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7.1 CHANNEL SURROUND SOUND - For a revolutionary 3-dimensional gaming experience. Stay ahead of the competition with crisp audio precision and an immersive soundstage. 8 EQ options tuned by Grammys award-winner.
WAVES NX HEAD TRACKING TECHNOLOGY - Delivers a hyper-realistic 3D audio experience. Nx automatically tracks your natural movements and immerses you into a virtual reality audio environment.
50 mm MAGLEV GRAPHENE DRIVER - Get in the game with superior sonic detail and Super Bass VR Shock Wave for high-impact bass and sound you can feel.
ENVIRONMENTAL NOISE CANCELLING (ENC) - Filters out 90% of background noise with DUAL microphones for crystal clear communication with teammates or opponents.
CUSTOMIZABLE LED LIGHTING - Over 16 million customizable color options with extendable LED tube for personalizing your gaming style and experience.
COMFORTABLE AND COMPATIBLE - Stainless steel construction with cushioned suspension band for long-lasting durability and comfort. Premium gaming headphones for PC, laptop, mobile and gaming consoles.

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Wretched Stare

One of the best gaming headset I've used.
Pros: Unique looks, comfort, great construction and very amazing waves technology.
Cons: Wired using the 3.5 analog the signature is very different from USB , not a big deal. Boom Mic is just for looks.


Type: Over-Ear
Weight: 304 g
USB Cable Length: 2 m
3.5 mm Audio Cable Length: 1.3 m
Plug: 3.5 mm (Audio Cable)
Type A – Micro USB (USB Cable)
Wire Material: Enameled Copper Wire
Frequency Range: 20-20,000 Hz
Impedance: 32 Ω
Max Power: 20 mW

The packaging is impressive offering information and looking very premium. accessories are good a USB cable, 3.5mm cable pouch and documentation.
Build quality is far above average, comfort is very good as well. I found the pads soft and breathable, ear heat was minimal under all but very warm conditions.

The Sound signature using the USB is great Bass has a nice amount of rumble and can be adjusted via the app, mids are clean with some warmth conversation and vocals sound good, the treble is nicely tuned with some sparkle. the head tracking is definitely the best I've used, not only great for gaming but adds to a music experience and Movies as well. The 7.1 surround is very well done and sounds more open and accurate than the others I have used. In my opinion the tuning is perfect for its intended use. I t should be noted that the spearhead sounds this way connected by USB and phone too.
Sound part two:
Using the 3.5mm the spearhead sounds less open and bright, Bass still has a nice rumble when called upon but there is push forward and emphasis in the upper mids and lower treble highs have more sparkle but not to the point of harshness. Its a different but not disliked signature for me , honestly its kind off interesting to have two in one headphones.

The VRX is a improvement over the VR and one of the best RGB 7.1 gaming headphones I have personally used.
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