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Pioneer SE-CL21M-J-E Men's Chrome In-Ear Headphones (Red)

  • SE-CL21M-J-E, red Mens Chrome In-ear Headphones 9mm driver diameter Maximum Input 75mW Sensitivity 100dB/mW Features: 0.7M extension cord; S/M/L earphone tips for comfort ; Available: Black and Red

Recent Reviews

  1. LoKii
    First great audio experience
    Written by LoKii
    Published Oct 15, 2010
    Pros - BIG club sound, well balanced. Ideal for electronic dance music.
    Cons - Stuck out at a funny angle when I wore them. Never an issue with other similar gear.
    (my first review, and unprepared coming from non-technical, untrained ears)
    This was the first time I ever really heard the music I loved out side of a club environment or large outside event. I always missed the physical thumping sensation that large systems cause by what I gather is air dispalcement.
    These little beauties almost/kinda fooled me into feeling that sensaation. Cool beans!
    The design of them LOOKS absolutely stunning. Almost Ferdinand Porsche-esque. Unfortunately, on my head, the pioneers stuck out at a jaunty angle making me look a bit weird. A pity.
    All in all, great bang for your buck, just don´t expect to look as cool as they would have you believe, as they beckon you from within their transparent plastic bubble in the store.


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