Quad 11L Active

General Information

The Active L-series are powered versions of our famous L-series loudsepakers. The 2 models, the '11L active' and the '12L active' both feature not only one amplifier, but two amplifiers per speaker, each tailored to perfectly match its drive unit.

Use with PCs, network media clients, iPods - indeed anything with a volume controlled output - including our own 99CDP-2. Each speaker requires mains power and has RCA, XLR (balanced) inputs and volume controls.

The 11L studio monitor is an 'Active' Loudspeaker with built-in amplifier. Based upon the multi award-winning L-series loudspeaker, the 11L Studio monitor features not just one but two internal amplifiers, each driving a single drive unit.

Balanced and calibrated to provide a rular-flat response, the 11L Studio monitor is ideal, not only for hi-fi, it can be used directly with an MP3 player, multi-roomer server, games console - or computer.


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