Philips SHE3590BK/10 In-Ear Headphones (Black)

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  1. endlessbender
    "Unbelievable sound quality and durability for the price."
    Pros - Tight bass, lightweight, inexpensive
    Cons - Short cord
    I picked these up as a quick replacement for my H20Audio in ear headphones that had failed. I run frequently, 3+ times a week and had been using waterproof headphones to combat the sweat that quickly ruined all of my Apple in-ear headphones (and others). I figured for the price, I could buy ten of these Philips sets for the price of the H20Audios. Imagine my surprise when I put them in and they have far less cord noise, and much higher fidelity than the more expensive sets. Unbelievable sound quality and durability for the price. They also look brand new and haven't failed (at the headphone jack connector, or one ear, as often happens to me) in more than a year of heavy abuse. Abuse meaning: getting wet often, getting tossed in a gym bag, never being taken care of. I've also read that the drivers within the 3580/3590 headphones are quite well rated by audiophiles, which says a lot. The bass is remarkably clean and well-rounded. I'm listening to "Unsquare Dance" by Dave Brubeck right now as I type this, with an upright bass, and I can hear the fingers snapping off the strings, something I usually only hear from my large Sony MDR-V6 reference headphones. Recommended.
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  2. MrSheep
    "Fantastic Earphones!"
    Pros - Great sound quality, very comfortable, high isolation, price
    Cons - Microphonics, no pouch included
    -Great sound quality
    -Very Comfortable
    -High isolation
    -No pouch included