optimization elements
  1. littlej0e

    Roon Optimization Guide For Increased Sound Quality

    This guide assumes you have already downloaded and installed Roon Core/Server 2.0 on your source and Roon Endpoint version 2.0 on a Mac or PC. Access the settings menu by clicking on the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) on the top left of the Roon app. Configure the following: Disable...
  2. OEAudio 2QuadSPC

    OEAudio 2QuadSPC

    Wide, Transparent, Rich, and Solid Thanks to the complex structural design and the superb quality of the material, the cable delivers a wide sound stage and a stable background. The outstanding extensions of highs, rich mids, and steady lows can effectively solve most problems such as lack of...
  3. OEAudio 2Dual CPS

    OEAudio 2Dual CPS

    A silver cable with great performance, only for Pro Audio Lovers Why do we Name the Cable 2DualCPS 2Dual represents the structure of the cable. The conductors are Teflon coated and accurately twisted, and covered with medical grade TPU sheath, then twisted again. This structure has the...
  4. OEAudio Tita

    OEAudio Tita

    Introducing Optimization Elements (OEAudio) Tita. It is powered by single Sonion balanced armature driver. The horn design of Tita enhances energy of sound and the extensiveness of trebles. Tita has a crossover-free design. Sound tuning and adjustments are done by cavity itself.