Panasonic's RP-HJE355 series features high fidelity provided by a new high-grade...

Panasonic RP-HJE355-K High Fidelity Ergo-Fit Inner Ear Earbud Headphone Black

  • Panasonic's RP-HJE355 series features high fidelity provided by a new high-grade Neodymium magnet and extended long sound port. Comfortable Fit The RP-HJE355 package includes 3 pairs of soft earpads (Small, Medium, and Large size) so that you can choose which size fits your ears best. These silicone inserts and ergo-fit design of the headphones allow for secure but comfortable wear, even for extended periods. Enjoy clear, balanced sound while exercising without having to worry about your headphone earbuds falling out. Watch movies on your laptop, smartphone, or tablet without any ear discomfort. The silicone inserts even help to block out outside noise so that you can read or enjoy your favorite music recordings without any white noise. Great Performance for a Reasonable Price The RP-HJE355 headphones feature a highly-efficient Neodymium magnet which allows for a deep bass response and powerful, clear sound. The series also comes in a variety of colors -- choose your favorite color or collect the assortment so you can mix-and-match depending on your mood, need, and style.

Recent Reviews

  1. JK1
    Great clarity and detail at a low price
    Written by JK1
    Published Jun 12, 2012
    Pros - Slightly warmer sound than the JVC HA-FX40. Has strain reliefs on the buds and a right angle plug which the HA-FX40 lacks.
    Cons - Perhaps just slightly less detail than the HA-FX40
    I bought this and the JVC HA-FX40 at around the same price($20 each). I like this for the better behaved highs, overall slight warmth, and what seems like a slightly better build quality. I like the HA-FX40 for its slightly better detail, although its highs are a bit too strong at times. The HJE355 has a very ergonomic shape and I think most people will find that it is very comfortable and fits well.
    Since the  Panasonic RP-HJE355 and the JVC HA-FX40 are only around $20 each, I suggest people buy both!


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