Panasonic RP-HJE355-K High Fidelity Ergo-Fit Inner Ear Earbud Headphone Black

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  1. JK1
    "Great clarity and detail at a low price"
    Pros - Slightly warmer sound than the JVC HA-FX40. Has strain reliefs on the buds and a right angle plug which the HA-FX40 lacks.
    Cons - Perhaps just slightly less detail than the HA-FX40
    I bought this and the JVC HA-FX40 at around the same price($20 each). I like this for the better behaved highs, overall slight warmth, and what seems like a slightly better build quality. I like the HA-FX40 for its slightly better detail, although its highs are a bit too strong at times. The HJE355 has a very ergonomic shape and I think most people will find that it is very comfortable and fits well.
    Since the  Panasonic RP-HJE355 and the JVC HA-FX40 are only around $20 each, I suggest people buy both!