that I have IEMs that cost a whole heck of a lot more that don't care enough to actually include a matching cable and decent set of tips is my point. So it is refreshing to see this aspect for Reecho IEMs. Even their cheaper SG-01 and the OVA version all included some nicely matching tips.

The newer tuning on the SG-03s takes the emphasis they had on the prior sub bass focused tuning to a more moderate and much better balanced broad v shaped tuning for the new s version. This retune does more than a few things better than the SG-03. Even though the naming scheme and the housing is the same. The new s version sounds like a different IEM altogether. Much more mature and better balanced tuning this time around.

Because the focus is no longer its brawny sub bass, it now puts that focus on a more technical and detailed sound balancing that works well for the new revised SG-03. I know some might look at it as a con that it no longer has the big brawny sub bass emphasis it had from the prior version but it now has much better versatility due to using a higher end dynamic driver and its new better balanced tuning altogether. The focus this time is clearly on its technical aspects with a large spacious wide and nicely imaged sound presentation.

I think these guys got some feedback from prior reviews about the sound of the SG-03. It was good at what it did, a big sub bass focused v shaped tuning but it was a bit polarizing in how it sounded. One of the reasons for its outstanding bass ability was that the older SG-03 had a less than desirable mids tuning. A lower mids recession and a stout bass end means the focus was squarely on the bass end of the tuning. This works great for bass genres but not exactly accurate for vocal and acoustic music. The SG-03s are different and have a much better balanced tuning altogether but then throws out an extra on top of the balancing.

Trebles of the SG-03s is more pronounced for its lower to mid trebles and sees a big dip for its mid trebles and then again another emphasis on its upper trebles. Its treble tuning was carefully manipulated to curb sibilance and overly sharper tones for the trebles but in doing so trebles sounds a touch uneven. The treble notes have a moderate emphasis in general with capable transients for trebles, and have decent treble extension that makes the treble notes slightly relaxed sounding. Its definition is not the best but for the given price point it is certainly not a bad treble tuning. Trebles while presents with good detail might have a bit too much lost in the 6-8khz region. I would have actually liked a bit more emphasis in this region to balance out the treble tuning. Trebles overall sound slightly polite but have good details and have strengths for macro details vs micro. Sparkle is subdued a touch but does not detract from a complimentary treble tuning for the mids.

Reecho likes to tune with more upper mids than lower mids and this is also evident for the SG-03s but this time since the bass end is not as brawny for the new SG-03s tuning, the mids actually are quite present. Male vocals have good clarity and attack but lacks a slight bit in fullness and warmth-this aspect can easily be mitigated with a better cable. Mids sounds more neutral in emphasis for its presentation vs being recessed. One positive effect for presenting a nice broad mid range is that the new SG-03s have the best stage I have heard from their IEMs. The upper mids sees about what I am guessing as a 12dbs of emphasis which is right at the upper limit of what I consider proper. Due to the trebles being a touch relaxed. This works to counter the upper mids emphasis. Usually with this much upper mids emphasis IEMs will start to show brightness but in the case of the SG-03s it has a neutral tonality and certainly not bright. Good clarity yes but not bright. For this much upper mids to actually sound balanced the treble tuning can’t have more emphasis vs the mids. That is when sound becomes brighter and will introduce some fatigue for the sound. The balancing here was well designed in that regard.

Fortunately the SG-03s tuning works with this much pinna gain. It is one of those IEMs that you can’t judge a sound based on the graph Reecho shows for the SG-03s. The tuning actually works to balance out the tonality and presence for its sound. Upper mids emphasis brings clarity, details and presence a plenty for your music. Actually is much more versatile vs the prior SG-03. The more neutral levels of lower mids have a slight negative side in that male vocals and instruments that require body and fullness the SG-03s are lacking a touch in body and fullness. It is certainly better tuned vs the SG-03 and is clearly a more resolving sound vs its predecessor but the tuning here is made more for female vocals and stringed instruments more than male or instruments that need that lower end body of note to sound well rounded. Eg piano, cello, bass guitar for example. To be fair, when you're not critically listening to these elements, instrument and vocal timbre sounds just fine, probably the best out of Reechos dynamic line. Especially when amped, which I highly recommend you trying if you end up with one of these.

Reecho is a Chinese company hence it is tuned and balanced more for its Asian audience vs western tastes in sound. In that regard I think for music like K pop, J pop and the like these might be what you're looking for. However the benefit of a neutral lower mid emphasis is that it allows for the bass end to have better focus and an added effect of a wider sense of stage.
The Stage perception for the SG-03s is fantastic for the bucks. With absolutely zero confined sound coming from them the SG-03 sound presents with one of its widest stage presentations I have heard from the group much wider than their prior SG-01 OVA edition. Its relatively neutral mid bands are more spread out wide than tall or deep but its wider stage works extremely well for its tuning to give a wide spacious detailed sound presentation that is not usual at this price range.


Even though I made it sound like the SG-03s has skimped out on that bass end for a more detailed balanced sound tuning. Well yes and no. The SG-03s has some outstanding bass in both impact and extension. It no longer has the stout sub bass focused bass. Its bass is more focussed toward mid bass but the mid bass is very impactful and has surprising definition when it comes to the bass note. Sub bass for the SG-03s is definitely not lacking. Its rumble ability and texture is fantastic at the price point and the SG-03s truly sounds versatile due to its superior driver it is using for all 3 parts of its sound.

The surprising quality and quantity for the bass end does not play a supporting role but is more featured. The bass end here is defined just as good as the rest of the sound signature. I will even say the bass end here is done more tastefully vs the prior SG-03 and even over the OVA SG-01. Bass definitely digs deeper here. Bass texture is surprisingly satisfactory.

Here is where I will mention if you end up buying a set for you. The SG-03s has to be Reechos most resolving dynamic IEM to date and it happens to be a budget level offering. As so the SG-03s scales very nicely with aftermarket cable pairings. As good as their included cable is, a more substantial cable that you use with the SG-03s will make it sound nothing like the $69 you spent on a pair.

Penon Space cables shown with the SG-03s here.

The Reecho SG-03s is one of those surprising releases that catches you off guard as it is a very well designed versatile sounding do it all type IEMs that I could have never guessed was possible at the price range. Sub $100 level IEMs are getting good my friends, really good. These RG-03s sound value and ability easily punches above what they are sold for and if you're a dynamic IEM fan you have to seriously consider the SG-03s performance. Their technical ability is really tops when it comes to IEMs at this price level and clearly shows advancements for dynamic IEMs. They are supremely comfortable, even being a bit larger side of medium and a bit bulky. They actually show some above average passive isolation as well.

The SG-03s provides a wider stage with some outstanding dynamism and actually sounds way better balanced than its graph would indicate. Its punchy full blown sound is no push over folks. If you're in the market to get yourself a set that will sound great on the go the SG-03s is an extremely compelling offering from the group. It clearly shows they are paying attention to their audience and has provided in my opinion their best dynamic based IEM to date. Thanks for taking the time to read. Happy listening always.

Because you asked
Bonus Vs Reecho SG-01 OVA edition

Really the SG-03s is the next level up from the OVA in every aspect of its sound. The balancing shows some similarities but that is about the only aspect that is similar. Otherwise the SG-03s is clearly an upgrade in every way from the OVA. Especially noticed in just how much more stage the SG-03s has over the OVA. Its driver is at a higher more resolving level vs the OVAs and it isn’t just the detail aspect of the sound but it clearly has a higher level of sound period over the OVA. This being said if you look at the actual price of the SG-03s at $69. That is $20 more than what the OVA sells for but is a clear upgrade. That is a substantial value because the SG-01 both the standard and the OVA version, was no push over for their sound at the $50 price level.

This one took me completely by surprise. Never would have thought these guys would come out of nowhere to produce one of the best sounding sub $100 IEMs I have ever heard. There is a clear reason why I am giving this one a 5 star rating that is because of just how good these things sound. This is the type of product that raises the bar for what you can expect a high quality IEM can sound like and if thats not worth giving a full enthusiastic 5 star rating for than I have no idea what is. Thanks for taking the time to read.
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Awesome. Thank you so much for your explanation. Again I apologize if I sound like an idiot when it comes to all of this. I suppose we all have to start somewhere.

Thank you again.

Your photo quality and composition is outstanding.
I bought them after reading your review, and it's been a bit of an adventure!
First shop I ordered it from, despite claiming they had it in stock, ended up not having it and had no idea when it would be available again.
So I tried to get it from Penon, but I had the same issue (but were very honest about it, and even took on themselves to offer me a possibility to cancel my order immediately).
I finally got it from them about a month ago, but my first experience was pretty disappointing: I had a hard time getting a good seal, and it felt extremely shouty and fatiguing.
I had to go away for a few weeks and just got back recently, and I decided to give them a new try using Azla Sednafit Xelastec, and that dit a world of difference.
Boy, do they sing, they indeed are very good, as long as you get good tips for them.
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