Mpow air gaming headphones

General Information


Air 2.4GHz wireless connectivity
Mpow 2.4G wireless gaming headphones adopt cutting-the-edge 2.4GHz wireless tech to lead you victory at every critical moment. Enjoy lag-free audio to react faster than your enemy. And embrace the incredibly wireless freedom to feel more at ease in games.

Attention :

This not bluetooth connectivity

Microphone can not use when connect to the computer in wired mode

Long-lasting battery life
With 17+ hours of battery life the Mpow Air 2.4G lasts through your longest for you.

Smart Sleep Function

For saving power, Mpow 2.4G wireless gaming headset will automatically shut off when no operation is performed for five minutes without connection. And low battery reminder will help you charge the headset in time in case an unexpected game interruption.

Noise Cnacellation Mic
PS4 headset with noise-cancelling microphone to deliver quality voice clarity.
One button mute your voice on the headset.
Background noise cancellation is designed for gaming communication, work at home, attend meetings and lectures online during this time.
We have upgraded the microphone to a fixed microphone, and the sound is clearer and more stable.

Latest reviews

Wretched Stare

Just what I was looking for
Pros: sound tuned for gaming and movies, all day comfort and built great.
Cons: some models do not have removable microphone so don't force it.

Okay I'm impressed, I've been using these for weeks to replace my aging Cloud II , these are much different build is roughly similar looking but everything else is different from there and in a good way.

Comfort is even better with the air having much better cushions padding and deeper cups with vents.
the addition of 2.4GHz wireless is implemented great and works on a large variety of devices including Android, Nintendo, ps4 , Xbox and PC.
Sound is well balanced and Mid-Bass has a slight lift , Mids are clear and precise , treble is detailed and not harsh, it works well with games this signature and a very nice wide natural soundstage with great imaging helps make it a great experience.
The Mpow air offers comfort, build and sound quality for affordable price, I really like this for gaming.

【1】Speaker size: 50mm
【2】Sensivitity: 100+/-3dB
【3】Frequency range: 20 Hz-20KHz
【4】Microphone: 6.0x 5.0mm
【5】Microphone sensitivity: -38+/-3dB
【6】Directionality: omni-directional
【7】Connection Type:USB Dongle for 2.4GHz Wireless and 3.5mm
【8】Connection Range:39 feet
【9】Charging Time:2 hours
【10】Battery Life:17hours+
【11】Cable length: 2.2M +/-0.15
【12】Wireless System support: PC, Nintendo,PS4, PS4 Pro and MAC.
【13】Wired System support: Any devices that support a 3.5mm connection

◆ Package Contents:◆
1 x Mpow wireless headset
1 x USB dongle
1 x 3.5 mm connection
1 x USB charging cable
1 x Operating Instruction


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