OneOdio A10 ANC

General Information

The OneOdio A10 is a pair of entry-level wireless headphones with an active noise-canceling feature. The A10’s come with a great battery, combine this with Bluetooth 5.0 and you get an excellent wireless performance. The headphones use USB-C for charging or as a back up to establish a wired connection.
USB-C Quick Charge

It is improved from MicroUSB terminal to USB-C terminal than traditional Bluetooth headphones, and charging speed is doubled! Full power in 2 hours, continuous playback up to 40 hours.

Bluetooth 5.0 & CVC 6.0 Mic & 40mm Dynamic Driver

A10 headphones transfers high-quality audio data, ensure fast connection and stable transmission speed within 10 meters(33 feet). Built-in CVC 6.0 double microphone noise reduction system suppresses environmental noises and help you get clear sounds. 40mm high-precision dynamic driver achieves an exquisitely balanced heavy bass and clear high-frequency range.

ANC Function

The noise reduction effect is -23 to -25dB, and the listening environment in various scenes is improved by cutting up to 90% of harsh low frequencies and environmental sounds. Active noise canceling function can be used both wireless and wired. You can always enjoy the same sound quality regardless of style.

Japan Made Ear Cups and Folding

Adopts low-resilience memory foam, protein cushion for heat retention and breath-ability, warms ears in winter and reduces heat and moisture in summer, wear for a long time But my ears don't hurt. Folding structure, ear cup can be rotated 90 ° back and forth and 50 ° up and down. It is compact and can be stored in the included hard case, making it convenient to carry.

Latest reviews

Pros: Surprising good for $30, come with hard case, Good battery life and comfort ANC can be use without Bluetooth on.
Cons: Bass is enhanced and might not be for everyone. USB Type-C only to charge and for aux usage
ANC is just average. Mostly plastic Build

The OneOdio A10 is a entry-level ANC headphone. Ideal for people on a budget who want a ANC headphone.

This thing is pretty good for its amazingly low price in terms of price/quality.

Build Quality-Comfort- Design:

The battery life is great for its a $30 headphone. When using Bluetooth with the ANC feature turned on you should be able to reach 20+ hours.

These look fantastic and like they cost way more than they do, that cool record like pattern on the side we’ve come to expect from OneOdio’s lineup the shiny black chrome looks great but dose attract finger prints. the name of the company on the top of the plastic headband is a nice touch for aesthetics alone its amazing what you get.

Comfort is better than average and the pads are comfortable and should fit all but the largest of ears perfectly. I used these for many hours until they needed acharge and found them to not have any hot spots or clamping force.

ANC is implemented well and while it not the best its certainly impressive and works.

There is a physical switch and noise canceling can be use if the headphones are not connected with Bluetooth. Obviously the unit is mostly plastic with some metal parts and a metal reinforcement in the headband. But it doesn’t feel cheap as I have had many costing much more and feel the build is very similar. The unit come with a cable , an adapter and surprisingly a hard case.


These have a very club sounding signature very similar to Beats and Skullcandy headphones I’ve used so its a V-shaped sound with emphasized Bass and treble with Mids being recessed but mot unclear.

This is a fun sounding Bluetooth headphone and many people will like the Bass, it offers a great value for people who want to try ANC without spending $200-300 dollars and would make a great travel or second pair.


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