Philips SHE3590BK/10 In-Ear Headphones (Black)


New Head-Fier
Pros: Full audio spectrum is well represented. Reasonably comfortable. Very good bass extension & treble can sparkle with a little EQ
Cons: Cable noise, but remedied by putting leads over ears. My 3590's are white (wanted black, but oh well).
These are just plain excellent.  I was never really a believer in IEMs, but I am now. These Philips SHE3590s are a real eye-opener.  According to the ratings here on Head-Fi, these do, in fact, out-perform some of the $400+ kit...and I am not surprised.  The main complaint regarding sound quality seems to be a slight lack of clear, natural highs/treble (kind of artificial-sounding). I agree somewhat, and I experimented with my laptop's B&O equalizer by rolling back the Philips' 4 KHz and 8 KHz regions down to -2 and -3 db respectively, and boosting the 16 KHz region to +3db. They now indeed sparkle, without sounding artificial at all. Bass is very clear, deep and punchy; does not need any EQ at all. Mids are clear and well-defined. Cable is rugged & constructed of good material, but does make a lot of noise when hanging straight down. I looped the leads over my ears - end of problem. Isolation is great.  At $16.95 at the local CVS pharmacy, these are a very good value.   5 stars * * * * *
- Trev
DJ The Rocket
DJ The Rocket
If you think these are great, wait until you try the SHE3905! I can't listen to the 3590 anymore
Rocket, I read somewhere that the 3905s really compromise on overall sound quality for the sake of Philips including a mic.  Cost-cutting measure, in other words.  So, the actual signature - and the end user - pays the price: the 3905 is apparently kind of dull, tinny and distant-sounding.  All because of the added expense of the included microphone "feature"  (we at Head-Fi really don't care a fig for microphones, for the most part).


500+ Head-Fier
Pros: Sound for the price.
Cons: Cables a bit thin and stiff, can tangle easily. Lacking low mids.
I got these in a hurry before a flight some time ago, realizing that any phone is better than no phone on a several hour flight.  I didn't expect much, but  putting them on made me stop and have a listen for a minute. These 10 Euro phones were not junk, not at all actually. Bass and treble were there, not the best I ever heard, but the presentation was clean, clear with very good separation between instruments. Initially, the high mids/low treble sounded a bit shrill, which could be fatiguing at higher volumes for long times. Once they had some hours of playing, they settled to a more mellow sound. One thing that is still missing is some energy in the low mids, I assume in the range of 200-400 Hz. This takes some drive from the sound, especially on classic rock and blues recordings, where you have a lot going on in this frequency region. Despite this, I should say that these small buds were a pleasant surprise. I was amazed, how much sound one could get for a small sum these days.


New Head-Fier
Pros: Good sound, low cost
Cons: Cheap build, a bit too much bass for some music genres
The Philips SHE3590 headphones were listed on the Head-Fi Headphone Buying Guide. They are inexpensive and widely available. Most Australian electronic retailers stock them and they cost about AUD15. I bought these (in white) to replace my lost AKG IEMs (which I have since found again!).
Build quality is cheap and plastic looking. Nobody will think to steal these headphones and you won't look like Dr. Dre (Mr. N.W.A., coming Straight Outta Compton, y'all better make way) when wearing them.
I gave the SHE3590s a quick listen this evening to a variety of classical, pop and rock music and in comparison to Superlux HD681 (full-sized, open), Xiaomi Piston 3 (IEM for Android phones), AKG K324P (IEM) and Sennheiser MX365 (ear bud) headphones. These are all budget headphones and similarly priced.
The SHE3590's sound was surprisingly good. Of course, the SHE3590s do not sound as nice as the full-sized, open Superlux HD681 headphones but IEMs are typically used when small size and isolation are important. Compared to my AKG K324P IEM headphones, the Philips SHE3590s have more bass and, it seems, sounds less realistic. For example, the K324P sounded better for jazz music (Louis and Ella). On the other hand, the SHE3590 sounded better for acid jazz, where they emphasised the beat. The trouble with IEMs is that they often sound different and suit different styles of music. We have to buy them first before deciding whether they are suitable or not.
These headphones were a little uncomfortable to wear on my ears: the medium inserts were a bit large and the small ones were leaky.
I do recommend these headphones because they are inexpensive, satisfactory and readily available through normal retail outlets.
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New Head-Fier
Pros: good presence across the entire sound spectrum.
Cons: sound imaging not that great,cables are non trustworthy,sound isolation below par.
okay i am putting up this review after a lot of usage with these so called"garbage bin miracles".
1.packaging-simple,nothing wonderous here,and custom accesories
2.cable-seriously a let down but what can u expect at this price,so cant complain too much
3.isolation(2/5)-until and unless one gets a perfect seal its hard to get a good isolation.cables are practically undurable.
4.sound analysis(3/5)-
   lows-good quantity,moderate quality,delayed decay,positioning in presentation is good.
   mid-perhaps a great plus point here,front faced,unoverwhelming,good texture,non fatiguing,imaging is quite good
   highs-aha,a definite surprise,good extension,crisp but decays quckly,somewhat rounds off early but still there,lack of finer details.
5.sound spectum-v shaped with slight mid centric
7.imaging-not that good but at this price miles better than the rest around this price point.
                                   now if u are intending to buy may be creative ep 630,660,senheiser cx 180,soundmagic es 18,e30.....then i would definitely say that...this earphone stands tall above the aforementioned a deserves a 2 thumbs up...happy buying


New Head-Fier
Pros: well refined signature, spatial sound orientation, pleasant warmth of tone, compact and durable build, color choice, unprecedently solid cord
Cons: not very fashionable by default, overly domesticated sound, "plastic" feel, pastel colors not suitable for anybody, often declassed to intro new model
For starters: I first knew about those from this exact spot in the int3rwebs. It's astonishing how they were put on pedestal and praised on a world-range audiophile board (yet as already inaccessible 3580's) with their outlook and lack of predatory fashion qualities normal for asserted "bang 4 the buck", "pleasure" and "*hit*" 'phones. Such as beats. Overly compared to even audiophile stuff for hundreds, drew they my attention.
A nice, but not very decorate, package, an me quickly wrapped off to test them already seem meaningless in context of $10 canals. It would be overtly expectant to suppose anything but protective plastic and a pair of silicone, whose provision skips my thought. Myself I have far ago replaced them with Sony's adaptive silicons from one of their product (white M's), for better sound muffling and quality, which is already a good DIY idea, as they synnergize with the better foams seemingly. The special sony one-flanges boast sound of the budget Philips' into better depth, not accusing the original silicons of any lack in quality, though putting them in expected "better mediocre" quality range with potential to better fulfill their sign. with any fitted component of the only moddable attribute.
That given, let's say next to anything about the mentioned signature. It's surprisingly listenable and exquisite for what a "cheap" Philips canal-earphone would normally look to the eye, lets the listener shortly develop fresh musical feelings related to their special, spatial yet bassy nature with a cultured aspect, but can also, in a wider gaze, appear modestly tedious to origin of the also modest nature of their melodicity, after all exponated as the main pro, discreetly and straight to listener's ears. Unless they explicitly enjoy warm, quietly noisy, delicately "sanded" characteristics with a touch of notch. Might they be *too* cultured with their spectatory, spatial, V-curved response and lack of exponation of dynamics, probably archetypical to likers of cheaper-end Philips stuff. To somebody to enjoy explicitly the technical or dark sounding of available equipment, certainly could they prove insufficient as only gear to wear, hence be warned that in spite of their social boom might these prove lacking in musical fulfillment bringing qualities *if* you overlook comparing their natural qualities to your tastes. Nonetheless, viewed in heuristic complicity, SHE3590s' sound seem decent in all ways and all the way plesant, yet demanding constant attention to listen.
As for other characteristics, it's important to note that their looks might be a quality factor decisive to some, as SHE's have a specific sense of fashion all over them that might be to liking or sarcastic denial. Myself I got used. They look flimsy and fragile, but after 'bout 2 years of perpetual use with, normal to me, tendencies to ruin cable, I'm still very happy with their shape, deciding that the isolatory plastic on wire is a decisive factor towards their really well durability. The earpieces themselves also seem difficult to break, which sounds like a sacrifice of attractivity towards sturdiness, at this budget being definitely well-decided by producer. Comfort is great, with built never letting them fall out of ear or itch them. Sparkled with a choice of color for expression. Notably, better suited by sound definition to listen at home than on the street.
Very well made overall, not surprisingly they already start to disappear, as I reckon for another modification of series 3595.
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100+ Head-Fier
Pros: Pretty impressive sound
Cons: build quality
Spend some time googling for decent budget earbuds and sooner or later you'll stumle upon Philips. There's some raving reviews out there for their SHE3580 which went out of production in 2012. According to Philips product support this is the same device with just the colours changed a bit.
Where to buy?
Over here in north-west Europe they're easy to find with most big name stores as well as the bigger online retailers stocking them. Expect to pay between 8 and 10 euros for the white or black. Price and availability of the fancier colours varies.
What's in the package?
The little plastic tube contains a piece of cardboard that proudly proclaims "dynamic bass", 3 sets of tips and a cute little set of earbuds. Everything is easily separated for recycling purposes.
In use
Getting a good seal with these was tricky but I do have a weird ear canal, it's relatively big, oval and changes direction really easily. The tips are of soft silicon as you'd except and because their opening is round and the tip of the phones is oval they are tricky to change but stay in place well. The cable is smooth enough not to supper from microphonics easily. The earphones are really light. Build quality is lacking, these do need some care or they will break.
How do they sound
Initially... terrible! Really muffled. Apparently these are really in need of burning in, something which I don't believe in normally. But leaving them on overnight did improve matters tremendously.
There's bass, if you get a good seal, but it's not oppressive or distorted like the Sennheiser CX300 or the beatz. There's enough there  to give your music some body and it does go pretty low. it can get  muddy in the lows if you have multiple instruments there.
Mids are nice and come across fairly neutral
Highs can go really high but there is the occasional bit of sibilance on female vocals.
Final verdict
I am amazed at what Philips can do for 9 euros. These sound better than my old sennheiser pmx 60 and come close to the PX100. They are v-shaped but not to the point of distortion
Rock: Yeah, it works for that. Listened to some live recordings. Nice soundstage, good instrument seperation.
Classical: Acceptable but struggling a bit sometimes. On chamber music they did ok, bigger symphonies and some things muddle a bit like the string section.
Opera: No, looks elsewhere. Not nearly enough dynamics in the vocals
Jazz: Decent enough for that
You have to consider these verdicts in perspective. Do these outperform a set of decent full sized headphones? No of course not! But for casual listening without annoyance these will do just fine for many people.. They are suitable for travel or discrete office use and at a price point where damage or loss isn't a real issue.
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I like the SHE-3590 with Sony's hybrid tips, which is a must. It pumps up more bass and less peaky treble. The stock tips is plainly terrible for me because it's conical yet too stiff for a secure sealing.
nice review! i like em too, their very practical and simple (low accessories) but thats okay by me =) @Gandasaputra thats a good tip, (pun intended) the sony hybrids are really comfortable as well. if your not a fan of the stock tips (i'd love to take them off your hands) i really like em on my other earphones
Otto Motor
Otto Motor
Terrible. Mine came free with a Philips hairtrimmer. Soundstag is acceptable, but they haven no punch and sound simply thin.

Bola 7

New Head-Fier
Pros: amazing sound for price, cheap, small, comfortable, great isolation, many color options
Cons: build quality
The SHE3590 was the biggest surprise I've had in years. it's decently balanced, has good but not overwhelming bass, and generally sounds clear and surprisingly refined.
Others reviews:



Headphoneus Supremus
Pros: fantastic sounding, great isolation, small footprint
Cons: cable build quality is a underwhelming (tougher than it looks), cheap feel, only provided 3 silicone tips
Review of the Philips SHE 3590- a miracle under $20 (can actually be had on ebay under 15$ or 10$)
First I would like to say that I’m sad that Philips is discontinuing this gem. The pair I’m reviewing is my 2nd pair(in the pink, yes it was the last pair left in the store, but I learning to enjoy the colour) after nearly 3 years of faithful service from my first pair. I’m curious if they changed the sound since the last time I heard them. Please brace yourself the first few paragraphs may give off the feeling of disappointment, but please read on, specifically the comfort and ergonomicsand sound quality tell a completely different story. And despite these shortcomings, I still think that for the price, these earphones are simply a no-brainer.
here is the video review (condensed due to time constraints) if you want a summation of the following, otherwise read on! 


Packaging and accessories:
After nearly 3 years I have forgotten how much cheaper earphones skimp on accessories and packaging that I seem to have taken for granted. There is no case, no pouch, just 3 silicone tips ( the large ones are very flimsy) so aftermarket tips may be needed. The overall packaging really does give off a cheap look, just clear plastic with some paper outlining the name of the earphones. If you saw these in store, you would easily pass by thinking its just like any cheap earphone.
Some of the following pictures are from screenshots of my video so it might not be the best quality.
Overall- 3/10
View attachment
View attachment
Build Quality:
Taking a look at the housing, looking at the pictures you can tell that its plasticky, tiny, inside you will find an 8mm driver in each earpiece.
View attachment
 The nozzle is short and slightly angled with a metal mesh. There is some lettering to separate the Right from the Left, but in the dark, I struggled to find which side is which.  The strain relief I would say is below average.
View attachment
View attachment
The cable has thin, rubbery texture, similar to the traditional apple earphone, and holds some memory, so tangles can and will happen on occasion, consider yourself forewarned. Going to the y split, there is no cable cinch. 
View attachment
View attachment
The cable ends with a straight jack with decent strain relief. The cable measures about 1.2 meters in length, perfect for portable use.
Holding them in the hand, again you will notice that their not the most rugged (super lightweight) earphone, nor do they feel like they will fall apart anytime soon.  I would say average for the most part. (my first pair did last me 3 years of service where I used for the gym, threw them around, I have since lost that pair, I will have to dig around to find it)
Overall 6/10
There is a vent next to the nozzle, however on the 3590s, its isolation is rather impressive considering its vented and the short nozzle. Mind you I wore the 3590 using the cable up method (I wasn’t able to wear them comfortably in the traditional straight down, I guess my ear canals are a bit deeper than most people). Wearing them in subway, cafeteria, in quiet neighbourhood, I found that I was not disturbed from outside noise at all.  (even at 4/16 volume on my ipod touch I could not hear those around me and even cars around, a bit dangerous) Again for the price, it would be hard to find a pair that isolates this well. But do be careful when using these outside.
Overall: 8/10
The angled nozzle definitely helped with comfort as they slipped into you ears fairly easily. Take them out, became a bit difficult because of the small housing, and my fingers being a bit on the larger side, forcing me to tug on the cable sometimes to get them out. As stated before I wasn’t able to wear them comfortably cable down, as the cable would be rubbing on my outer ear.
Overall: 7/10
Sound quality:
If I could summarize the entire sound in one word, it would be fun! It has a v shaped response, with a non-fatiguing treble. I have broken the sound quality in the following sections:
Bass: the emphasis is placed on the subbass, and it reaches down very low. Which is very different from typical consumer earphones especially often at the sub $50 price range, which boosts the midbass so much to the point where its bloated and muddy. With the 3590s, what you get is a deep, rumbling, tight bass, has medium decay (that sounds full bodied and can work for a wide variety of different genres).   While the bass doesn’t give off a more textured feel, it compensates with a rather smooth bass response, which is actually my favorite aspect of the 3590s, the bass can easily rival that of my monster turbines (msrp $179) and may even give my JVC fxd 80 ( I think the msrp is about 100$) some tight competition.
Midrange: is recessed, a bit more so than I prefer. Overall the clarity is just okay, while it staying rather natural sounding.  Male vocals sound more distant than female vocals. Both do not have the enveloping response you would like from more vocal based tracks.  The layering of adlibs and harmonizing does become slightly muffled. However, lyrics are heard clearly and don’t get pushed out by the bass.
Treble- straight out the box it does have a bit a peaky treble response, I did break them in about 20 hours or so, and since then I hadn’t really noticed that peakiness as much (it might be in my head but who knows).  Though the treble is still a bit on the uneven side after the lower treble. The sound gains more emphasis going from the upper midrange in the lower treble region, allowing for a more fun listen. The treble does not have the same amount of emphasis as the bass but is definitely more forward than the midrange. It has decent extension but there is a roll off, so you’ll definitely be able to hear the guitar riffs but it doesn’t get fatiguing, So this sound definitely favors rock music very well.
Soundstage: this is where the 3590s suffer. The soundstage is rather closed. Possibly one of the more closed in sounding earphones I’ve heard.  Some prefer the more in head feel, but I personally like a more expansive soundstage.
Overall: 7/10
For the price: 9/10
In conclusion, I think the Philips she3590 is an amazing buy for the price sub 20$. I’ve actually seen it being sold for $7.99 at a local winners so definitely snap up a pair, they would make a great back up pair or just a pair you can use basically anywhere with any kind of music. They’re so cheap that if you lose them, you won’t have to worry about taking a bank loan to get another pair. Lastly, they come in a wide variety of different colours so kids would definitely love them!
Highly recommended!
they also last pretty long (the pink pair i reviewed is actually my 2nd pair) my 1st pair is so gross i can't take pictures of it, its being used during my workouts. the cable does get really sticky and gross with sweat and all but its held up for about 3-4 years now(i have been swapping between gear but still, very impressive), and still going strong
I used my as my beaters to wear under hearing protection muffs while I mow and trim the lawn. IMO SQ is fair to okay but not as good as some of my other bargain IEM's.
they are good for the price! i recently gotten a pair of jvc ha fx101 (another budget option). gonna be doing a review on those and a comparison video with the philips she3590. see how they stack up to my "unofficial" king of budget iems (under $20) haha


New Head-Fier
Pros: Very pleasant sound signature, comfortable for many ear shapes and sizes, incredible value
Cons: Prefers a shallow seal, cheap build quality, slightly thin sound
Accessories: Three sizes of single-flange silicone eartips.

Build Quality/Design: This is probably the only part of these IEMs that feels like it belongs at the price point. The housings are entirely plastic and don't feel extremely durable but not extremely fragile either. Little driver flex is present. The cable is very poorly relieved, with no strain relief at the housing end and stiff relief at the 1/8" plug. The Y-split is minimal and not relieved either, but it feels like it will be less of an issue than the housing. The cable is very plasticky and thin, especially above the Y-split. However, it does not carry much cable noise worn cable-down and almost none cable-up. The design of the housings is all black and pretty minimal. These aren't going to catch anyone's eyes on the streets for good or bad reasons.

Comfort/Isolation: The small, lightweight plastic housings are very comfortable for long periods of time. They don't seal very deeply, not making me feel like my ears are being violated. The medium tips provide the best seal for my ears. Cable-up fit is possible, but I usually leave them down because they are far more comfortable that way. I sometimes personally feel like they have an insecure seal, but they have never fallen out of my ears. Bi-flanges would probably fix that problem for me. I feel like these IEMs would be very comfortable for a wide range of ears because they are small, lightweight, and don't require a deep seal to sound their best. Isolation is better than average for a dynamic driver even with the shallow seal, as they are not vented or ported. The small housings do not jut out of the ear very far at all, minimizing wind noise.

Sound Quality: As usual, I'll be splitting this section into bass, mids, treble, and soundstage.

Bass - Sub-bass has good impact and is more present than mid-bass, minimizing any bloated feeling. This also gives some authority to the bass, making it thunderous when called for. My bass-heavy test track,
Daft Punk's "Lose Yourself to Dance," feels pretty nice in the sub frequencies. It's bass guitar line feels more separated from the kick drum than most other headphones I've listened to this track with, allowing for better resolution while still feeling thunderous. The first verse of U2's "Beautiful Day" has a nice balance between the bass guitar and kick drum, with the kick drum feeling very appropriately restrained. I prefer more bass, but what's here is good. I did some experimenting with my iTunes equalizer and really liked using a bass booster preset, as it gave even more authority to an already mildly bassy headphone, among other things (which I'll discuss later).

Mids - Very slight recessed compared to the bass, but still pretty visible. Katy Perry's vocals on the chorus of "Roar" sound appropriately powerful but lack a little fullness. Jon Foreman's varied timbres in various Switchfoot songs sound normal for the most part, but the song "Vice Verses" sounded very hollow and canned to my ears. Acoustic guitars sound good but generally lack body, as do electrics. Pianos have the best sound of all the instruments, having sparkle and a decent amount of body. Snare hits are crisp with good attack. Hard rock can sound overly harsh at times but generally stays manageable. The cooler texture may be more accurate and detailed, but I don't really prefer it to warmer sets. That is another reason why I enable the bass booster preset: it adds a lot of natural body to the mids.

Treble - Not a whole lot to say here, as I have a hard time intensely judging highs. They aren't sibilant or rolled off. Texture feels crisp but not overly so. They feel quite dominant in the mix to my ears, yet another reason why I equalize them. Occasionally grainy and somewhat artificial sounding. Not bad, but not that good either.

Soundstage - Very intimate, but not entirely in-the-head. Decent width, decent height, poor depth. Instrument separation and detailing is good due to no overbearing mid-bass and crisp treble.

Conclusion: I may sound negative on these headphones, but they really are decent headphones. When price is factored in, these become the bargain-bin heroes. There is not another set of headphones I would rather have for under $20. They are widely available as well, making them good in a pinch. Even if they don't last longer than six months, they are so cheap it really shouldn't matter. Their V-shaped sound is popular among consumers, but they will work for almost everyone who needs cheap IEMs.
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Good review, and pretty much exactly how they sound to me. I guess I do prefer a richer, warmer and fuller phone. But these little Philips are kinda the best of both worlds, with the sparkly treble and great clarity while also having big sub-bass. I do wish mid bass had a bit more presence to add warmth and make voices fuller but whatevs, I ordered 3 more because they are a steal.
I find it strange how the 3590s prefer a shallow seal. IIRC their really small housings allow you to insert them as deep as your canals can allow. Then again, these sound phenomenal for the price.
@thatBeatsguy They do allow for a deeper seal. I guess what I meant is less in depth and more in width. I use the small tips now and over-the-ear. Love it.


100+ Head-Fier
Pros: inexpensize, decent bass, quite sturdy build
Cons: microphonics, muddy highs
  Sooooo...after 2 years of faithful service, my trusty westone um1s have finally played their last song and died (the left earpiece has no sound coming out of it) so i figured it was time to get a new pair. I've since ordered the eytomic hf5, but until they got here, i needed another pair because apple earbuds hurt my ears. As such, i got another set of these guys, which also happen to be the first ever set of in ears i ever purchased, and i was not disappointed...again
  These are incredible, simply put, for the price that you pay. i let them burn in for about 3 hrs before plugging them into my ipod classic and pulling up a bunch of 320kbps mp3 tracks. The first thing that strikes you is the bass: thumpy and solid, slightly similar to the beats by dr dre line from monster, but with slightly less in-your-face-ness, so you really do feel every kick drum beat with oomph. mids are average, if slightly recessed, especially on vocal tracks like "till i hear you sing" by ramin karimloo where he sounds slightly muffled. In fact, most of the vocals sounded either muffled or excessively airy.
  Instrument separation is average, sometimes you can hear each instrument individually, sometimes it's just a wall of sound headed straight for eardrums, but not that bad overall. the Highs are probably the weakest point of these earphones, sounding either thin or flat, with an obvious drop off in the higher register that flattens the entire sound. Its not anywhere near what you would hear physically, but then again, how can you argue with a pricetag like that?
  Finally, the miscellaneous stuff. microphonics are pretty bad on this, especially because they are designed to be worn straight-down and have cables coated with some soft-touch rubber coating that REALLY picks up every scuff and bump, so i use them mostly when sitting still on the bus. Isolation is decent for an in ear, but the buds are quite small themselves so its quite unobtrusive when they sit in your ear.
  Overall, all i can say is that these earphones are probably among the best that you can find in this price range, so they make a great pair of spare earphones for anyone, or even a main pair for people not that particular about great sound, or have really lossy digital music ( these are really forgiving, even 64kbps tracks sound decent )
i love this earphones.I use this with my sony ericsson ray mobile phone with jet audio(android) installed.In some songsicould even hear the deep notes that only a subwoofer could play.I got this from pc world for 4 pounds and this is my third one.The other ear buds I bought for9pounds each.If you are looking for some exceptional sound, not the brand (but you have to connect it to good source) then trust me this is th right choice.


New Head-Fier
Pros: Tight bass, lightweight, inexpensive
Cons: Short cord
I picked these up as a quick replacement for my H20Audio in ear headphones that had failed. I run frequently, 3+ times a week and had been using waterproof headphones to combat the sweat that quickly ruined all of my Apple in-ear headphones (and others). I figured for the price, I could buy ten of these Philips sets for the price of the H20Audios. Imagine my surprise when I put them in and they have far less cord noise, and much higher fidelity than the more expensive sets. Unbelievable sound quality and durability for the price. They also look brand new and haven't failed (at the headphone jack connector, or one ear, as often happens to me) in more than a year of heavy abuse. Abuse meaning: getting wet often, getting tossed in a gym bag, never being taken care of. I've also read that the drivers within the 3580/3590 headphones are quite well rated by audiophiles, which says a lot. The bass is remarkably clean and well-rounded. I'm listening to "Unsquare Dance" by Dave Brubeck right now as I type this, with an upright bass, and I can hear the fingers snapping off the strings, something I usually only hear from my large Sony MDR-V6 reference headphones. Recommended.
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New Head-Fier
Pros: Great sound quality, very comfortable, high isolation, price
Cons: Microphonics, no pouch included
-Great sound quality
-Very Comfortable
-High isolation
-No pouch included
Great phones these.....BUY THEM!!!!!!!!!!