Razer Carcharias

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Get ready to experience extreme comfort and quality audio as you have never experienced them before. Were proud to introduce the Razer Carcharias. Like its ferocious predecessor the Razer Megalodon the Carcharias delivers superior, realistic audio with clarity and deep, thumping bass. The headset encompasses a circumaural earpiece with interchangeable leatherette ear-pads for maximum comfort during extended gaming sessions. The in-line remote control provides fast and easy volume control while the adjustable, noise filtering microphone ensures high quality audio clarity. The Razer Carcharias is fully geared and ready to plug-and-play. The Razer Carcharias is a circumaural gaming audio headsetdesigned for extended hours of gameplay with superior gaming audio, clarity and bass. The Razer Carcharias is a complete and comfortable gaming communications package that gamers can wear for hours on end.

Latest reviews

Pros: very comfy, i like the line control, long nice cable; sounds ok
Cons: blacksharks are better for a tad weeny bit more dosh
somewhere in the middle is where these belong. 3 stars for the very very comfy wear factor
Pros: Comfortable
Cons: Poor range, echoing microphone
This is the most comfortable headset I have ever worn, especially for long gaming sessions, but the audio is so bad and the microphone echo so frustrating that I cannot possibly recommend these to anyone. If all you want is something comfortable on your ears, strap a pillow to your head.
So, specifically, *how* is it so bad?
The drivers have very little bass, making them useless for anything but gaming, and poor at that: I like the full experience of the game, and when a machine gun sounds like a cap gun, it ruins the experience.
The microphone picks up the drivers a little *too* well. After multiple complaints from teammates, I made some recordings of what was being picked up by the mic while performing various activities. The mic clearly picked up everything from the drivers, from teammates' speech to background music.
The in-line volume control provides a flaky, inconsistent connection and has a microphone "switch" which isn't attached to anything, as far as I can tell, as it doesn't affect the input volume.
The headband and sliding sizers feel flimsy and loose, requiring re-adjustment once or twice a session. I can only imagine how they would hold up to actual transportation.
Overall, I strongly recommend against paying $80 for these, as their sound quality and poor microphone put them solidly into the $20 price range.
The reason that gaming headsets generally have no bass is because it distracts from things like footsteps in FPSs. I personally like something more balanced, with bass but not enough to cover anything.
On everything else, I can agree completely, and they are flimsy. My bro got them, they broke within a year, and I managed to fix them by opening up the vol. control and wiggling some wires, so they've got some flaky connections too.
For FPS games esp online you don't want a lot of bass because it clouds up the sound effects and direction position of footsteps and sound effects. Anywho I'm experimenting with a pair of these to provide an more enjoyable gaming and music listening experience but requires some extra stuff and DIY soldering skills for the mods I performed. PM me if you want deats.
Pros: Very comfortable, cable is nice, fairly good value
Cons: one headphone in mine broke, mic is sensitive
when i first got this i had high hopes, and to begin with they did meet my hopes, fairly good sound quality, extremely comfy ear pads, but then set in the truth. as with most headsets the audio is far less Superior than most other audio outlets, i use my Soundsticks 2 and cx890i's as a comparison, the bass is basically non existent which may be good for those who just want to game, but i used these to listen to music in the evenings. after a while one of the headphones became temperamental and then broke, then set on the real problem i have with these. using these with skype for example causes many problems, the microphone al of a sudden became more sensitive, this caused people that i was in chat with to even be able to hear everything that was coming out of the headset even louder than what i could hear it, and created a whistling affect for those who had fairly sensitive.
i reccommend these to anyone who just wants these to game and to game only, from my experience i would be tempted to buy from razer again but i am not a convert of headphones + detachable mic 
The mic on it is pretty good but it's noise cancelling so you are going to hear everything. there is no power behind the drivers at all, a shame at that price. I got mine at BB for $40 and they served their purpose but I couldn't stand that audio anymore so I came back to head-fi lol.


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