1000+ Head-Fier
Review on Latest Releases of OEAudio by The Audiolocheese
Pros: Soft and supple
Improves texture
No microphonics
Increase depth and improves staging
Cons: Nil

This is the first cable adapted with OEAudio designed multi-plug. The plug of 2QuadSPC can be changed between 3.5mm unbalanced, 4.4mm balanced and 2.5mm balanced.

2QuadSPC is crafted from German made Nexans High purity oxygen-free copper. The oxygen contained in the copper cable is less than 8PPM, equivalent to a purity higher than 99.999% (5N).

I paired the 2QuadSPC to my favorite CIEM, ItsFit Fusion. The greatest improvement is on the texture of the overall presentation. The texture turns to be richer, with better layering between vocals and instruments. The overall stage is more 3D with better depth. It’s comfortable to listen with. The 2QuadSPC helps to tame the treble in IEMs as well. The treble can be smoothened. I think 2QuadSPC will be a good pairing for those IEMs with thinner body or insufficient depth.

Physically wise, the cable is slightly stiffer, as compared to the 2DualCPS which we reviewed just now. However, as an octa core cable, it can still be considered as supple. Similar to 2DualCPS, no significant or disturbing microphonics while moving around with 2QuadSPC on. 2QuadSPC comes with heat shrink ear guides. This makes the heavier 2QuadSPC to stay stable when you are wearing it.
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