Quad 9L Active Deep Black

General Information

The Quad 9L Active Speaker has been designed for today's lifestyle to relect the need for ease and convenience in our homes. For all but the most hardcore enthusiast, simpler is better, less boxes and less fuss

The Quad 9L Active Speaker contains its own amplifier perfectly tuned to deliver outstanding performance and be plugged directly into a laptop or portable MP3 player or into a network music system or of course into a full size or Micro System. The range of connections means you never need additional amplification and you can plug and play directly into your music source.

The Quad 9L Active Speaker contains a 60watt digital amp and one channel has front mounted volume control as well as a receiver for the remote. Inputs include RCA phono as well as mini-jack and USB. With True Quad tradition, the Quad 9L Active Speaker offer even better levels of detail, neutrality and stereo imaging beyond anything else in their category.

The drivers' chassis is die-cast aluminium which prevents flexing in the bass units during high excursions. Finally, a profiled phase plug provides additional cone axial rigidity and also improves off-axis performance

Magnetically screened for proximity next to television

100mm Cone based driver

60 watts total power output

Complete with remote control

Chassis is die-cast aluminium


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