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OneAudio Elysium

  • I'll keep this short and spicy.

    Going through local ads, I was looking for a nothing-special pair of bluetooth headphones. And I found one. The "Elysium" from "One Audio", never used for 12 bucks (retails for 22 or 25, I believe?). They had decent looks, contain very few plastic parts, sport 40mm drivers, and offer a playtime of 30 hours and 720h of standby with a single charge. Okay, that should do...

    Stock picture, haven't had the energy to make my own fotos yet.

    Expecting nothing much, I linked them to my BT adapter and started listening. F me. The audio is clear, detailed, solid, and well seperated, from the bottom to the top, from deep subwoofer basslines to sparkling highs. Rock works equally well. You can even listen to classical music with this thing. How? The sound quality is, not just measured against its price, but actually all by itself, astonishing. Again, how ?!

    It took me about 5 minutes of sliding through a couple of "default testing songs" to decide that (A) My CALs and my CA Platinums are now put out of commission and to be sold off, and (B) There's no more need to save up for the Sennheiser Momentum II Wireless cans.

    Do they have downsides.. if you will, yes. Firstly, the overall sound volume isn't the loudest. It's decent but it's not going to blow away your ears. Boohoo. Secondly, The included microphone delivers rather poor voice quality. Personally, I don't care. And that's it.

    Having looked around a bit, OneAudio has produced a handful of well-received headphones for all sorts of jobs, and I'm dead set on getting the Elysium's bigger BT brother, the A1. It's also for sale on local ads right now, for about 18 Euros. I'm excited :wink:

    Sidenote: On Amazon, OneAudio is called OneOdio, and the same speakers are apparently sold under a different label as well, "Eylsium Libretto"... the world of re-branded china stuff *sigh*. But seriously, the person who created these headphones, deserves a prize of some sort.


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